Thankful Thursday – Santa Paws Drive Redux

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I am so very thankful for everyone who has donated to the Santa Paws Drive, especially with times being tough for lots of our friends.

As you can see, we’re still a bit short.  If you are planning on donating this season, now would be a good time.  The last day for cash donations is December 20, 2010. The last day for toy and treat donations is December 10th (tomorrow), so that the elves can have time to sort all the items, pack them up and ship them off in time for Christmas delivery! 

This year, six fantastic shelters were selected:

Animal Rescue League
The Animal Rescue League of Laurel, MS is one of the very few no-kill shelters in Mississippi. They are committed to caring and providing for the many unwanted and abandoned animals in their community. No animal is ever euthanized simply because it is unwanted. Their dream is to eliminate the huge numbers of homeless animals by educating the public about responsible pet care. ARL is proud to have rehabilitated and found homes for thousands of beautiful animals since 1981.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is dedicated to saving large breed dogs in desperate need of help. Located in West Palm Beach, FL, the dogs they rescue are either out of time at kill shelters or have been surrendered or abandoned by previous owners through no fault of their own. They care for them by having them fully vetted, rehabilitated and trained in a loving way so they have the best chance for finding a loving forever home. "No matter how small, every dog is a ‘big dog!’"


Chicago’s Harmony House for Cats was started in 1970 with the motto of "Caring, Not Killing." What started as a mom-and-pop foster group grew over time to a permanent unique haven for cats with three full floors for their cats and kittens to romp around. Multi-tiered cat trees sprawl across every floor and, at any given time, one can find a pile of cats snoozing in a heap of furry bodies with paws sticking out from every direction.

K9 Tenerife is a completely volunteer-run organization formed in 1993 by three caring women who were moved by the plight of the poor and neglected abandoned animals on the island, located off the coast of Africa. Their main goal is to protect animals from cruelty, starvation and neglect, and neuter and spay to prevent overpopulation. They house an average of 55-60 dogs at a time and have recently constructed a beautiful Cattery to help cats.

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue is a non-profit incorporated and registered charity organization with extremely limited resources. SOAR rescues every single dog that it is able to, including dogs that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age. SOAR was founded in 2005 by their current president, Jan, who was inspired by her rescue dog, Daytona, who never left her side during her treatments for cancer.


Chestnut Cat Sanctuary and Rescue Centre is located away from busy streets in quiet, shady, peaceful spot in the South of England. Their small group of permanent staff members and volunteers is dedicated to providing needy cats and kittens with cozy living areas, toys, two square meals a day, a fun play area and the promise of a better life. Since first opening their doors in 2000, they have helped find homes for hundreds of cats.

As you can see, they are all very deserving and are hoping to give the critters in their care just a little better Christmas this year.  As always, thanks for all you do and all you will do in the years to come.

Remember, adopt pets, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!



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34 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Santa Paws Drive Redux

  1. Catherine

    There's so many sweet kitties and so many great animal rescue centres to help! Warmest wishes for Moosie!
    xo Catherine

  2. Tracy

    Oh Moosie, you're beautiful…I'd taek you home in a minute. Did you know a kitty is the ONLY thing on my Christmas list this year? I certainly hope Santa listens!

  3. Max the Quilt Cat

    What a wonderful blog post about all the shelters. I'm thankful that people and animals are banning together to help all those who need forever homes.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Susan Fields

    Those shelters all sound so wonderful. I'm so grateful for those places and the people who make them possible!

  5. diddleymaz

    Sending warm wishes and purrayers to all who rescue the furries!
    We have our own local group PAWS ,MAWS and NAWS (Porthcawl, Maesteg and Nant-y-moel) Animal Welfare Society, they are sister groups who run charity shops that raise funds for local animals, re-home cats and dogs and in my own exsperiance provide huge support to all sorts of local folk, real communty places.

  6. Hannah and Lucy

    Our greatest wish is for all animals to have shelter, food and love and kindness over Christmas.

  7. Old Kitty

    Me and Charlie will donate again!! And we are triply praying that Moosie finds a home asap!!! Poor Moosie!!!

    Awww gorgeous Brian – you are just so sweet playing with your friend, Santa!!!

    Hugs too to lovely Zoe, Sascha, Dolly and Gracie! Take care

  8. Marg

    That Santa Claus Drive is such a terrific thing. We hope they make their goal. Those look like special shelters are well deserving. Hope you have a fun day and try to stay warm. It is really cold here.

  9. Sammy and Andy

    So many needy places and so little cash….sigh…..

    Thanks for posting all of these, Brian….we have had the Santa Paws drive on our blog for a couple days……we had it on there last year, also….but had been a bit slow this year….:(

    Love to you and yours.

  10. diddleymaz

    Brian- our stupid mum just deleted your post on her blog by mistake! something about a mis-click with the mouse..we are disgusted and Commie says he never misses any mice! (I know Ive seen the bodies,Blanco)

    purrs from your Welsh friends Commodore fluffy Paws III and Blanco.

  11. ♥I am Holly♥

    All of those shelters with lots of pets in need and Moosie especially needing a furever home now. You are doing a great thing Brian! We hope you hit your goal. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  12. Cathy Keisha

    The Santa Paws Drive is my favorite charity. I sure hope they reach their goal this year. And, I hope Moosie gets her furever home soon.

  13. Bossy Betty

    Thanks, Brian for all this good info.

    Ah, concerning the picture with this post. I have a feeling Santa's going to lose.

  14. Hilary

    Brian, I have said it before, but I will say it again. You are one amazing man! You care so much, and do so many good deeds for others less fortunate. You are a hero!

  15. Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food

    Santa Paws is a great program — thanks for helping to spread the word!

    p.s. Stop by Catladyland today to qualify for the cat treat giveaway! Yummy!!!

  16. Siku Marie, White Dog

    We are so grateful for those who maintain and volunteer at rescues and shelters. They do miracles with next to no budgets. Of course we will help! We just wish we could find Moosie a Christmas miracle…that sweet girl so deserves a forever home…we are BEGGING Santa!

  17. Sagira

    What a great cause. It is so great that there are so many people out there with huge hearts trying to help all he animals.

  18. Eric and Flynn

    Those shelters all do such wonderful work. we are still purring for Moosie to gether Forever Home for Christmas.

  19. meowmeowmans

    We hope the Santa Paws drive reaches its goal! And we are still purring and praying for Moosie to find a forever home!

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