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Shelter: something beneath, behind, or within which a person, animal,or thing is protected from storms, adverse conditions, etc.; refuge.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  But most of us know that it really is quite complex, not to mention expensive.  My friend Kika thought it would be a good idea for all of us to call attention to the many, many needs that shelters have.  Those of us in the United States and the United Kingdom know how brutal the winter and been already.  Many of our friends in Australia are experiencing devastating floods.  Our pals in Brazil have had horrible landslides.  The need is great.

We all know that many economies are bad and huge cash donations are not always possible.  But remember, animal shelters need all kind of things and every little bit can really help make a difference.  Here is a quick list of items that come to mind:

  • Canned and dry puppy and kitten food and milk replacer for puppies and kittens
  • Flea control meds
  • Paper products such as paper towels and toilet tissue
  • Cat litter and scoops
  • Puppy pads
  • Copy paper
  • Bandages (all sizes)
  • Free standing storage cabinets
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, laundry detergent, fantastik, window cleaner)
  • Blankets, sheets and towels
  • Many miscellaneous items that can be sold to raise money

Listen, when you run an animal shelter, the little things mean a lot.  Don’t forget, you can donate an hour or two of your time on a regular basis too.  The easiest thing to do is ask you local shelter what they need.  Then see if you can help, just remember, you don’t have to do the whole thing, but you can spread the word and perhaps help a little.

Thanks to all of those participating in ShelterAware24.  We hope to make this an annual event on January 24th.  Hopefully shelter awareness will be with us 24 hours a day.

Remember, adopt, we all deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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45 thoughts on “Mancat Monday – ShelterAware24

  1. Catherine

    Those are very good reminders Brian. I like to try and take stuff to our local shelter as often as I can. Every little bit helps!
    xo Catherine

  2. (Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea

    Such an important post, especially during this long, cold winter when people stay indoors but animals are still hungry.

  3. Mr. Pip

    Great post! I forgot about this today. I will post something about shelters tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Marg

    That is such a good post and such an important subject. The shelters do need help, most of which is money but they need lots of other things too. Take care.

  5. The Monkeys

    Thank you for your post, Brian! While Samson, Deli and Sweet Pea were all saved from the streets by nice people and never had to stay at a shelter, our beautiful Bella spent a lot of time in one. It is a good idea to give back to the wonderful people that saved our Bella and so many other cats and dogs!

  6. The Island Cats

    Great post, Brian!! We're reminding everybuddy to remember their shelters too!! They need our help more than ever now!!

  7. diddleymaz

    A good way to donate painlessly here is to pop an extra something for dog or cat and drop it in the Donation bins in our supermarkets. Sainsburys and Pets at Home have them here in UK, and I try and go to my local charity shops especially the Animal Charity ones,to donate and when I need something.

  8. Old Kitty

    This is such a lovely way to remind us all of the importance of shelters the world over!!!! Thank you lovely Brian!!! The RSPCA is one of my most favourite charities to donate to and support as is the Cats Protection League but I am aware of a lot of independent shelters who do just as much for the welfare of abandoned and stray animals and they need lots of help too – so every little donation is most appreciated! Yay for these dedicated shelters!!! Take care

  9. GRAÇA

    Brian adorei a tua postagem ,acabei de por aminha
    Obrigadão amigo
    Que Deus se lembre que não temos culpa das ageneiras dos humanos
    Ronron da amiga

  10. meowmeowmans

    Thank you and your sisters so much for this great post, Brian. Shelters do need as much help as we can all give them! Since our entire blog is all about the cats at a shelter (PAWS), we did not do a "special" post today. But please know we are with you in mind and spirit, and that we appreciate all of your ongoing efforts to help shelter cats everywhere. We love you guys!

  11. Clarissa

    Thank you for the post about the needs of shelters. Mom does all the clicky things online that donate food to shelters. When she has extra toonas (monies) she donates to a couple of shelters, too.

    Clarissa & Co.

  12. 3 doxies

    Fabulous post! We always do what we can fur our shelter. Every year we gives blankies, food, and cleaning stuffs.
    They nevers seems to need volunteers though…go figure! Yep, I don't get it eithers.


  13. TK and Squashies

    Hi Brian, we is so impressed and moved by your post, my mommy is going to has a comment-a-thon for our shelter. Does you knows how we can post this to the CB?
    Your furends- TK and Squashies

  14. Cheysuli and gemini

    For some shelters time is the most valuable thing you can donate as they live in places where lots of people give things but not time.

  15. Cat Chat With Caren And Cody

    thanks Brian for getting all of us to spread the word!!! I included a blurb at the bottom of my book review today!

  16. ♥I am Holly♥

    Great post Brian!! All of that is so important!! We love the picture of you too! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  17. Penny

    This was such a great post and we thank you for reminding us of needs of others.

    I was so upset by my play-off teams losing that I really forgot about every thing.


  18. Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe

    Great post, Brian! Good to remind people that they don't need to make a huge commitment, or donate a huge amount of money, to make a difference. Any little bit helps! We think it would be fun for some people to look at a shelter's wish lists, and clip coupons for those items, then pick them up at the store next time you go. Thats something kids could get involved in too, and you'd have something to donate without spending a lot of money!

  19. Sparkle

    My human was totally bummed – she went to a shelter so I could write about them and they would not let her take photos! So I am going to send her to a different one and maybe we will write about that one at a later date.

  20. Cathy Keisha

    We donate all those things to our shelter/rescue. Most people don't realize they need paper goods and cleaning supplies, as well as food, litter and obvious stuff. Before we throw anything out around here, we check and see if our shelter can use it.

  21. The Thuglets

    What a great post Brian. There are so many furry friends need help.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  22. Sagira

    We like to donate to the shelters and my mom is actually a relinquishment coordinator for a Weimaraner rescue as well. If we could just get everyone to donate a little time the world would be a much better place. 🙂

  23. MoMo

    As an ex-stray, I completely applaude increasing awareness for animal shelters. That list is a very good reminder how we can help. We donate to the local no-kill shelter regularly but since SS is out of work, our contribution remains the non-monetary kind.

  24. Tamago

    This is very important and great post. A little help is still good. I want to do as much as I can.

  25. Mr Puddy

    Excellent Post !
    thank you for this Brain : )
    My mom already print out this page ( she didn't have a good memory in now day , everything have to be print or write it down )


  26. Au and Target

    Great post, Brian.

    TNR programmes and forcing owners to neuter or be charged annual fees as "breeders" would also be good steps.

  27. CindyLu's Muse

    When it comes to shelters and their needs, it takes so little to make a huge difference! Thanks for spreading the awareness!!

  28. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Great post for a great cause! Let's make it a yearly awareness day! We did our part, too.

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