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It’s no secret, my sisters Sascha, Zoe and Dolly have a whole lotta fluff going on.  Sister Gracie and I have the short furs, but we’ve been known to leave our furs around and about too.  Sometimes it can be just plain difficult to get all of those furs up, especially on some of our furniture that has nice cracks and crevices.  The vacuum thingy doesn’t get it all up and neither does the conventional fur picker-uppers.

Sister Zoe

Well, Sticky Sheets might just be the answer.  The nice folks at Sticky Sheets sent us some to try out.  Now with 5 of us, the humans are always de-furring the furniture.  Of course we feel obligated to re-fur it to get it back to normal as quickly as possible.  So, we thought, at any given time there is not much remaining fur around.  Well, maybe not.  Sticky Sheets are just what they sound like.  They are great big clear sheets with a peel of back that, once you remove the protective backing, are, well, sticky.  I can tell, you get the concept already.  Smart bunch you are!  You press the Sticky Sheet down on the furred area, rub over it a couple times and then peel it back off.  Viola, fur comes along fur the ride. We tried them on Sister Gracie’s favorite chair, for a couple of reasons.  As you know, she is always sitting in "her" chair, it has a rough fabric with lots of places for fur to hide, and we wanted to see, since we were sure it would pick up long furs, if it would pick up the Sister Gracie short furs.

One thing we learned right off the bat, well, maybe two things.  One, they are really simple to use, and two, plastic sheets are hard to get a good picture.  There is a much better demo in the video on the Sticky Sheets Website HERE.


Notice in this picture that you can’t really see through the sheet.  Well, they were clear sheets when we peeled the back off.  It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but the sheet is covered with short little furs making the sheet opaque.  can see lots of little furs on the right side of the picture. We could have sworn the chair was pretty darn clean.

Please note: I am not compensated for this post.  I did receive product for review but that does not in any way alter or influence my opinion which is, and always will be, completely honest.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!   Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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46 thoughts on “Sticky Sheets

  1. teagantimes

    Woof! Mum wishes she'd known about Sticky Sheets when we had three persians. Why do humans wear black to a house with three cats? BOL they always left with a furry bottom even though mum had de-furred the chairs.
    BTW I'm not saying that I don't leave furs around, I do, but they would have to make house size sticky sheets for me 🙂
    Good post Brian. xx Teagan xx

  2. Old Kitty

    Oh wow!! Thank you lovely Brian and gorgeous sisters Zoe, Dolly, Sascha and Gracie for the info on these very handy sticky sheets!!!

    We use a roller of sticky stuff to help take off the extra furrs but we'll keep a look out for these too here!! Take care

  3. Hilary

    The sticky sheets look great, but a lot of work with all you guys…Marc uses the roller of sticky stuff for alex, but I find that also takes too long. I like to use the vacuum cleaner….

  4. Catherine

    Wow ~ I was scared for a few minutes that sticky sheets was supposed to go on the pets!!! Glad it was just the furniture ~ haha!!

    xo Catherine

  5. Marg

    Those sticky sheets sound like just the answer. We will have to look into getting some. It would be nice to get some of this hair up and away. We would need a lot of them though. Thanks for this review.

  6. Furkidsmom

    Our Mom is going to check those out! Thanks for the info.

    We're laffin' at Amber's comment!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Kea

    Wow, those are large sheets! We're glad they work for your beans, Brian. Is there something that will pick up the dust all over our furniture??? 😀

  8. Hannah and Lucy

    Our mum uses parcel tape which works well but the size of those sheets is great for big areas.

  9. Cats of Wildcat Woods

    We were wondering what you were gonna write about when we saw the title!!!! Mom uses those lint rollers to get our fur up.

  10. Sammy and Andy

    They sound great!!!!!!! We're telling mama about them, cuz our long furs get over EVERYTHING.

    Love to all of you.

  11. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    They sure seem like they'll come in handy! We want you to know that we cherish your furiendship!!! Love ya all bunches!

  12. GreatGranny

    Great idea. Mom keeps sheets on the furniture and tries to remember to pull it back if someone visits. Of course pets lovers may bring furz with them….lol

  13. Mariodacat

    Thank for doing the product review and sharing with us. M says she might have to look into getting some of them. She keeps sheets too on my favorite spots, but I still manager to fur the place up.

  14. ♥I am Holly♥

    They sound great. We use the vacuum cleaner and the rollers to get fur up but we never get all of it up or off of clothes. We definitely will try those! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  15. Sparkle

    My human thinks those look great! I am not so sure about them because it sounds like it makes extra work for us kitties, having to refur everything all over again.

  16. Luscious Lucy

    Ooooo, Brian, you did a GREAT review! I can see the hairs! But now I'm wondering something. Mom told Sam and me that she wasn't really throwing the old hairs out (we were very upset about that since we left them as a love token), but she was saving them to make a blanket. You mean that's not true?? I see a family meeting has to be held now.
    Brian, we are SO happy about your award! We got ready to pass one to you just today but then saw you already had it. Drats. We wanted to be first 'cause we just really, really loves ya. We are standing and cheering for Brian, new sample-tester and reporter!

  17. Ginger Jasper

    Mum says they look realy good and anything that helps get the furs up has to be a bonus.. we do like to spread it around dont we.. hugs GJ xx

  18. Penny

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for that great product review.

    Fur is a problem around our house too – my short white fur is all over the place. Pellie say's we may have to try this stuff. It has to be better than those ugly yellow Kitchen gloves she wears and rubs on the chairs to peal the fur off.


  19. TK and Squashies

    We knows you would never lies to us!
    I wonder if this would work on mommy's great-coat when she takes me to the V.E.T. I shed lots when I gets nervous and her coat is a mess!
    We goes and tries. We lets you know too!
    As Sister Gracie is a selebratee, maybe you can auction the sheet furs on the CB!

  20. Cat Chat With Caren And Cody

    those sticky sheets look great! I will have to check those out. That was a great review!!!
    thanks for sharing!

  21. (Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea

    We use those masking take roller brushes which seem to work well (not the cheaper sheets) but the masking tape-like ones.

    Do these working better in your opinion?

  22. Carolyon

    Those sticky sheets look handy! Just make sure you kitties don't sit on one! You might stick to it hehe

  23. OKcats

    Hmmm, our mom may give those a try. We've got our old slipcovers so furred up, the washing machine barely makes a dent in the fur!

  24. tahtimbo

    Those sheets look pretty good. We could sure use some of those around here, especially since both Koko and Yum Yum love to lay on my wife's good clothes whenever she places them on the bed for the 2 seconds it takes her to grab a hanger. I can't believe how fast those cats are 🙂

  25. Ayla, Iza, and Marley

    The Big Thing uses cheap paper tape, the wider the better. It works great. So does the even cheaper bloo painters tape. Its at every hardware store.

  26. Au and Target

    We use masking tape. Cheap and easy.

    Thanks for purring for Au. He ate three bites of chicken so I'm hoping he'll get better soon.

  27. Deb Harvey

    Rudy's,(The beautiful WHITE cat), favorite spot is on the purple, VELVET chair, so we really need something like this! The chair is usually white, not purple.

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