T.G.I.F. – Those Girls

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The weekend is coming, the weekend is coming!  Yes! It’s finally Friday, and today T.G.I.F. means Those Girls In Feathers.


Feathers are pretty popular at our place and Sister Sascha and Sister Dolly would certainly agree.  So what are we up to this weekend?  Look at that picture, these girls need a serious Furminating!  Maybe Dad and Mom will surprise them.  Other than that, we really don’t have any big plans.  We did miss the snow storm earlier in the week, which was just fine with us.  But it’s not going to be warm enough her yet for any window whiffin.   I think I’m beginning to forget what the fresh air smells like. 

What’s up with you this weekend?  Any special plans?  Just have a wonderful time no matter what you do! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!


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45 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. – Those Girls

  1. Mr Puddy

    Brain , I got Feathers toy too but my one is DIY. made from real crow's feathers. I don't know where my mom get it from. but it's fun for me : )

  2. Catherine

    Wind and snow for Banjo and I. That means extra snoozies on the couch, movie watching, and perhaps a little crafting.

    Hope all you kitties have a lovely weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Hilary

    Hey Brian… No wonder alex and Gracie make such a perfect couple… You guys have so much in common… In addition to the kittie cam, Alex also gets a furmination… I didn't know of any other cat that used the furminator…. although Marc and I are always talking about it…

  4. chezcat1970

    You just reminded mama that she needs to furminate us! Thanks! Gorgeous pictures of your sisters, though!

  5. The Island Cats

    Zoey's a big feather fan too…must be a girl thing!

    We got no plans for the weekend, Brian…just the usual eating, sleeping, playing…

  6. Marg

    We love the fevvers too. They are so much fun. You two sure look nice and comfy. We think it is going to be nice and warm tomorrow so maybe you will get a little fresh air whiff. Hope you have a wonderful week end.

  7. diddleymaz

    we are watching the pigeons in the garden,and dreaming of Tuna on Saturday…love and purrs Commie and Blanco!!

  8. Old Kitty

    Sister Dolly and Sister Sascha give being floofy a whole new floofy meaning!! How adorable!!!!!

    Me and Charlie are also waving to handsome Brian and adorable Gracie and Zoe!!! We hope you have a feather filled weekend! Take care

  9. Amber DaWeenie

    Da best ting dat I loves to do on da weekend is……..sleep! Gotta catch up wit it sometime!

  10. Sammy and Andy

    We love feathers, too. Dolly and Sascha you are truly gorgeous gals.

    Have a very happy weekend. xxxxxxx

  11. Hannah and Lucy

    Dolly and Sascha we love your floofy look – are you going to do a dance with your feathers later?

  12. Random Felines

    You ladies are pretty good looking. Furminator….makes mom think it may be time to get ours out too!

  13. Luscious Lucy

    Mornin', Brian! How's your sweet self today? The girls are looking good this Friday morning. Our mom is downstairs making her coffee and the most important chore, our breakfast plates, yummmm. She overslept. We nipped her cheeks awake; that last nip might have been just a tad too hard, opps. Got'er up though 😉
    Nose licks and head bonks to you from us xoxoxo

  14. 3 doxies

    I don't think I could have handled anymore snow so I is glad it missed us!
    Do kittehs likes to be brushed?


  15. Cats of Wildcat Woods

    We are going to warm up a bit too so hopefully Mom can get out and do errands! You two look as floofy as the feathers.

  16. The Cat From Hell

    Me did have some feather toys – 2 of them, but the brat KOZMO has torn them to shreeds. Happy weekend to yous.

  17. ♥I am Holly♥

    The kitties here love feather toys. They love most anything to play with that is new. The key is being new. We aren't sure how they always know but they do. For the weekend, we are going to try and stay warm as usual. We missed the snow today thank goodness and at least the sun is out!! We hope you have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  18. Admiral Hestorb

    Dolly and Sascha, you look opulent and regal. Like the Queens we are.

    Mom's human kitten will be here. She's already started the fuds for him. I think there is going to be laundry involved so I get a warm place to nap.

  19. Mariodacat

    I heard rumors dat I might have to go to sisfur's house Saturday until Sunday. My oomans are taking a vacation in a month or so and want to xse if i'll get along with sisfur's two cats. I'll save the results post for a blog.

  20. OKcats

    Miss Sister Sascha and Miss Sister Dolly both look like they are wearing feathers – their furs look so beautiful!

  21. Mumsy

    Oh, Brian so nice to see you come visit us at Chancy and Company. We remember you from our other blog that we lost some time back. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs and nose kisses for all!

  22. Sparkle

    Boodie also really needs a good Furminating! Maybe us girlcats should all get together and have a Furminator party!

  23. TK and Squashies

    Oh Hide girls!
    We are in the snows. We don't remember window wiffies either…
    Have a great weekend, evfurbody!

  24. Tracy

    Well, this weekend, ahhh, it is going to be a high of 58 degrees and sunny so the weather will allow me to open the windows and get the stink out of the house. I'm sure Angel-Kitty will enjoy having the windows open for the first time 🙂
    I also have to do some re-writes on a book that is going to be published so that will consuem my time!
    Have a super weekend!

  25. Penny

    The girls are looking absolutely pawsome with their feathers.


    We,ll get in touch with you in a bit for tec support on Pellie's problem.

  26. The Teacher's Pets

    Well, with all of the feathers flying through the air I would think that their fur will be flying too and maybe there won't be any need for the furminator! Maybe? Wishful thinking?
    Thank you for the FBook birthday wishes and for commenting on my birthday blog post too…I am so late in responding to everyone's blogs lately and I am sorry. I wonder how everyone finds the time to comment on all of the blogs, don't you?

  27. =^..^=

    Oh! We so lurrve our feather wands too! But we usually destroy them in under 3 minutes. So Mommy has to buy us 6 wands each time!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  28. Cat

    We think that maybe TGIF should stand for Those Girl's Incredible Floofs!!!!

    Have a great weekend kitties 🙂

  29. Ann Best

    My snow memories don't involve much loss of power, thank goodness! Glad you missed the recent snow.

    LOVE the girls in feathers! It all looks so fluffy and warm!

    Have a great weekend!!!
    Ann Best, Author

  30. ABBY

    Oh girls those are fabulous feathers which are so much fun to play with and also to wear.
    Have a great weekend.


  31. Eric and Flynn

    Fev-vers are lots of fun. We have fv-ver toys, but mum picks up pheasant fev-vers from the fields for us as well.

  32. Pierro

    this week-end mom and dad are leaving us alone for a few hours to visit Auntie Joyce in Merryland. It is her birthday!!
    I think Miles and i will try to catch up on some sleep.

    bonks girls. feathers are sooooo fun

  33. CindyLu's Muse

    Maybe we should hitch a ride on a train or bus or something – and head south. I think those birds are on to something…don't feel too bad, we're getting furminated this weekend, too! Have a good one!

  34. Hyacinth

    Those girls look gorgeous posing with their feathers 🙂 We had really nice weather today so windows were opened and kitties were glued to the window screens…they loved whiffing fresh air 🙂

  35. Deb Harvey

    Such a cute picture!!! Rudy and Oppea are hoping for a few window whiffs here in Oregon this weekend. The weather can change pretty fast, though, so we'll see.

    Have a great weekend!

  36. GreatGranny

    It is a wonderful sunny day for feathers. We didn't get snow either, thank goodness.
    Brian, Mom and I want to give you this Stylish blogger Award.
    Please come by and pick it up. It's our pleasure to pass it to you.

  37. Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    We only like feathers if they are on a fishing pole being dragged around by Teri. We are happy to be snuggling under blankies while our purrsonal secretary attempts to roll down our blogroll and visit for us! Then there's a movie and mac n cheese later we hear! Then some humans are coming to meet us tomorrow cuz they are waiting for one of Coco's kittens and Teri has to interview them!

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