Tabby Tuesday

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I meant to tell you that we did have a very good weekend with lots of window whiffies.  Hopefully we’re on a warming trend here in the south and it’s supposed to be a lot warmer this week.  I know it must be getting warmer because day gave the bird bath a good cleaning.  That means the reception on Bird-TV should be improving some.  Now if the snow monster will stop picking on some of my northern pals I’d know we’re really making some progress.

It’s hard to believe, but it is just about time for the 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Photo Contest, so get your thinking caps on.  Details will be announced next week!


As just as one final reminder, don’t forget that the 2010 Purr-Fur-Mance Reviews are coming up this Friday!


Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr ! Zip! Later!

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44 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday

  1. Kate

    Hugs to you, Brian 🙂 It's getting really warm over here too. I guess summer is here early 😀 Btw, you should join the Spay day 2011 photo contest too.

  2. Susan Fields

    I'm glad you got lots of window whiffies this weekend! Our weather is warming up here, too. Not open window weather yet, but getting close!

  3. 3 doxies

    Oh dude wasn't it a beeeeeautiful weekend heres. I stayed out just bouts aaaaaall day looking furs da squirrels.


  4. Roy

    We had good weather this weekend, windows open each day and the windows were full of furrballs. They had a great time. They didn't see any squirrels, but the Bird TV had outstanding programming.

    More to come this week the weather people say. Yay!

  5. Catherine

    I hope spring comes soon for all of us and then we can all be smelling those good spring smells!
    Happy Tuesday!
    xo Catherine

  6. Max the Quilt Cat

    Whew… thanks for the reminder on the purr-furmance reviews. I almost forgot.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. The Island Cats

    It's been a little warmer here too, Brian. Not enough to clean the bird bath…but nice!!

    We can't wait for this year's St. Patty's photo contest!

  8. West 40 Cats

    Da bird tv is da best thing ta watch fur sure! it gets a lil borin here in da winter, just re-runs of magpies…mol!

    Da Critters

  9. Marg

    We sure did enjoy our weather this past week end.We sure will start getting ready for the St.Patricks day deal. Hope all of you have a super day.

  10. Hannah and Lucy

    We are so pleased that you got some window whiffin last weekend – we wish we could have some too. We have made a note about the Annual Purr-fur-mance Review on Friday – we haven't done one before so hope we don't make too many mistakes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. lokithecat

    Oh Brian, I'm so glad to hear about the TV Bird channel improving. It has been a very long winter, sadly the snow monster is still around here. Do you know how to chase away monsters?

  12. Random Felines

    Mom opened the back window on Sunday for a little window whiffin even tough it is still a little chilly here.

    Brian – you are so handsome that we think Chiclet might have swooned a little at your picture.

  13. Old Kitty

    Beautiful Brian!!! You are looking so chilled out and relaxed!! Yay!!!!

    Me and Charlie are also waving to sweet sisters Zoe, Sascha, Gracie and Dolly!

    St Patrick's Day already!??! Wow! take care

  14. Deb Harvey

    I'm so happy that you got some window whiffin in this weekend!!! Spring is on it's way; we can feel it too!

  15. Junior and Orion

    WOO HOO!! Window whiffies are always good!

    Meowm saw a kitty like your sisfur Sascah yesterday at Petco. Her name is Anya and Meowm was very tempted to bring her home!

  16. Mumsy, Chancy and Company

    Good for you Brian, getting to enjoy those open windows. Our Popsy was was cold yesterday even though it was a nice warm day so we didn't have opened windows. We too hope that snow monster is gone for this year. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Kathie

    Brian, you are such a handsome tabby cat! Thanks for sharing your picture wif us! We wuv you!
    The Kats of Happy Haven

  18. The Golden Eagle

    Glad to hear you had some window whiffin' time! 🙂 It's been getting warmer around here, too.

  19. CCL Wendy

    You're quite the seasoned Whiffenpoof, now, aren't you Brian!

    We live in Canada, just north of the border, and it's supposed to warm up, up here, too! PURRhaps you are sending your warm breezes our way for whiffing! Those breezes can be quite powerful, can't they?

  20. Eric and Flynn

    We are glad you are getting some window whiffin. We are just getting rain, rain and more rain.

  21. ABBY

    It will be in the upper 70's for us know. The local weatherguys are all saying our winter is over and we should be in spring. We had whiffies all day on the porch today. YAY!


  22. Furkidsmom

    Mom said today felt like Spring. We're going to have temps in the 80s by the end of the week!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  23. ♥I am Holly♥

    Brian, it was warmer here today and it felt so great! The weather people are saying good weather all week and we sure hope they are right!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  24. CindyLu's Muse

    Brian I love how relaxed and confident you look there! We're enjoying a warm-up, crossing all paws it will last!

  25. Cat Chat With Caren And Cody

    We are getting a break here in Michigan. Above 30 for a few days, will be 50 on Friday…then I think I saw more "S-N-O-W" on the weekend.

    Glad you got to enjoy having your window whiffies! Will be a long time before we will have THAT!

  26. Luscious Lucy

    Hi, Brian! How's the sweetest man cat in the north, south, east and west today? You're lookin' great in your chair — all manly, yessirree.
    Our mom put up new feeders today and cleaned out the birdbaths, too! We can hardly wait for the show tomorrow. Already, in just minutes, 3 birdies landed and Sam & I started shaking in anticipation. Sam can do the most remarkable imitations of bird sounds! Wait…maybe he's really a giant bird dressed up in a man cat suit, oh my cod.

  27. Spitty-the-Kitty

    Brian, My Human is quite taken with that teaser of a semi-tummy glimpse. She's hoping for a full Monty!

  28. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Spring is certainly in the air! Thank dogness! Hope you can once again regularly enjoy window whiffies and birdland TV.

  29. Marshas Focus Group

    enjoy tha weather. itz supposed ta be warm thru next week. thats a week of open windows hopefully.

  30. GreatGranny

    My Mom sure would like to rub your soft tummy and I think you're one handsome mancat.
    The window whiffies here were nice but chilly in Mom's bedroom, too bad she has no furs.
    xxx Kassey

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