Sister Saturday

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Sister Sascha

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42 thoughts on “Sister Saturday

  1. Hilary

    Sascha… Good morning beautiful! Gracie – don't worry, it is Hilary, not Alex. Alex is looking forward to tonight!

  2. Marg

    Hi there Sascha, you sure are looking very pretty today. It is annoying though when that flashy thingy goes off in your face. Hope all of you have a super Saturday.Stay dry.

  3. Cat

    Oh Sascha, your butterscotch and cream furr always makes my heart skip a beat when I see it…you are so beautiful!! Please don't tell Attie that I said these things, but I suppose she would understand that I love things of beauty and am not afraid to say so. You are pure beauty!! Purrs, Lautrec

  4. Old Kitty

    Sister Sascha!! Me and Charlie are swooning!!! at your perfect beauty!! You really have the most amazing colouring – amazing!!

    Hugs too to adorable Brian, Gracie, Dolly and Zoe! take care

  5. Hannah and Lucy

    Stop scowling Sister Sascha – you know it's only the flashy box. Be a good girl and smile for the camera.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Wendy

    Sascha, even though we think we are beautiful and floofy, you could win a kitty contest for beauty, sigh…

    Miss Bella and Seel

  7. Cathy Keisha

    Good mirning Sascha! You look sleepy. Hope there are sun puddles and window whiffies in your near future.

  8. Grrreta

    Sascha, you are such a beauty! You definitely look like you are having a relaxing Saturday.

  9. Father Tom

    Your white furs look so soft! almost have an "M" on your forehead! Could it're a Maine Coon, too??


  10. Pierro

    Your ears are laying very fashionably flat and feminine – I think that is what they are doing heh meow.

    and bonk

  11. Mr Puddy

    Sister Sascha, Wow !!! you look gorgeous and extreme Cleaned. Have a date ? …For Sure !

    Have a lovely weekend : )

  12. Ann Dziemianowicz

    Sasha, I want to visit so I can hold you! Are you ready to be a cover model!

    Oh yes, Brian, I hope you did tell your sisters that you are a powerful advocate of all the animals. You're spreading the word and involved in a major way! I'm sure your sisters are very proud of you!

  13. Catherine

    Hmmmm… I'm not sure what that look is supposed to be… but you're sure cute just the same Sister Sascha!

    xo Catherine

  14. Spitty-the-Kitty

    Sascha, You look like you mighta been at the hard stuff, MOL! One too many niptinis, dear?

  15. Roy

    Too much Nip in the Cat?

    Sorry I'm late for this party. At least, though, I can wish loverly Sascha a great week ahead. Take care little one, and smile!

    Loverly foofytail.

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