Two Tabby Tuesday

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Hey, Sister Zoe, what’s up?  Can’t you see I’m trying to catch a snooze up here???  I know this picture doesn’t show it, and Sister Zoe is looking so innocent, but she kept reaching up grabbing my tail.  Really, I’m not making that up.  Sister Zoe is the smallest one of my sisters, meaning she is very petite.  But although she is small in size, she is big on silliness!  Really now, I’m always telling Dad and Mom that Zoe did it when I get blamed for something.  A trickster she is, she sets me up and they goes and looks all sweet and innocent.  Oh, that’s okay, she really is a sweetie and she loves brushing even as much as I do.   I really am a lucky boy to have such nice sisters.  Oops!  Don’t tell them I really said that!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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48 thoughts on “Two Tabby Tuesday

  1. Ayla, Iza, and Marley

    Um, she was battin yer tail. Sure Brian. Just look at her. She didnt do that. So innocent…

  2. =^..^=

    Bronzy is just like Zoe… can't stop bugging me whenever I'm snoozing or minding my own business.


  3. Jacqueline

    Silly, beautiful Zoe=we do things like that too, but it usually ends in a smack down!…You are lucky handsome Brian is such a sweetie!…YAY for Faith=we were very excited to see she found her forever family and can't wait to read another update on her progress in a loving home!…Thank you so much for all you do for homeless babies…Happy day, precious friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. (Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea

    It is true, even "girl cats" can be a bit of a tease. BTW…so happy to hear the update on Faith.

  5. Link Bartholomew

    Sisters sure do have a way of getting away with everything! Not all girls are ladylike. Good to know you love your sissies anyway. We wont tell them you said so though.

  6. Mariodacat

    You really are lucky pal. Wish I had a sisfur! Wait – then I'd have to share attention from peeps! Maybe I don't want a sisfur afterall.

  7. Catherine

    You and your sisters always seem to have a lot of fun Brian ~ you are one lucky kitty!
    xo Catherine

  8. Gracie =^o.o^=

    Yeah! Brian worked the magic again and now Miss Faith Kitty has a home! Way to go!!

    Love the photo. What is better than one tabby kittie? TWO!!!

  9. Milo and Alfie Marshall

    Brian, we were so pleased and proud of yoo, when we heard yoo had sorted owt a noo kitty home for Faith. Thank yoo buddy.

  10. Hannah and Lucy

    Tail batting is good fun Zoe but unfortunately with there only being two of us we always know who is the guilty party!!
    We are so happy for Faith and know she will be very happy and loved.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Sammy, Andy and Shelly

    Are ya sure she was, Brian????? She looks sooooooooooooo innocent!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  12. Sónia Mendes

    Hehehe, silly Zoe. Don't be angry at her, she really looks very sweet and you are really lucky to have her as a sister.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  13. Clarissa

    There is always tail grabbing and smackity-smacking going on at our house!

    Such beautiful tabby girls!

  14. Random Felines

    We hate to say this, but Mom suspects you might be making that up. Zoe is just too cute to cause that much trouble….

  15. Cathy Keisha

    I didn't realize I hadn't stopped by to see you in so long. I'm so happy for Faith but sad for Sweet Praline. And now Zoe is annoying you! I wish I had a sisfur or brothfur so I could beat them up, er, *sweet voice* I mean annoy them. Heh heh.

  16. Old Kitty

    Sweet sister Zoe!! You are just petite and playful!! You're gorgeous!! Yay!!! Lovely Brian – you are such a good patient brother!! Yay!!

    Hugs too to wonderful Gracie, Sascha and Dolly! take care

  17. Marg

    Sister Zoe, good job looking all innocent. Brian, we believe you. She probably was pulling on your tail, that silly girl, but it does make a good toy. And it is alive. Take care and have a great Tuesday.

  18. Mr Puddy

    Yes, You are so lucky brother, Brain..hee..hee..hee.. I won't say anything.
    Have a good day !

  19. ABBY

    Sister are like that!
    All sugar and sweetness but silly underneath.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

  20. Angel and Kirby

    WE believe you, Brian! We have seen that innocent look around here. Angel likes to get the poor kitty look after she has stated the trouble!

  21. Jan's Funny Farm

    Buddy says the innocent look is actually a guilty look. We figure he should know.

  22. GrammyMouseTails

    sis Zoe sure haz purrdy furs! good thing she likey the brush so it stays that way. it is fun to play with your sister, isn't it! was happy to read that Faith found a fur-ever home, yea!

  23. OKcats

    *sigh* it must be a Zoe thing. My sister Zoe is a huge clown – and a huge pest!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  24. Mr. Hendrix

    I don't know, she looks pretty innocent… That look doesn't fool me one bit. I'm sure she can play your humans like a fiddle. Remember, big things (like purrsonalities) come in small packages. My stinky boy does the same type of thing trying to get me in trouble.

    hmmm, you like your sister? I guess it is kinda cool when Joel gives me a hug or gets all excited and yells "kitty" when he first sees me in the morning.

    you are rockin' awesome Brian for helping Faith find a new home!

  25. Melody

    Hey Brian. You sound like such a good big brother. You better what your sissy though or she'll get ya!

  26. meowmeowmans

    Sounds like Zoe is sweet, but a little mischievous. 🙂 We hope you managed to get some Zs, Brian!

  27. Cat Chat With Caren And Cody

    I love me some tabbies and there is nothing better than TWO, TWO, TABBIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! lol

  28. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Sounds like your sister as an impish streak! Good thing you have such a kind and wonderful nature, Brian!

  29. MoMo

    Sisters alway get away with everything, whether it's human or kitty. Good thing you are such a tolerant and loving brother.

  30. Julia Williams

    Aw…'s always nice when kittehs get along with each other! I'm glad you like your sisters.

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