URGENT: Prayer Request for a Forever Home (Greenville, SC)

Can you help me please? I finally got my nerve up and asked a human for help. I heard I can only stay safe inside for 2 weeks before they put me back outside with the ferals colony.

But look at me. No one is ever going to want to adopt me.


They found me in a ritzy country club where everyone who saw me just made fun of me. They watched me try to catch a chipmunk for something to eat and I missed it because I have only one eye to see. I was so very hungry. Instead of giving me food they found my inability to find something to eat a reason to laugh.

A nice human did finally feed me so I put aside my fear and rubbed on his legs and asked him for help.

I have only one eye, and my ear is tilted. I suffered a horribly infection that bent my ear and took my eye. I am about 18 months old and a bit of a shy girl because the humans I have met have not all been kind. Although I am purring in my cage and am sure trying my best. I tested negative for FIV, and Feleuk, and I have been spayed, dewormed, defleaed, and have had all of my vaccinations. My other eye is fine as are my ears.

I long each day for someone to love me and see the beauty that is inside of me and to know it is a gift which grows within the heart. This is my prayer.

Can you please, please help me?

NOTE: Contact me directly if you can help this sweet gal. Time is short. Please tell everyone you know. Thank you so much.

IMPORTANT: We have multiple families that have expressed an interest in this sweet gal. Please watch my blog, further updates will be posted when more details are available. Thanks to all for your love and concern!

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135 thoughts on “URGENT: Prayer Request for a Forever Home (Greenville, SC)

  1. Max the Quilt Cat

    I'm on my way to Twitter and Facebook to send people to your site. Such a sweet kitty to be treated that way…

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Mr Puddy

    I pray and purrs hard for you too .
    Tweet , I will do after this comment
    BIG HUG to you

  3. Kate

    I just cried ๐Ÿ™ I would adopt you in a heartbeat if only we weren't oceans apart ๐Ÿ™ I'll be praying that you get the care and loving home that you deserve. Hugs!

  4. ArtemisiaFSS

    We hopes she finds a home. We love house panthers here and think she is already beautiful inside and out.

    If they can't find a home for her would it be possible for someone who has a farm to take her as a barn cat. While not ideal at least she would have somewhere warm to sleep and food to eat.

  5. Link Bartholomew

    Brian, you've got to stop breaking our hearts! We will tweet and facebook about this sweet kitty!

  6. Marg

    Oh my what a story. That poor kitty. We just have to find her a home. I will certainly put it on Facebook and Twitter myself. Wish I could add some space to my little house. She can come live in my bathroom if there is no where else for her to go. BG can go out soon.

  7. Hilary

    OMG, I am crying… what a poor sweet girl. I can't imagine anyone being so cruel to her.. sometimes, I really hate people! I hope that she finds a forever home soon…..

  8. The Island Cats

    Oh we are purring verh hard for you!! We want you to find a wonderful forever home!!

  9. Shawn Becker

    Poor little kitty, she is Very pretty and her silky coat loos like Cecil's. Hope you find her a forever home soon.

  10. The Monkeys

    It is so sad that the world is filled with such terrible, insensitive people, but it warms our heart that there are people like you to help find a home for such a sweet creature. We are purring VERY hard that someone is able to take her in!

  11. Mr. Pip

    Oh I would love to take this kitty. Our Rosie has frost-bitten ears and was abandoned outside, too.

    We are in the process of selling our home and then moving. I don't know how long this will take, but we will be adding another cat to our family once we are settled. If by chance she is still looking for home in 6-7 months (??), we might be interested. I pray she finds some place sooner and closer to SC.

    Please keep me posted.

  12. Catherine

    Such a sweet baby! Hoping and wishing that someone with a big heart takes this brave girl into their lives so she can show how much love she has.

    Sending positive thoughts!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  13. Old Kitty

    Me and Charlie would grab you and take you if we could. We really, really really would, you poor little sweet kitty. You don't even have a name!!! ๐Ÿ™

    This is so so sad. We are purring and praying that a kind soul will fall in love with you asap as we have!

    Take care

  14. Mariodacat

    Awww you poor dear. I do hope you find a home soon. I is purraying dat you will. purr purr purr purr

  15. House of Mystery

    Heading for my facebook to, to put up her story. I hope the.. individuals that thought her plight so funny get their karmic returns. As for no one wanting to adopt her.. I'd be willing alot of people would be. Just me.. but I think her name might be "Faith".

  16. Kea

    OMC, you poor sweetheart! The mom's eyes are so leaky now, reading about you. We're purring so very hard for you, that someone sees how very beautiful you truly are…Crossing our paws for you, sweetie.

    -Nicki, Derry and Mom Kim

  17. Anonymous

    Oh my – what a beautiful sweet girl. I have a black girl with one eye just like her. How can people be so nasty and cruel asd to laugh at her. I live across the ocean in UK otherwise she could have come with me. I pray she finds a lovely home soon where she will be treated like the princess she is

  18. Michelle

    This breaks my heart. I am putting this link on Twitter. I pray she gets some help and a nice home!

  19. Hannah and Lucy

    Fancy laughing at this poor lady cat – people can be so very cruel.
    We hope those who laughed fall on hard times and find no-one to help them.
    We are purraying for her to find a loving family who will give her love and help her have a wonderful life.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Random Felines

    We have our paws crossed. I don't know how close they are, but maybe contact Blind Cat Rescue in NC and see if they have ideas.

  21. Charlemagne and Tamar

    Purring very, very, very hard that your forever family finds you soon! You've been through so much – we just know that there is someone wonderful out there for you!

    Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

  22. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh you dearest boy. I love you so much. Mommy does too and her eyes are just leaking something awful. We purr and pray for your rescue sweet baby.

  23. Shelly

    Poor baby girl! I feel so sad for her. I hope someone finds room in their heart and home to adopt her. She's so pretty. She reminds me of my Roadrunner. I love her shiny black coat!

  24. Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz

    So sad, but could have a happy ending. I posted to FB and Tweeted it, too.

  25. The Cat From Hell

    Such a sweet girl! Me is purraying she gets a great new home. Me is sharing on FB.

  26. Forty Paws

    We are purraying that she gets a wonderful home really soon! There is no reason for anyone to laugh at her. She is a sweety!

    Luf, Us

  27. sagechronicles

    Why are some humans so cruel? Thank goodness most aren't. I sure hope you find a wonderful furever home really soon.

  28. Jan's Funny Farm

    Oh, we hope she gets a home quickly. Such a sad story. We want her to have a happy life.

  29. Cathy Keisha

    What a shame this poor little girl doesn't even have a name! Her one eye is beautiful. I'll try to help her by posting on TW and my FB pages. xoxo

  30. Tracy

    This has reduced me to tears…my heart is breaking for this kitty; NO ONE deserves to be mistreated…remember my post about living a full day if you laugh, think and cry each day? Well, I certainly did…I will pray harder than I've ever prayed before…
    please keep us posted…

  31. Junior and Orion

    Oh Brian, we will be purring and purring our hearts out for this little cutie to get a great furever home. If by chance there is a way to get a hold of the kari person in Arizona, and people volunteer to take legs and drive her cross country, Meowm would be happy to take a leg.

  32. Janea

    I can't even tell you how angry I am that people just laughed at that poor, sweet girl! I've tweeted and posted her story on the Paws and Effect Facebook page, and I hope someone comes forward and gives this beautiful cat a home.

    Seriously, I'd take her myself–and I'd even drive from Maine to South Carolina to do so–but I'm already maxed out at three cats.

    My prayers are with this kitty, and may she quickly find a loving, safe forever home.

  33. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    Oh no, this is so sad. Our hearts are breaking. We will share your story and purr and purr that someone will help you and adopt you and love you forever and ever!

  34. Binky, Scooter, Salem & Harley

    How cruel can some people be!! we are praying that you find your forever home soon . we don't know why anyone would not want to adopt you. If we could we would. SO what if you have an eye missing and an ear that is tilted. None of us are perfect either. Just remember you are beautiful and deserve a furever home.

  35. Katnip Lounge

    Mommy is crying, we would take you sweet girl if we weren't so far away. We are purring hard for you!

  36. Anonymous

    What a beautiful kitty and what a horrible way for humans of any socio-economic status to treat a defenseless animal.
    I posted this to my FB & will pray for her to find a furrever home soon!
    Please keep us posted.

  37. Punapippuri

    We so wish we could help but we are in FInland. But we could maybe help with some dollars. Please someone take this gorgeous girl.

  38. fordem

    I would take that cat hone in a minute. I live in massachusetts, but she would make a great friend for Buddy and Probycat. P.s. I would name her Patch.

  39. Brian

    IMPORTANT: If you are serious about helping please make sure I have a way to get in touch with you. To do otherwise is just mean.

  40. Wendy

    May the great cat goddess Bast, find you a home full of love, security and safety little one. We're sending you lots of purrs and prayers.
    Miss Bella and Sele

  41. Kat Wolfdancer

    Have PetWorked this little Sweetheart to everyone I can think of … If I was closer, instead of clear across the length of the country, I would take her in… She calls to me :~( She is BEAUTIFUL beautiful, and I a bit overwhelmed by the need to try to find her a PurrEver Home… PLEASE God, listen to our prayers for this little beauty.. She deserves a warm lap and tuna…


  42. Anonymous

    Posted your story to Fb and will now also to Twitter lots of kitty love and purrs that a forever home is found quickly for you

  43. Unemployment Blues

    I am praying for you and posting you to my Twitter and Facebook followers. God bless you – I know hard times and pray yours will be a happy ending!

  44. Catsparella

    This is so heartbreaking to read. Purring very hard that she finds the loving forever home she deserves!

  45. Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    This has tears running down my face, the cruelty of some so called "humans" makes me sick, but at least one nice human cared enough to feed her and help her, thank goodness for him. I am hoping and praying that this sweet girl will find a loving forever home quickly …
    Momma Jan

    Pee Ess … Sabrina, Sam and Simon are sending their strongest purrs and purrayers to her too …

  46. in_search_of_grace

    Posted on Facebook and Catster.com for you. I'll spread the word as best I can.
    This cat is in my prayers. Please let us know what happens!

  47. Morticia

    I am in NC … right next door, near Greensboro. If I can help in any way I'd be glad to do so.


  48. Jamie Clegg

    I have shared this kitty's story with as many Animal Rescue groups as possible…hoping you find a loving furever home sweetheart! xo

  49. Anya

    I hope he will find a GOOD home
    he deserve it
    so so sweet ….
    I will pray
    and the cats will purrrr…..
    I cannot help
    its to far away ๐Ÿ™

    Hugs from us
    Kareltje =^.^= โ™ฅ Betsie >^.^<

    cuddle for Gracie from Kareltje

  50. Brian

    Morticia, I have no email for you and I don't have an IM acct which is all that is listed on your profile.

    Email me: brianfrum at gmail dot com

    Please. Thanks

  51. Sagira

    What is wrong with people? ๐Ÿ™

    I sure do hope this sweet baby is able to find a great forever home.

  52. caspersmom

    How I pray this sweet cat will get her forever home. She definitely does not need to go back into a feral situation. She needs to be loved and taken care of. Please someone take her.

    Casper and Mom

  53. Cat

    Why are people so heartless! Oh Brian I hope this beautiful black panther finds a safe and loving home. I wish I could help but I am full up ๐Ÿ™

  54. Eric and Flynn

    Poor sweet girl. We hope Morticia can help her. It is so sad that people can be mean to her.

  55. Anonymous

    Poor little thing – we wish she could live with us in England made my mummy cry lots ๐Ÿ™ paw circle she gets a home soon Love Elli the cat

  56. in_search_of_grace

    I sent you an email about the adoption and my friend will be contacting you directly.
    I hope this helps!

  57. Furkidsmom

    Mom has leaky eyes. How can people be so mean? We're hoping that one of the people on this page will give that sweet girl a forever home.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  58. Tillie and Georgia

    Brian, we are also purring very hard for the sweet kitty. We hope the offers are productive. We wish little kitty all the best.
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  59. Liz of NaturalCatCareBlog

    Is someone getting this special kitty some veterinary help for the infection! I'm worried about that.
    We have a little black cat with one eye who is the light of our life. I just posted an article about him on my blog.

  60. Diane

    I wish I could have a kitty like you. My family is allergic to cats and so we can no longer have them for members of our family. It really makes me sad that anyone would mistreat such a beautiful cat.

  61. ABBY

    We hope you have found someone to help out this beautiful lady panther. WE are purring so hard for her to have a permanent or semi permanent home.
    We do NOT understand how anyone could make fun of an animal … no there are no words that I can think of to describe such "people".


  62. Loves animals

    I'd adopt you in a second, but I live too far from you little guy, and I'd pay for surgery for that eye to get fixed if it could. Cats or any animal should never be mistreated. The government should bring an even worse death penalty to those who mistreat any animals, or even laugh at them. If I lived there I'd laugh at them and all their money they have that they waste on the golf courses and being prissy!

  63. Rose and the Royals

    Something occured over the week-end that has QM convinced Hoomins are turning Feral, for sure.
    What a sweet honey of a cat you are! We are purring and praying that your Very Special Person, one of the few who have a genuine heart will come for you soon!
    A soft spot in QM's heart belongs to you, Sweet Pea, because as a girl, She had a Panther Kitty who suffered an injury close to yours.
    His name was "Trouble", but he never was, really!

    God's Blessings to you, Sweet Pea!

  64. GrammyMouseTails

    lots of purrs & prayers for such a sweet baby girl! sending out your info to those in your area.

  65. Belle

    Is the cat for adoption or has she been rescued and you're only taking donations? I am in SC and may be able to adopt her.

  66. Spitty-the-Kitty

    We can't 'dopt the sweetie, but if you need green papers we could help out. Meanwhile, we is purraying hard!

  67. Nikita Cat

    Daddy Kiril, & I will do a Facebook Link for our friends to see.

    Sucha brave Kitty deserves a Forever Home with some Human who cares, and will treat her with love, and dignity.

  68. Anonymous

    Tigger (my Blind Cat) and I wish you the very best in your search for the right human, who we have no doubt will love you just as your wonderful self.

  69. Siku Marie, White Dog

    This precious Angel deserves to be loved and treated with dignity. We are sending positive energy that the perfect forever family is on their way to her.

    If there is a serious possibility of her having a home and needing transport, we would donate to help defry costs.

  70. Milo and Alfie Marshall

    Being a homeless and hungry cat is no larfin matter. We are gonna PURR and PURR for yoo to find the very special forever home you need and deserve ~ a home where people can see beyond the facial exterior to the sweet soul underneath. Good luck little one. PURRS.

  71. Jacqueline

    As soon as I read about her and saw this post, I went to make a donation; those cold hearted people should all be ashamed of themselves=would they laugh at a human with a disability as well?…I cried for this little sweetheart and the pain she has been through, but her loving character totally touched my heart as well…Blessings to this lovely baby; we are purring and praying for her to find a loving, safe home asap with people who deserve to be loved by such a huge heart…Thank you to all the wonderful humans who are helping this beautiful little girl…xoxo…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  72. one of Fae's humans

    may you find the bestest best forever home and family EVER, you beautiful girl you! those humans that laughed at you were nothing but scum of the human race, please don't let them turn you off to humans all together. it seems that you still have some trust in you and i hope that a forever family will take you in and treat you with the love and care you deserve so you never have to deal with such scum again.

    sending lots of positive energies your way! stay strong! <333

  73. Loves the one-eyed kitty

    I love you – you are beautiful and I would come down and take you in a heartbeat, but I have two older cats who will not tolerate another sister. I am praying for your forever home, and I am having prayers said to St. Jude for you also. You have touched my heart.

  74. Kat Wolfdancer

    Dear Brian~ Any new word on Grace? (or whatever her name will be?) I know you must be busy, but if you could, please keep us updated on what is happening? Is there a ChipIn thingie being generated? Still sending Purrrrayers for Grace… Her face and heart touches me deeply… (I am continuing to PetWork her)


  75. Pegi

    Brian, maybe you could organize this, I would be willing to take her as a foster. Mr. Pip said in 6-7 months he could take her after they move, I can take her until then.Contact me at psarcomo@gmail.com

  76. Anonymous

    Brian: How do I contact you directly? I have a rescue for the little one eyed black kitty.

  77. Brian

    Note to Anonymous: I believe we have her a home, actually 6. However, please email me your info at
    brianfrum at gmail dot com


  78. in_search_of_grace

    Whoever gets this little girl, PLEASE PLEASE post photos when you get her home so we can all see her happy and content in her new place!
    I can't wait to see them!

  79. in_search_of_grace

    LOL! Someone wants to name her Grace? I'd take that as a compliment!
    How about "Gracie"?
    Whatever happens I'm sure she'll be a joy!
    She has a nice little smile!

  80. Morticia


    I got your Email & left a msg for you on your cell phone. Please call me back! Maybe I can use this info with my husband … what's going on??


  81. Hyacinth

    Oh my dear sweet little girl…this brought tears to my eyes…will pray and pray and pray that someone gives her a happy home…Gambino has a bent ear from a horrible infection before he was rescued…he sends extra special purrs to Gracie and hopes that she finds a forever home soon.

  82. Hyacinth

    Sorry, so behind and catching up..I guess her name is Faith, not Gracie…either way, we send purrs and love for this sweet baby girl

  83. Anonymous

    My 2 cents:
    I prefer "Gracie"-it means gift and I think shes just as much of a gift to her ew owner as her owner will be to her
    Praying for you Gracie-girl!

  84. Morticia



  85. in_search_of_grace

    YAY Laura!
    You're Mary's friend? I'm Grace, Mary's other friend! I'm the one on facebook who brought this to her attention so she could tell you and I"M SO GLAD!!!!!
    Find me on her face book and let me know what happens!!!!

  86. in_search_of_grace

    That be me!
    I'm accepting your friend request now! Welcome aboard and thanks again, I'll sleep a lot easier tonight knowing she's got a home!

    Brian-you're AWESOME!

  87. Esme

    Wow-she has found a home. Brian you have a heart of gold for posting this and finding this darling a home.

  88. Save Moki

    I's just heards and came rushing rights over. I is berry happy to hears dat so many peoples be stepping forwards to helps out dis special kitty. Dank you's so muchie Brian for sharing dis. Luvs, Moki

  89. MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~

    DEAREST BRIAN! You are an amazing kitty!!! THANK YOU so much for being the champion of this little black girl…I am so partial to black kitties having just lost my beloved husbandcat Mickey…PLEASE keep in the follow up loop so we know more about Faith's further story…sending you many blessings from the cozy cottage

  90. Loves the one-eyed kitty

    Oh bless him and you! Please give her a big hug from me. I wanted so badly to take her, but my older cats would not make a happy home for her. I am so relieved now!

  91. Brian

    Sorry Loves the one-eyed kitty. I tend not to post info unless I'm sure…but Morticia beat me to it!

  92. Loves the one-eyed kitty

    That's okay Brian – I totally understand. Too many hearts would be broken to find out it wasn't true. But today is a happy day!

  93. Morticia


    I will definitely give her a hug for you! And of course, will keep in touch & update via Brian and his Dad. MANY pics will be taken upon her arrival & in the days following! I can't wait!!!

  94. Jamie Clegg

    God bless you for giving this beautiful kitty a loving home…give her big hugs for me! xo

  95. Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    We are soooo soooo happy! Our Momma has happy tears, and when Daddy saw Faith's picture and heard her story from Momma he was upset, but now he is happy too!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon, Momma Jan and Daddy Keith

  96. catsynth

    It was so sad to read that people were teasing Faith that way. Humans can be incredibly mean – but also capable of great kindness. It's great to hear that she has found a home.

  97. Galletta

    All of us at the Castle are happy that Faith has found a forever home. We hope she'll be a blogging kitty. Purrs to her and her new family.

  98. Morticia

    Thanks, Galletta! Right now, it looks as though the "hand off" of our new precious kitty will be next Saturday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Details to follow! Gonna be a long week, waiting ….

  99. Kat Wolfdancer

    Dear Morticia! Will you have a FaceBook Page, or a Blog where we can follow her new adventures? Thank you so much for giving her the PurrEver Home she so deserves! Would love to see her happy faces


  100. Morticia

    Kat Wolfdancer:

    That is a good idea! We are planning updates via Brian's blog, of course, but she COULD use her own FB page. I have one (Morticia Carter) and I love it!

    We are HOPING that this Sat. the 9th is the day she comes home. MomKatt's working hard to work things out … cross your paws!

  101. in_search_of_grace

    That's AWESOME! Only please don't use her profile to send me any Farmville requests! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  102. Bob da Tomato

    YAY! I waz gonna post dis blog askin' fer halp, but den I saw dat she haz a new home!!! Make her a FB page, please, and add Bob the Tomato and Little Isis as fwends ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Nik-Nik

    I am so happy that this precious girl found her forever home! Thank you and your husband for giving her a place to live forever, Morticia. Please keep us updated on her! *hugs to you, your husband, and your new baby*

  104. Morticia

    Hi Bob & Nik-Nik!

    We will be making a FB page for her! Three more days 'til pickup!

    Bob, you are friends with me (Laura Carter) on FB and my kitty, Morticia, already!

  105. Selina

    I was re-reading this just now Brian and my oh my … what a long way we have come since you first posted this. “Shy” is NOT a word I’d use to describe my one-eyed beauty – at least, not anymore! I can’t tell you the joy she’s brought to me & to our household and we have YOU to thank for it, amongst some others.

    I can’t imagine life, or our home, without her now and her “monkey” antics that make me laugh so much every day. She’s lucky, yes, but … so am I.

    I just wanted to say “thank you” again … she was meant to be with us & the fates steered me, somehow, to your blog!

    Laura & Gary & Selina

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