Code Red Urgent: Precious Cat Needs Someone Now

My name is precious. I am a 6 year old torbie kitty.

I lived alone with my mama who I adored above all things. We had a very,very happy life. Then my mama fell to the floor and I went over to her but she was not moving. Her son came over to find her. They took her somewhere and she did not come back for a month.

I did not want to go upstairs in the house where she was. I knew that if I sat on the hot water heater downstairs, I would have a better vantage point to see her car come in. I waited and waited and waited for a month and no one came, no mama.

Then some people came and got me. They stuck me in a cage and I got sick in the cage because I felt like they would never let me out.

Then a woman came to adopt me. She had me for three days and her husband got sick and now I am being taken back to the house with the prison bars and the people who will not let me out. I was a very good kitty at my new home, but the woman too was elderly and she said she would have to stay long hours at the hospital to take care of her sick husband and that was not fair to me. I am very worried. No body wants a 6 year old kitty. I am healthy though, except that I am not allowed out of the small cage and the litter box I have to use is where I have to sleep because it is so small. I am fully vetted, tested for FIV and Feleuk and spayed and have all my shots.

My mama died, I was told. I miss her something awful. Everything was okay untill she fell on the floor that day and now I live in a small cage.

Can you ask someone to help me please??? I am in Greenville, SC.

Contact me, Brian, at brianfrum at gmail dot com if you can help me!!!

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53 thoughts on “Code Red Urgent: Precious Cat Needs Someone Now

  1. Katnip Lounge

    Oh my heart is breaking! Precious, I will pray for someone to adopt you, and soon.

  2. The Monkeys

    Oh we are so very sad to hear of your sad story! Please keep positive because a similar thing happened to our Bella and we adopted her at 11 years old when her Daddy was put in a hospital and then passed away. We are purring that you too will be adopted very soon and you can start feeling happy again.

  3. Kea

    Oh, Precious, you ARE precious. And our mom's eyes are leaking, reading your story. We're purring hard for you, sweetheart, that you find a wonderful forever home very soon! Are you okay with other kitties? That would be helpful for potential adopters to know, to give you the home that's *best* for you! Because if you're not, then we think either a home without other kitties or a home with experienced and/or patient humans would be important!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Sparkle

    Brian, I want to put up the post about Precious on my Facebook page, but I need to know how humans can inquire about her – can you please add this to the post so I can add to my FB page?

  5. diddleymaz

    If you were here our Mum would have you! Blanco was 8 when he joined the family,Precious your still a kitten!
    Purrayers that you soon find your new home.
    Commie,Blanco, Meg and Prince.

    Thanks for the comments about Tinkerbelle, it was such a shock to see how fast she became ill, but Bunnys are like that 🙁

  6. Old Kitty

    Oh Precious!!!! 🙁

    I am so so sorry. I hope someone falls in love with you asap – you poor kitty! Me and Charlie (who was 7 when he came to me!) will purr and pray very hard and long and loud that you get adopted soon! Take care

  7. ♥I am Holly♥

    Dear little Precious, I am going to pray that you get the forever home you deserve. Your story has me in tears and I know you deserve and have to get a forever home. Six years old is still young and you have the love to give somebody for a very long time. Lots of love and prayers, Debbie and Holly

  8. Max the Quilt Cat

    Brian…on my way right now to get the word out. Hope it hopes. What a precious Precious. I have leaky eyes from reading the story of her life. She deserves a home now.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. Tracy

    My heart is definitely broken to hear your sad story. While I can't adopt you I can say my prayers for you…hang in there Little One!

  10. Morticia

    I've posted her on my Facebook page and on Morticia's FB page & encouraged people to share! Poor baby!!!! She really does deserve a home ASAP. I hate when owners die … just another argument in favor of immortality …

    Let me know what else we can do, Brian!

    Laura & Morticia

  11. Mariodacat

    Oh dear – another sad story. I'll put some tweets out on Twitter. These are the kinds of situations that break my heart.

  12. Amy and The House of Cats

    Oh Precious we are so so sorry you are having to go through all this. Our hearts are just breaking for you and our mom is leaking something terrible. WE are sending so many purrs and prayers for you to find a wonderful home quickly.

  13. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh my mom's eyes are leaking. You sweet dear little girl. I hope so much that someone kind will come and take you home. MUCH love darling. xoxox

  14. Mumsy, Chancy and Co.

    Oh, sweet Precious we are crying tears for you and if we lived near where you are we would have you already. You are so pretty and we know you are a good kitty. We are sending up prayers that someone will very soon give you a loving forever home. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    Oh dear, we are so sad for Precious! Someone must help her. We will purr and purr and purr for her!

  16. Link Bartholomew

    This story is breaking our heart. We are tortie lovers and hate to think of this kitty without a home. 🙁

  17. Chloe and Cecil

    Oh Brian,
    You always need help and we are way out here in Colorado. Precious is precious and I wish we could do something to help her, she has been through so much already and does not need to be living in a cage.

  18. Marg

    Oh Precious, you are so pretty. We sure hope someone comes along to take you home. Brian tell your Dad, if he needs help with this one, to let me know.

  19. Ginger Jasper

    Poor poor darling must wonder so much what happened to make her live in a cage. I so hope someone can help herPoor sweetheart , it breaks my heart. I pray someone will help. Hugs GJ x

  20. Sweet Praline

    Poor little baby. I hope you find a forever home where someone can get you out of that cage.

  21. Roy

    Here's hoping Precious finds a forever home quick. 6 years is not old. She still has lots of love to give to someone willing to take her home and love her back.

  22. Tamago

    Oh no, sweet Precious. I am so sad to know what have happened to your mom and yourself. I pray you will find your new family very soon.

  23. Your Daily Cute

    I shared on the Cute's Facebook wall, Brian. I hope she can find a new mama soon!

  24. Derby, Ducky

    Oh Precious, it is not fun when our hu-mum's go away on us. Hope you find a lovely new home soonest.

  25. sagechronicles

    What a sad, sad story. Poor Precious–what a horrible way to end up in a shelter and not knowing why her security is gone. I sure hope she finds a good home really soon.

  26. Cathy Keisha

    Screeee! Precious is so cute. I wish we could take her cos I'm 6 too but peeps won't give me a playmate. Sigh! I sure hope she finds a home.

  27. (Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea

    Oh no, just another so very sad story. I hope she finds a forever home soon.

  28. Cory

    6 years old is young! We are purring and purring that this deserving sweetheart finds a new forever home soon. So heartbreaking.

  29. Peggy Frezon

    So sad that she lost her mama. She seems like a sweetheart. Paws crossed for her here in NY.

  30. Kathie

    Oh sweet Precious we are leaking tears for you. Our mom would take you in a minute, she took Margaret a few months ago and she is over 12. You must be so sad losing your first home and then being adopted and having to be brought back to the small cage. We are purraying you will soon find sa kind, loving furr-ever home. You have so much life left and so much love to give.

  31. Shelly

    Such a sad story! I feel so bad for this precious little girl. Six years old is still a kitten—my oldest cat will be 17 in September! Saying prayers for a happy forever home for Precious!

  32. Melody

    Oh you sweet baby. I pray you find a home. You deserve a good home. Please someone that live in S.C. please adopt this sweet kitty.

  33. Milo and Alfie Marshall

    Precious, we are gonna purr and purr for a loving forever home for yoo. We are so sad that this has happened to yoo. Smoochies.

  34. lupie

    I weep as I read this ..
    Precious, you are truly precious, I pray you will find a new home soon..

  35. SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly

    Mama has tears running down her cheeks…….she is praying for gorgeous Precious…..praying that she will quickly find a loving forever home.

  36. Hyacinth

    Oh Precious heart, we are praying and purring and sending all the positive thoughts we can muster to help you find a wonderful new home…

  37. Junior and Orion

    Dear sweet Precious, we will be purring for you to find a great new home quickly!

  38. Jan's Funny Farm

    Oh, this type of story is heartbreaking! It's so hard for both the owner who doesn't get to see the pet in the last days and the poor pet who has no clue what is happening. We so hope this beautiful kitty gets a new home soon!!!!!!

  39. ArtemisiaFSS

    Oh, we are so sad for her. We wishes the lady whose husband is ill had kept her. While she might be at the hospital for long hours at least Precious would have a home and not be stuck in a cage. We just don't understand people that say "it's not fair to the cat/dog" and take them back to the shelter, we thinks what they mean is "it'll be easier for ME if I don't have a cat/dog".

  40. Ann Dziemianowicz

    Shared with Twitter friends. Poor Precious. It's hard to move from home to home like this. Hopefully not to the shelter. 🙁

  41. Josie

    I shared this on my FB page. If only I still lived in SC! I will pray that she finds a good home.

  42. Whskr & Dash Kitten

    Oh Brian how can we help? Tell me is there anything else we can do but share her information. I can't not do anything – this is just too awful. We must act.

  43. Sherri-Ellen T-D

    Yow Sister Precious it iz now May of 2014 Mum tellz me n we just read yer storey n we both haz leeky eyez…we nott gonna purrtend it iz allergeez….nope we admitz we iz cryin fer ya!! Yer beeloved Mum leevin fer da Spirit Werld like dat must have scared ya beeyond beeleaf. Da other stuff waz no fun either n den ya came to Mistur Terry n Miss Celeste n Brian n da otherz…dey are da sweetest kindest Hu’Manz we nose frum bloggie werld n dey will lub ya fur da rest of yer life Precious….
    Pleeze nose we purray fer ya to come downstairz….we nose ya will one day…..
    Much lub n support, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too <3 <3 <3

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