Farewell Sweet Praline, We Will Always Love You

Sweet Praline

We have lost one of the truly wonderful ladycats of the Cat Blogosphere. Sweet Praline has crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are so very sad and our whiskers are weepy wet. We all send hugs, purrs and love to her Mom Paula.

Sweet Praline always made us smile. No matter the picture, no matter the event, just one look at that special girl made our whiskers grin up, every single time. While the loss is deep, especially for her Mom, the memories will never fade. Sweet Praline has such a special place in our heart. Sweet Praline, we will always remember you, your love and all the joy you have brought to others. My heart swells with pride because you were my friend. Until we meet again,


Brian, Sascha, Gracie, Zoe, Dolly, Dad & Mom

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41 thoughts on “Farewell Sweet Praline, We Will Always Love You

  1. Admiral Hestorb

    Until we all meet again. Makes mommy's eyes leak something terrible..she says "later"

  2. chezcat1970

    Mama's eyes are leaking again. that was lovely, and we'll miss our beautiful little diva.

  3. ABBY

    We are so sad for Momma Paula and we know how difficult this will be for her.
    We are sending loving comforting purrs to her … we miss you Miss Praline and our hearts are heavy with your loss. We will always remember.


  4. SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly

    We are so sad that our wonderful friend, Sweet Praline, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge…..we will miss her so much, but know that she is no longer in pain.

    Thank you for this wonderful post for her. xxxxxxx

  5. Kathie

    Our tears are flowing, we fell in love with Sweet Praline at first sight and it was her that brought us to the CB where we found such wonderful cats, kits and kittens and their moms and dads. We are broken-hearted for Mom Paula but hope she knows she did the last best thing she could do for her darling Sweet Praline. She is pain free now. We will always miss her and always have a special place in our heart for her. God speed Angel Sweet Praline, you were such a special girl to so many and our lives are better for having had you in it.
    Wonderful tribute to a darling girl. Thank you for posting this, but so sorry it had to be….

  6. Rocky, Angie & S'more

    Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to a beautiful ladycat. All of us at the Kitty Hut are just heartbroken. We will miss this little angel more than words can say.

  7. Amy and The House of Cats

    What a wonderful tribute for Sweet Prailine – truely and appropriate name for her. Her sweet face always made mom smile. Now she is so sad she knows that Prailine's mom must be even more so. We have sent her lots of purrs and prayers.

  8. Mariodacat

    What a wonderful tribute you did to your special friend. I didn't know Praline, but wish I had. I did go to her blog tho and left a special message to her oomans, whom I'm sure are hurting.

  9. ♥I am Holly♥

    What a beautiful tribute to your very special friend. We know that the Rainbow Bridge is celebrating right now. Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    WE are so very sad today. Great tribute, and we will never forget Sweet Praline.

  11. Amber DaWeenie

    We are all so very sorry to hear that Sweet Praline has left for the Bridge. She will always be remembered by all those who loved her.

  12. Deb Harvey

    Yes, I agree, beautiful tribute. It's so sad to lose a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with Sweet Praline's family.

  13. Chloe and Cecil

    Oh, Sweet Praline…all of our eyes are flooding with tears!

    Chloe and Cecil

  14. Roy

    As always, our thoughts and good wishes are with Paula and family. Such a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful, smile provoking little cat.

    From the first time I read her Blog, I was in love with this tiny little Lady. She will have a warm spot in my heart for as long as I'm on this earth. I'm not good at posting tributes at my Blog anymore, so this will have to do. Just hope I'm not misunderstood here. I love all kitties, but there are some, many not even my own, that are special.
    Sweet Praline was one such little lady cat.

    Rainbow Bridge is so much brighter today for having welcomed her to its membership.

    RIP little Sweet Praline.

  15. 3 doxies

    Oooh no Brian! I am so sorry to read dis. Though I didn't knows Miss Praline, I know hers was thought of so highly and hers will be missed greatly!
    Our thoughts go out to her family and furiends.


  16. meowmeowmans

    Well said, Brian. The loss of our friend Sweet Praline hurts so very much. We look forward to the day when we will see her again.

  17. Old Kitty

    What a beautiful tribute, Brian! Our hearts go out to angel Sweet Praline's mum and family. Take care

  18. Casper Bear

    We are so sorry to hear about Praline! Our thoughts are with her family and friends!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  19. Morticia

    I am so sorry about Praline. That is never an easy passage to make. My thoughts are with her family … been there myself and it's really rough.

    Laura, Morticia & Selina

  20. Cathy Keisha

    While I didn't know Praline, my whiskers are all wet anyway. If you loved her, she must've been special. Sleep soundly Praline, I'm sure I'll meet you someday. xoxo

  21. TK and Squashies

    What a beautiful tribute, Brian. You and your dad write so well!
    Now here is mommy, crying all over again. You are such a dear to remember our furend so well.
    Love, TK and Squashies

  22. Tamago

    Oh no so sad…Sweet Praline….
    She will be missed so much but as you said, the memories will never fade.

  23. Sagira

    Very sorry to hear about your friend. We just stopped over to give them our condolences. 🙁

  24. A few Good Cats

    A well-loved friend never really leaves you… we hope all those good memories will help Sweet P's human mom get through the grief.

  25. Furkidsmom

    It's been a very sad day. We will miss Praline very much.
    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  26. Sweet Praline

    Brian – thank you for such kind words and memories of Sweet Praline. I'll miss my little Diva.

    Mom Paula

  27. Save Moki

    We are heart broken Brian, by the loss of Sweet Praline…you out to words our feelings so perfectly. Thank you…

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