Tabby Tuesday

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If you wonder what I’m looking at, I’m giving Sister Zoe “the look” because she is a little miffed at me.  This nice pink chair is one she has claimed as her Princess Throne and I think she thinks I’m not supposed to occupy it at all.  Hey, as the Brother, and King, it is totally my responsibility to make sure that all thrones are worthy for any and all fluffy butts.  I think this one is going to pass inspection just fine, but she just needs to chill out a bit and let me finish my work!

I hope your Tuesday is mighty fine and remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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51 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday

  1. Mr Puddy


    " Sometime woman just needs to be told ! " My dad always said that, and he adds " Sometimes,it's works, Sometimes it doesn't but but it was worth a try : ) "
    And this time it's works well for you..Congratulation, Brain : )


  2. Marg

    Good job Brian, keeping that chair worthy of fur sisfurs. That is a hard job to do too. We hope you have a fantastic Tuesday too. Take care.

  3. Hilary

    LOL! I couldn't agree with you more King Brian! I think she should understand you have her best interest at heart!

  4. Max the Quilt Cat

    It's good you supervise all things. You just never know when a throne might go bad. Good job, Brian.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Admiral Hestorb

    You definitely look like the King..which you are and Mommy had to tell me to get off the monitor. Those man catly looks and poses just make my furs tingle.


  6. The Island Cats

    Girlcats can be so impatient, Brian! You sit there as long as you like!!

    Wally & Ernie

  7. Catherine

    You are so sweet Brian to test out the chair once in awhile to insure that it is 'kitty butt approved'!

    xo Catherine

  8. Mariodacat

    You are the KING and you deserve your choice of thrones. he he – let sisfur be miffed for one day.

  9. Old Kitty

    Lovely King Brian!! Me and Charlie think you are doing a super duper job testing all potential thrones!! Awww sister Zoe is being a true princess!! Yay!!

    Hugs too to adorable Sascha, Dolly and Gracie! Take care

  10. chezcat1970

    Just explain that you are doing some quality control–it won't do for Zoe to sit on a sub-par throne!

  11. Random Felines

    Keep giving her the look!! But, we can tell you from living with Ivy that it doesn't work all the time – she has mastered the art of ignoring us!!!

  12. Hannah and Lucy

    Brian – we think if you get too bossy with Sister Zoe you could be on the wrong end of a WHAP!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Mumsy, Chancy and Co.

    Well, Brian do you not think you and sister Zoe can share that throne? You do look mighty handsome sitting on that throne though. Enjoy and have a great day. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. ♥I am Holly♥

    Well done Brian!! It's good to test out these thrones every now and then to make sure they are kitty proud for your sister's to lay on. You are a good brother! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  15. Amy and The House of Cats

    Hi Brian! We totally understand about having to give "the look" – we have that come up all the time at our house! We think that you are doing a great job of inspecting the chair to make sure it is acceptable!!

  16. Penny

    Quality control inspections are a must – your sisters should be thrilled you worry about their well being so much.
    You just go ahead and test for the rest of the day.


  17. Cathy Keisha

    You are the King because you know you can be macho even on a pink couch. I wish I had a brother like you.

  18. Wendy

    Oh, you're one brave kitty! If I tried to sit in my sister Miss Bella's throne, she puts up such a hissy fit, change it good though for everyone, isn't it?


  19. Cheysuli and gemini

    You know that kind of stuff happens at my house and I really don't approve. After all, I know quality and quality control too…

  20. Laila and Minchie

    Brian, always remember…A King always trumps a Queen! hehehe!

    King Minchie

  21. Cat Street Boyz

    You are lucky to have sisters Brian and such cute ones!!! Thanks for stopping by on my birthday, we have been missing all our dear furends but Mommy is going to try helping us visit in between all the work the humans are doing here……planting, cleaning, getting rid of stuff that isn't needed and more planting! Blueberries and raspberries are the newest to go in and Mommy planted flowers in the deck rail boxes the other day. Have a great day!!!!TyGr

  22. Katnip Lounge

    Brian, it's like our house, you snooze, you lose! Or rather, you snooze, you keep the spot!

  23. CCL Wendy

    Even princesses must learn to be patient! Look at Princess Catherine — she had to wait almost ten years to get her throne.

    It's a good thing to teach your sisters to be patient, Brian, and you're doing a great job.

  24. The Cat From Hell

    bRIAN – YOUS THE man cat! I want to be like you when I grow up!!!

  25. BigSexyBob

    Brian, I like what you have to say. I'm Bob and new around here. my mom & dad made a new blog for me and my cat siblings ~

    We're all rescued off the street and adopted, some of us went to other homes, some stayed here. I like sleeping in different places, trying out different "thrones". Sadie & Jazzy & Huxley get mad about switching but Addie, JoJo, Lola & Mr. Magoo take my spots, too and others. I say Go for it, King Brian! I'm a Big Boy, too so sometimes some spots aren't very comfortable!

    I think there are a few posts on our blog talking about us…mom & dad talk about us cats alot…boooorrring! Today Sadie is bragging but pretending some one else is doing the talking! Come visit if you want

  26. ABBY

    You are doing your royal job so well!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  27. OKcats

    King or no King, Mr. Brian, we think you have enough sisters to know by now that 'the look' will get you in more trouble than you'll know what to do with! haha

  28. Cat Chat With Caren And Cody

    Brian I must say I never see you give "the look", you certainly have every right to do so! After all, you are "The King!!!"

  29. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Brian, once she realizes that you have her comfort and best interests at heart, she will thank you! You are so thoughtful!

  30. Cheyenne -Millie

    Of course King Brian! I agree with you! Make sure to do a good job at checking out the throne!

  31. littlemissjackie

    Of course you had to try the chair, Mr. Brian! Miss Zoe should be pleased that you want her to have the best!

    Barks & Wiggles,


  32. Spitty-the-Kitty

    I think your sisters should let you sit wherever you—oh, wait! It's NOT Mancat Monday.

    Never mind.

  33. caspersmom

    Boy, I'm sure glad I'm not the one getting that evil eye. Well Brian, guess the chair could be the Kings throne when you are sitting in it and the Princess's throne when Zoe sits in it. But guess the King comes before a Princess.

    Casper and Cleo

  34. GreatGranny

    Good job, handsome Brian. You have to check out the chairs for comfort fur your sisfurs.
    xox Kassey

  35. Sagira

    Good thing she has a great brother like you to make sure that everything is up to par. 🙂

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