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Well folks, this is a first for me and since we have a Tortie in the house we are having our first ever Tortie Tuesday…so take it away Precious!

PreciousHello everyone, my name is Precious, and I have been in my new home for six whole days now.  I’m still not exactly sure how I got here, but the humans here are really, really nice to me.  My first Mom died all of a sudden, and the rest has really been quite a blur.  My new Dad and Mom are really nice and my private room is quite comfy too.  But I think I’ve still got a lot of adjusting to do yet.  I’ve seen my Brother Brian and my Sister Dolly, but I haven’t been overly friendly to them, at least not yet.  My Dad sometimes puts up a screen door so we can see each other, but so far I’ve yelled at them and have given them some of my best growls.  My Dad says no hurry though, he said we’re just going to take our good old time.  My new Mom and Dad are spending lots of time with me in my private room and they have been calling me PK, which they tell me is my nickname for Precious Kitty.

I can tell you that I sure do loved to be brushed.  And I might be six years old, but I sure love to play.  My Dad brought me a long stick with an orange feather on it and boy do we have a good time playing.  I also have some other toys, one of which is a stripey mousey and I’ve beaten that mousey up pretty darn good with my bunny kicks!

And before I go, I want to thank everyone for worrying about me and trying to find me a new forever home.  My Dad tells me that there are lots of good humans out there and we are all thankful for everyone wishing me well.  I will see you again before too long!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!

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59 thoughts on “Tortie Tuesday

  1. Marjorie Dawson & Dash Kitten

    Oh this is just so good to see. Welcome home Precious – you are the most lovely looking girl and I know that your Mum and Dad are the most lucky people in the world to have you there. I am so glad you are safe and warm and well and LOVED.

    Whskr & DashKitten

  2. Marjorie Dawson & Dash Kitten

    Oh this is just so good to see. Welcome home Precious – you are the most lovely looking girl and I know that your Mum and Dad are the most lucky people in the world to have you there. I am so glad you are safe and warm and well and LOVED.

    Proud tweeters of the Precious cause!

    Whskr & DashKitten

  3. Old Kitty

    Awwwww wonderful precious PK!!!! Me and Charlie are so happy meet you here!! Yay for tortie tuesday!! You are just beautiful!

    We hope that you will soon be playing with your new brofurr, Brian and sisfurrs, Dolly, Sascha, Gracie and Zoe!! Enjoy all your toys! Take care

  4. Kim Thomas

    Yay, PK! We’re so happy for you – might I add, you’re looking catabulous, too! You’ve got a wonderful new home (and site, too!)…we can’t wait to hear all the juicy details of what’s to come for you. Welcome!

  5. Max the Quilt Cat

    Precious… You have landed in the supremo home of all time. Don’t worry. You’ll eventually adjust so you don’t have to yell anymore.

    Love to hear about success stories.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Catherine

    Sounds like you are having a terrific time Precious and soon you will be fitting in with everyone. I am thinking you are the luckiest kitty in the world to be adopted into such a home full of love!!!

    xo Catherine

  7. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh Precious…(my mommy calls me that too, most of the time) you are so beautiful a girl and I know that you will love Brian and your sisfurs. I am so glad you have a loving forever home and mommy and I send such big loves and pawhugs to you.

    Love always, you sweet baby girl.

  8. Hannah and Lucy

    We are delighted to meet you PK and know that you have got the bestest of families to live with. When you have settled in you will have lots of time to meet them all and we know you will all have great fun together.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. meowmeowmans

    We’re so happy to meet you, Precious! We think you are really going to love your new home (it sounds like you kind of already do!). Brian and his sisters, and your new mom and dad are the BEST. Hugs to you! 🙂

  10. Casper Bear

    Lovely to meet you PK! I am so glad you have found your lovely new home and I am sure you will adjust and be very happy. Good Luck PK, you deserve it! Be happy!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  11. Cory

    Precious, you are such a lovely girl. We just can’t imagine what you’ve been through but we know you’ve ended up in the best home EVER and everything will be ok. We know you must miss your mom terribly and to lose her like that must have broken your heart. You now have a family and a BIG circle of kitty furriends and we’ll be there for you sweetie.

  12. Marg

    Hi there Precious or should we say PK. You sure are precious. Glad to hear that you are doing so well and you will get to know everyone eventually. It all just takes time. When BG first appeared here there was a lot of yelling but they have mostly gotten used to each other. Glad you met Brian. He really is a nice guy.
    You sure did find yourself some nice hoooomans. Take care . Hope you have a fun day.

  13. Random Felines

    We are so happy you have joined Brian’s home and the CB!! You have found a great home and we know the other kitties will learn to like you (though you should probably stop calling them names – that helps). 🙂

  14. Laila and Minchie

    Hello PK! You did a GREAT job on your first Tortie Tuesday post! We feel so bad that your first momma died, but trust us, you couldn’t ask for a better new momma and daddy! It will take time to adjust but know it will all work out. Enjoy your new home and life!

  15. Fuzzy Tales

    Welcome to your forever home, Precious, and to the Cat Blogosphere! We hope you become friends with your adopted siblings in time….We kind of think that if you were an only cat with an elderly first mom, you probably didn’t have much socialization with other kitties. We also think you could have a lot of fun with your new siblings, when you’re ready.

    Great first post, by the way!

  16. JB

    Precious, you really are Precious! Nice to meet you! We are so happy for you in your new home!!!

  17. Diane@Bibliophilebythesea

    Our daughter has a 9 month old (3) legged Torti, and she has the sweetest personality. A very very “lap lover”.

    So happy to hear all about PK and her new home; she is a cutie.

  18. Cathy Keisha

    Yo Precious! I’ve been told that TW’s initials are PK also but I don’t believe it cos she’s not a Precious Kitty. Wonderful Tortie Tuesday. New beginnings are always good. All I ax is that you give Brian & sisters a chance. They good kittehs.

  19. Anne Lieri

    Preciosa,fico feliz que tenha encontrado um lar para vc!Não falo nada de ingles,mas entendi que está melhor nessa nova casa!Que o Papai do Céu te proteja sempre!Bjs,

  20. GreatGranny

    Hello, Precious, it’s so good to meet another lovely tortie. I know you have a good new forever home with Brian and his sisfurs. You will soon love them as I do.
    xoxo Kassey

  21. melody

    Hi Precious! You even sound Precious. Don’t worry your mom & dad are doing all the right things to introduce you to the rest of the family. You are gonna fit right in…in no time.
    You are a beautiful girl.We already love you.

    Jude the dude,PrissyPoo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

  22. Clarissa & Co

    Precious – you are beautiful and live up to your name! We are so happy that you have a new forever home!!! Our mom loves your white bib and white paws! We like the stripe on your nose! Our tortie cousin, Gypsy, has a stripe that runs from the tip of her nose all the up between her eyes!

    Welcome to the Blogosphere!

    Clarissa & co.

  23. Amy & The House of Cats

    Hi Precious! We are so glad that you like your new forever home! It will take a while to get used to everything that is so new, and all the new kitties, but we think that you will eventually really like them – they are all super nice. But we know it will take some time.

  24. Pumpkin

    Concats on your new home Precious. You couldn’t have found a better one. Wait til you meet the other kitties in the house. You’ll love them!

  25. Katnip Lounge

    Hello Miss PK! We think it stands for Pretty Kitty! Cuz you ARE. You take your time and get used to those other kitties, maybe if you played with the feather toy in front of the screen door you would be more comfortable with being looked at. Mommy uses play to integrate us and smooth over spats.

  26. Mr Puddy

    Sweet PK, Welcome to the best forever home. I’m so so happy with you .
    I’m sorry but I have to do this… Brain, More sis for you : ),
    and PK, now you got the best brother in the world !
    Welcome Hugs to you , Sweet PK

    PS : Brain, I love your new profile photo with the hat, You look handsome dood

  27. Sparkle

    I am so glad you are home, Precious! The other kitties are actually very nice, but I think you will figure that out in time.

  28. Penelope

    PK yous is a beautiful girl! It will takes yous a little time to adjust after being the only kitty to having such a big family of cats! Yous has the 2nd best pawrents in the world and theys will takes great cares of yous!
    Me is so happy to meets yous

  29. Sagira

    Precious you have the BEST home a kitty could ask for. I’m sure you will warm up to your brother and sisters. They are all super. 🙂

  30. Debbie and Holly

    Precious, we know it will take some time to get used to all that has happened in your life. You have gotten the very best home of all and we have no doubt that you will love it when you get all settled in!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  31. siku marie

    We have been so disconnected from the community as we have struggled the last few weeks with Puff’s heat and YoYoMa joining our family and now my health. We apologize for being such inattentive friends!

    Our hearts sing with joy that Precious has found a forever home with the most perfect family ever. She will bloom and thrive amidst the love and safety your family provides! Fate could not have been more generous! Thank you and all of your family, Brian, for saving this Precious one!

    We also hope that your new blog location is more reliable than Blogspot has been…you are so right about the “outage” having potentially life threatening ramifications to fur babies in need.

  32. Mumsy and Co

    Oh, Precious we are so happy to see a post from you. It sounds like you are enjoying your room, your new mom and dad and new toys. You will soon get used to brother Brian and sister Dolly and the 3 of you will be running around the house having such good times. You are sure a pretty little kitty. Hugs and nose kisses

  33. Lisa Co9T

    Yay for your new home! And yay for Torties!! I hope you give your new sisters and brother a chance, they are really sweet kitties and I’m sure you’ll love them. We look forward to hearing more from you!

    ~Lisa Co9T

  34. Abby

    Hello sweet PK!
    We are so glad you have joined such a wonderful family and that have your happily ever after home. We know that it was very hard to lose your Mom, but now you gained a Mom AND Dad.
    We are so happy for you and we look forward to getting to know you better.


  35. Simba

    PK, Mom and I loved your post. We look forward to eventually hearing tat you are snuggling with Brian and his sisters. But all in good time.

  36. Genghis

    Hello Precious,
    Pellie (that’s my mom) and I really liked your first post and are so glad to meet you at last.
    We hope that you start feeling at home soon and get to like all the members of your new family.

    Genghis Khat

  37. Ann Best

    Oh my goodness, Brian. I love the header! And you’ve moved to WordPress. I set up a WordPress blog the day Blogger crashed, on Friday the 13th, my 71st birthday.

    BUT, I can only do the basics. How are you keeping all your Blogger followers? And how do you get the images on the sidebar? I couldn’t figure that one out at all! I just might not be able to do it.

    But I love the WordPress look. It’s so streamlined. And I know it’s much more flexible–IF you’re technologically astute, which alas I’m not. And I don’t mind filling out the form. Some of my Blogger friends have said they don’t like this. But one only has to type the first letter and the information comes up. I say they’re wimps LOL.

    Precious Kitty is adorable. I’m so happy for her!! And you’re amazing, Brian–everyone’s amazing in my book–for figuring out WordPress! (And thank you for your congratulations on my memoir’s release. It’s been an exciting day!)

  38. The Island Cats

    PK, you’ve been through a lot lately, so we think you should take your time to get to know those other cats there. But we bet you’ll find that they are pretty nice and will be good friends to you.

  39. Chloe and Cecil

    Miss PK , wees so glad you are happy at you new home, youse have da bestest Mom and Dad in da whole wide wolds!
    Now youse take you time gifting to know you new brofurr and sisfurrs. In time, they will be you bestest furrends! Brian will teach you da ropes, so listen to him!

  40. Catsparella

    Welcome Precious!! You’re so lucky to have found the purrfect family! If you give them a chance, I think you’ll see they’re not so bad 😉 I can’t wait for lots of Tortie Tuesdays to come!

  41. Caren Gittleman

    “PK” we are so happy that you are doing so well! We see that you are quite the blogger too! I guess when you live at Brian’s house it is a prerequisite that you learn to blog 🙂
    You are so sweet, we are so happy that you have possibly the VERY BEST HOME IN THE WORLD….you are going to love it there! We all love you and we are so happy for you! Tell your Daddy to stop by our blog tomorrow if he has a free moment…there is a surprise!

  42. Clooney

    Precious, we are so happy that you have come to live with Brian and his family. That is a beautiful picture of you. You have been through a lot and we send you our biggest purrs for you to adjust fabulously to your new home and brother and sisters. And we are glad you are enjoying your new toys and your new Mom and Dad. We look forward to hearing more from you. (PS: Brian, we love your new blog and new header, everything looks great!)

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