Lil Em and Sapphire Are Still Waiting for a Forever Home


You all know I don’t usually like repeating myself, but this is so darn urgent and sad that it is totally worth repeating, and I will repeat it often until we’re able to help these two precious souls.

I’m speaking of course of Lil Em and Sapphire. You can see the original post HERE, although I am going to repeat it below.

Please Help Lil Em and SapphireThey have been waiting and waiting, in the horrible South Carolina heat.  We’ve had a couple of contacts, but nothing has worked out.  So please, please, please share and share and share.  We’ve simply got to help these two gorgeous gals.

Here is the original text for those of you that missed it:

We are Lil Em and Sapphire and we were adopted from a rescue group in South Carolina four years ago.  Our owner says she wants to make a lifestyle change and that does not include having kitties anymore.  Guess we were really not REAL members of this family.

Our foster had a vet check us out when the rescue received us back and it was ascertained little Sapphire has an enlarged kidney!  What does that mean?  No one seems to know.  She has no outward signs of any problem and uses the litter box and eats and drinks like a normal kitty.  Me, Lil Em checked out fine.  The vet told us to put Sapphire down, however I am  so attached to my sister.  You see, we’ve been together since the womb.

We know it is nearly impossible to find us a home, given the fact that one of us may be sick.  But we are counting on Brian to do his magic and find just one loving individual out there in the blogosphere who would be willing to put their heart and love out there to keep me and Sapphire together.  I’m afraid our only other option is to put Sapphire to sleep if we are not adopted together given her potential diagnosis.

We are currently loving in a garage in South Carolina where the heat index is very hot, with fans blowing.  We have no other place to go.  We have been with other kitties with no problem whatsoever and even a large chocolate lab who we thought was kinda neat.

Please, will you be that person to open your heart and home to keep me and Sapphire together and help us not to have to make that awful decision for Sapphire???  Please help us get our prayer answered.

If you can help, please let Brian know at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please tell everyone you know and you have permission to copy and paste and cross post often.

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37 thoughts on “Lil Em and Sapphire Are Still Waiting for a Forever Home

  1. Kwee Cats

    Oh Brian! We was just thinking real hard about them these past few days. We was hoping they was in a happy home by now. We gonna join you some more in trying to fix this. We wants them helped.

  2. Marg

    We sure hope they can find a home really soon. I will go post it on Twitter and keep posting it all day. We will do it on Facebook too. Take care and stay cool.

  3. Hilary

    I will tweet this… This breaks my heart. That woman is one of the poorest examples of a human being. Her “lifestyle doesn’t include her cats”? give me a break. Did she return her kids when they acted up? Or was she smart enough not to have them in the first place. Having a pet is the same thing as having a kid… They are your responsiblity in good times and bad.

  4. Kwee Cats

    Hi again, Brian. Despite some technical difficulties… Mumsy messed up her post.. Honestly, she gots upset over them two sweet girls. We gots Lil Em and Sapphire’s story up where it will stay to be seen on our Kwee Cats site, and our Mumsy’s Kwee Life site. And we tweeted from both, and Mumsy has it on her Facebook. If you can think of anything else we can do to get the word out, and keep it out there, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    And please, keep us updated on how they be doin. We be purring with all the other kitties real hard on this.

  5. Debbie & Holly

    I was so hoping that you pretty girls had a good home by now. I will be praying that you do get one…both of you together in a nice forever home! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  6. SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

    Oh, no!!!!!!!!! What a selfish human you beauties had. We are purraying as loudly and strongly as we can that you will find a wonderfully loving home quickly….and together, of course……Brian has good contacts!!!!!!!


  7. ginger jasper

    I so pray for these sweet girls and hope so much the prayers are answered. I just cant get my head round the fact that someone wants a lifestyle change that no longer involves the darling kitties. She is not a nice person at all. Please someone help them stay together. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Kika

    It is to guess, I’ll tell you what it is – Egg
    Briam tenho tanta pena de morar longe, a mami leu o pedido de ajuda dessas lindas e eu disse a mami que não me emportava de as ter como manas e mami disse se não morassemos tão longemquem ia ficar com elas eramos nós ,como isso não é possivel vamos rezar muito por essas fofinhas arranjarem depressa um lar,fortes pensamentos
    Ronron da tua amiguinha e beijinhos da mami

  9. Abby

    WE are purring so hard for these two beauties and we we purray that a forever home comes open for them

  10. Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel

    A big congratulations Brian on the awards……so well deserved!!! We are all trusting
    for the beautiful kitties to find wonderful homes and soon!!

    Also, a big thanks to each of you who saw my little dog, Bailey modeling as Uncle Sam
    and the kind comments you made! You and Brian made our day!!!

  11. GrammyMouseTails

    How sad! Did the vet find something else wrong w/Sapphire? My Snuggles lived a long happy life with an enlarged kidney. I will email all my friends in the Carolina area to let them know & pass on the info. Lots of prayers & scritches kitties!

  12. siku marie

    These two so deserve a true loving safe caring forever home! We KNOW it is out there. Sending powerful White Dog woos of positive energy that their forever family comes for them…and soon.

  13. Clarissa & Co.

    We have posted this on a couple of the message boards that we visit. It makes us very sad. Spunky, Ginger, Panda, Puff, and Batman came to live with us under similar circumstances. Their first mom decided to move into her boyfriend’s house and he didn’t want her cats. Stupid woman. We are purring that these girls find a home soon.

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