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Sister Gracie, adopt cats, we deserve it!

Sister Gracie

As soon as I saw this I just knew that Sister Gracie had to show us all how to take it easy today.  We did have some window whiffies for a while and I think the hots got to her.  We don’t get the windows when it’s hot, not just because it’s hot, but it is also hard on Sister Gracie and her asthma.  So we’re all going to help her with the easy today.

Enjoy your Easy Sunday everyone!   Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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43 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday

  1. Mr Puddy

    Sister Gracie must be very tired from Hot Weather but I think she is lucky in the way she has a short hair ! Me, I might have to soak with water to cold me down !

  2. Debbie & Holly

    Sister Gracie looks like she is relaxing very well today! We think that is a great idea!! We sure know how the hot weather can affect breathing problems so stay inside where it’s cool! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  3. mariodacat

    Boy, sister Gracie is a good teacher of how to take it easy on a Sunday. She does look very comfy. Sorry it’s so dang HOT down there. That’s just as miserable as our being too cold up here in the winter.

  4. Marg

    Sister Gracie, sure looks like you are having an Easy Sunday and that is great. Hope no one wakes you up. Everyone try to have a really fun Sunday. Take care.

  5. Old Kitty

    Awwww sister Gracie is such a sleeping beauty!!! Me and Charlie hope she has plenty of rest and naps!! Yay!!

    We are also waving to handsome Brian and gorgeous sisters Sascha, Precious, Zoe and Dolly! take care

  6. GreatGranny

    Sister Gracie is resting well, it seems. I hope her breathing will be better after a good nap. It’s awfully hot here, Mom says. Y’all stay cool.
    xkxk Kassey

  7. CindyLu

    It’s so hard to breathe in the hots, it must be pretty miserable for Sister Gracie. She looks comfy, though, so you’re sure taking good care of her, Brian! She’s such a beautiful girl. Hope the evening cools off for you! xo

  8. Mumsy and Chancy

    Sister Gracie looks totally relaxed and sweet as can be. Glad you got to enjoy a few window whiffies. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh Sister Gracie…my mommy felt like that after being out all day yesterday. And when she got home today but ME..I was cool and collected the whole time she sweated. That’ll teach her to go away from me.

  10. Caren Gittleman

    I wish Sister Gracie could come to Michigan and whiff at our windows! It was only in the 60s today (I happen to love that!) Perfect window whiffin’ weather! Hugs to Gracie and hope she isn’t having too much difficulty breathing.

  11. Catsparella

    Sister Gracie is making me sleepy..she really knows how to relax! I’m sorry to hear about her asthma. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  12. Abby

    We are glad Sister Gracie is taking it easy, and we hope her asthma doesn’t act up. We are having bad fires all around us and it is making the air smokey.


  13. Karen Jo

    Sister Gracie sure does know how to have an Easy Sunday. I would invite you here for some cooler weather, but we have smoke in the air from the fire in Arizona.


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