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Brian - Mancat Monday, adopt cats, we deserve it!

I was tagged by my friend Susan Fields, so I guess that means I’m it. If you don’t know Susan, you really should visit her.  She is a wife, mother, writer, avid coffee drinker, and insomniac, no wonder she has so many friends!

Here are my answers to her questions…

Do you think you’re hot?

Hey, whenever I feel hot I just turn up my tummy are cool off for a while!

Brian - Adopt cats, we deserve it!Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

Brian - Adopt cats, we deserve it!This is our current wallpaper.  That way everyone is clear who the computer actually belongs to…me!

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

It’s been a very long time, probably two years or more.  I’m not really a fan of people food, chicken included.

The song(s) you’ve listened to most recently?

Actually we just listened to Breathe by Faith Hill.

What were you thinking when you were doing this?

I was wondering if there were any chipmunks running around that were looking for me to look for them.

Do you have any nicknames?

Oh yea, Bri, Bri-Bri, Bri-bee, big boy and handsome, just to name a few!

Tag 8 blogger friends (tag you’re it)!

1. Bossy Betty
2. Scylla, from Alasandra, the cats and a dog
3. Maya from Butterflies Surround Me
4. Five Sibes
5. Max the Quilt Cat and Bugsy and Knuckles
6. Ann from Paper Bag & String
7. Melody from Melody’s Katz
8. Catherine from Corner of Cat’s Mind

Who is listed as number 1?

Bossy Betty! Her blog is so well written and wonderfully creative.  I always enjoy visiting her and reading her posts.

Say something about number 5.

Max is a dear friend who has his paws full guiding the education of brothers Bugsy and Knuckles.

How did you get to know number 3?

Maya and I first met in the blogosphere when she adopted here kitty Harley.  Harley now has a new sister, Lola.  Maya is enjoying life and shares her experiences quite well.  She will go far in life with her positive attitude!

How about number 4?

It just seems like I’ve known them forever.  Five Sibes are the most beautiful Siberian Huskies you will ever see.  Please, if you don’t know them, go by and say howdy!

Leave a message for number 6.

Ann, I am so proud you your first fund raising effort for Janine, the one woman cat rescue lady.  I knew you could do it!!!

Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2.

That is so easy because Scylla is my special gal…love ya Scylla!

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?

Well sure, both love cats! Catherine has one kitties named Banjo and Melody has quite a few!

There, wasn’t that fun?  If I tagged you, you’re it!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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51 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: Tagged

  1. Catherine

    LOL ~ very cute answers Brian!
    Thanks for tagging me…. I think… 😉
    (I will post my answer tomorrow)
    Happy Monday sweet kitty!
    xo Catherine

  2. Marg

    Those were terrific answers. Love how you get cool Brian. And you need to keep that up in this weather. It is great to meet all these new people. I have visited two so far and going to see the others too. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Max the Quilt Cat

    Great blog post. I always love learning more about my pals. Thanks for tagging me. It’ll be fun to post to the tag …. I’ll get to that this week sometime…. you know it depends on how much guidance I need to give the boys, but I’ll put some thinking into our answers. What fun!!!!

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Old Kitty

    Handsome Brian!!! You have such a fab way of cooling down!! Yay!! Me and Charlie love your fun answers!! Awwww we think your special mention of your girl Scylla is just super sweet!!

    We are also waving to gorgeous Precious, Sascha, Dolly, Gracie and Zoe! Take care

  5. Debbie & Holly

    Brian, you are indeed very handsome!! Love the pictures of you and especially the one where you are sleeping upside down!! Great answers too!! Have a wonderful day! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  6. Bossy Betty

    Ah, aren’t you the sweetest? I usually run away and read a book when tagged! You know I am a rebel and a rule-breaker. Yeah. You know I live on the edge like that!

  7. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh Brian, you are absolutely the coolest mancat around. And that hat you wear only accentuates that all the better. xoxoxo

  8. loki

    Brian, you got the first question wrong. “Do you think you’re hot?” you should have answered “Extremely hot and Irresistibly coolest Mancat Ever!” So, what do you think, you like my answer? And you are hit (Nicest Mancat)!

  9. Sparkle

    This is a new meme to me! I can’t believe you don’t like chicken, Brian! I could totally live on roast chicken forever if I were allowed.

  10. Ann Best

    I loved getting to know you better! I don’t eat much chicken, either. Organic when I do. My daughter and I, if we have meat for a meal, usually have fish.

  11. Ann Best

    Just wanted to see if my picture comes up if I use this address. This isn’t my final WordPress blog. Like you, I’m hiring someone to help me set up a WordPress because the freebie I put up isn’t a stand alone and I can’t get the Google Friend Connect. I don’t want to lose my Blogger followers. Thanks for your emailed comments about how you did yours, that is, you hired someone!

    WP has such a sleek look. On the sidebar, for instance, you can center the images in the space, the way you’ve centered yours. They’re all so wonderful, BTW. And I love having a reply button right beneath the comment. It’s easier to reply when the comment is right in front of you. I’m a convert to WP!

  12. Mark's Mews

    We loved all your answers Brian! We would have had trubble with some of them. The tummy up picture really made Iza sit up. She says thats why she is on her back in many photos (there is a lot of her to cool).

  13. Spitty-the-Kitty

    Well, Brian, if I were not such a Manly Mancat, I would have to be smitten with your alluring tummy shot. But of course, I *AM*–but the Human is not, and between your paw-across-the-face shot yesterday, and now the TUM, well, she’s all set to snorgle.

  14. Cory

    How fun Brian! There are a few kitties mentioned that I’ve never met so I better go visit. Thanks so much for putting the United Paws badge on your bloggie! We are so excited that Romeo chose them to be his June FURPOWER org! Woo hoo!

  15. Pip

    You are looking super cool in those first two pictures. You don’t like people food????

    Your pal, Pip

  16. ann dziemianowicz

    Brian, I just saw this post! I saw a link to it! I thought you were being funny when you left that cryptic message in my comments section! haha! I guess I am a little slow!

    Anyways I would have never left your kind words unanswered! Thank you so much for this honor and for believing in me! That means the world to me! Especially since I so admire all the work you do to help our animal friends. And I do want you to know I so appreciate all the help and support you gave me. I couldn’t have done it with out you! xo

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