T.G.I.F. – Tail Goes


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Once again the week is gone and we’ve made it to Friday.  It really has been quite a busy week too.  Today T.G.I.F. means Tail Goes, It’s Fast!  Even though my tail was swishing pretty darn fast, the camera caught it just right.   I never did find what I was looking for under the pillow, but I’ll go back and check it again later.

I would like to tell you about a surprise honor I received this week.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

I was nominated for a Pettie Award in the Best Cause Related Blog category.  The Petties are sponsored by Dog Time. These are the only blogging awards that exclusively recognize excellence in pet blogging.  While I know chances of winning are slim, I am really, really honored to be included in such great company.

So, let me ask, what are you up to this weekend?  We don’t have too much planned at all, we’re just going to be hanging out and taking it easy lots, it’s been way to hot to do anything else.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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12 years ago

Brian, what a cute tail you have got their… Tell Gracie that Alex has to go back to the vet to look at his tail again…. He will be thinking of his Carolina girl as he rides in the car….

Chez Cat
12 years ago

You’ll find what’s under that pillow–just give it some time!

The Monkeys
12 years ago

Congratulations on your nomination! It is definitely well-deserved!

Have a great weekend!

Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Congratulations on your nomination. I hope you win.

pawhugs, Max

12 years ago

Congratulations Brian! I will head over and vote for you!

Your pal, Pip

Faz the Cat
12 years ago

Rear of the Year too!

SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

Concats, Brian, we are purring that you will win. Your “tail” picture is cute!!!!

We love y’all and purr that you will have a super terrific weekend.

Kwee Cats
12 years ago

Hi Brian! Congratulations! We bees voting for you! Good luck finding that thing whats under the pillow. Sometimes it hides real good. We hope you has a good weekend 🙂

12 years ago

That is so terrific that you were nominated for a Pettie. I think I went and voted for you. I am not sure how it all works. Anyway, we think you should win for sure. We sure hope all of you have a great week end. I think it is supposed to be all hot again, darn it all. Take care.

Fuzzy and Zoe
12 years ago

Concats on your nomination – we think you deserve it! We hope you and your sisters have a super weekend!

12 years ago

Wow – what an honor it would be to win that contesty. Go for it – you neve rknow until you try. Good luck buddy. You get my vote.

Random Felines
12 years ago

Yeah for the nomination – YOU deserve it!!!

We aren’t up to much this weekend. Mom said something about socializing kittens and recruiting Tim to help her….

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

Congrats on your nomination Brian – we hope you win the contest. I don’t think we can vote cos we aren’t in the USA.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
12 years ago

Concats sweet Brian.♥♥♥

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Awwwwwwwwww beautiful Brian!! Me and Charlie love your tail – it’s a good strong and very mancatly tail!! Yay!!

Awww huge congratulations with your nomination!! This blog deserves to win for all the great things you do in helping our furry friends in need! Yay!!!

Hello to adorable Precious, Dolly, Sascha, Gracie and Zoe too!! Yay! Take care x

12 years ago

Congratulations on your nomination, Brian! It is definitely well-deserved, and we hope you guys win.

We hope you find whatever you were looking for under that pillow. 🙂

Mumsy and Chancy
Mumsy and Chancy
12 years ago

Congratulations!!! You not only deserve the nomination but you deserve to win and we hope that you do. Hugs and nose kisses

Cats of Wildcat Woods
12 years ago

Congrats to you Brian – you do a great job on your blog!

12 years ago

Concatulations on your petty nomination! Woo Hoo! Now we’re really sad we won’t be there!

Debbie & Holly
12 years ago

Congratulations Brian!!! You are the best!!! Love the picture of your tail! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel
Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel
12 years ago

Congratulations on your nomination! I’m going over to vote for you right now!

You deserve to win a thousand times over!!

12 years ago

we are glad it’s friday!!!! It’s good times!!!

Please drop by our bloggy on monday, 6.20.11, we are trying to introduce a very special friend in need of a home!

Junior & Orion
12 years ago

Concatulations on your nomination! We are still purring for those kitties to find homes!

A Kwee Life
12 years ago

Hi, I’m Kwee, Mumsy to the Kwee Cats. I got an award I want to pass on to you. I hope you like it and that it makes you smile. It’s in this post: https://akweelife.blogspot.com/2011/06/irresistably-sweet.html

12 years ago

Brian, you work very hard on behalf of kitties who are less fortunate than yourself! Of course a nomination is in order!

Link Bartholomew
12 years ago

You must have a fast camera to catch that twitchy tail of yours! Congrats on the nomination!

12 years ago

Wooohooo! Congrats on the nomination! 🙂 🙂

Woofs & hugs,


12 years ago

The swishing tail of a kitty is always mesmerizing!
Banjo and I are going to do lots of snoozing this weekend. 🙂
Have a good one kitties!
xo Catherine

12 years ago

That is catastic you were nominated for that prestigious award!
We think it will keep your happy tail moving all weekend!


Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Congrats on being nominated for a Pettie Award. That is pawsome. We are all very proud of you.

I am especially proud of you and very happy for you Brian. ~Scylla

12 years ago

Congrats on your award!

12 years ago

If anybody deserves to win a award for a Cause Related Blog – yous do!
We thinks yous rock!

siku marie
12 years ago

We like the way your fur pattern travels down your spine and along your tail in a line! Congratulations on the nomination…it is much deserved…and don’t be too sure that you haven’t much of a chance…this is a GREAT blog! Have a wonderful weekend…are you dropping by the DWB Picnic in the Bark?

12 years ago

Well, my Human has really fun plans but so far she has failed to include **ME** in any of them….so, I guess, I’ll just have to make my OWN fun, heh heh!

Julia Williams
12 years ago

That is a great photo — you can almost see it swish!

Concats on your nomination!

12 years ago

Hi Brian!
The time is faster than we can imagine!!!!
And tomorrow is Saturday… wow!
Enjoy friend!!!

Angel Sweet Praline
12 years ago

Just dropping by to say hello and to let you know that I’m doing okay. I love the new look of your blog!

Mom Paula

Katz (And Other) Tales
12 years ago

Congratulations Brian! We’re off to try and vote.

Nice ass!

Devoted to Willow
12 years ago

This is a great nomination for you Brian since you work so hard to make sure us kitties find forever homes with your blog. Concatulations and good luck on getting the Pettie.

Caren Gittleman
12 years ago

I am proud to have nominated you, you definitely deserve to win and if not win you deserve to be in the running for sure!

ann dziemianowicz
12 years ago

Brian, you have my vote! Congrats on the nomination! 🙂 So deserved! You were always my first choice for this “cat”egory!! Paws crossed!

12 years ago

Congratulations Brian! We hopes the best for you!

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

Thats an awardie ya really deserve ta win!!! Best luck there.

12 years ago

What a perfect tail you have! Our tails are all kinked and the vet says it’s a gene commonly found in the stray cats in this country! Only Meow-Me, Coco and Felix have perfect tails in this household.

Psst….even Whisky’s “tail” is wierd. It’s the size of a rice grain!

Love, Cosmo and Ling