Twofur Tuesday

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Okay, now why is it that when you’re trying to recover from a UTI all the sisters want to do is chat?  Sister Dolly says she was just concerned about me but I think she was secretly checking out the top spot.  I know she has been up here too, my nose works just fine and I can smell she has been up here.   I told her whenever I decided to get up she could have her turn, but I don’t think she believed me.

Hey Sister Dolly, I don’t sit on your scratcher box do I?  Oh well, such is life with five sisters, but that’s okay, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Remember though, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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57 thoughts on “Twofur Tuesday

  1. Marg

    Brian, stick to your top spot. You really need to be up there so you can get feeling all better. Dolly will just have to wait her turn. Love the picture. Hope you are saying nice things to you Brian. Stay cool you kitties and humans too.

  2. The Kewl~Kitty~Krew

    Hiya Brian and girls~!!! We have missed you so. Google deleted our other blog~!!! The NERVE of them! Glad to see you’re all doing well and that you’re feeling better from your UTI. Please come visit…

  3. Old Kitty

    Awwww beautiful Brian!! Your adorable sister Dolly is just too cute!! Yay for your gorgeous sisters Precious, Zoe, Gracie and Sascha too!!

    Me and Charlie are so glad you are feeling better – please please continue to get well!! Yay!! take care

  4. Hilary

    Brian, glad to hear you are feeling better… you are a lucky man (and it seems like you know it) to have such great sisters…. Speaking of which, tell Gracie Alex sends his love… He has been thinking a lot about her… He has had a tough time lately too…. but, thoughts of her keep him upbeat….

  5. Cat's Cats

    Hi Brian, I wasn’t doing much visiting the last couple of days so I did not know you had been under the weather. So sorry you had a UTI, but glad to hear you are on the mend and that there wasn’t a blockage or anything like that. We will keep purring for you until you are all better 🙂

  6. Kwee Cats

    Poor Brian, girls, who can figure them out?!? You gots 5 sisters! Wow. There bees 4 girls here, so us guys understand…yup. We hope you keep getting and feeling better!

  7. Spitty-the-Kitty

    I think Dolly looks like a girl who wants the Top Spot for herself, Brian. Hold your ground!

    Hey, I checked out Precious cam & was rewarded by a shot of ears and a tail curled up on the bed, LOL.

  8. Cathy Keisha

    Hope you are beginning to feel like yourself again, Brian. Dolly is looking at you with such admiration. You should be glad she’s your sister.

  9. Genghis

    That top spot does look like lots of fun – but you really need it – to help you recuperate.

    Hope your feeling better soon. I’m still purring for you.


  10. Kika

    Brian, hoje sim já vou mais descansada ,vendo que já está brincando com uma das tuas irmães
    Ronrons e turrinhas da amiguinha

  11. Kim

    I have to say, you girls get along amazingly well – for a family of sisfurs! Many sisfurs aren’t so nice to each other.
    Just a side-note, you won, you won! Yep, you were picked for the Terra Paws treats, woohoo!!

  12. Mumsy and Chancy

    With all those sisters and how nice you are to them no one should sit in that top spot but you sweet Brian. You are a real sweetheart! Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Debbie & Holly

    Brian, we think you deserve the top spot all of the time! It’s nice that your beautiful sisfurs come to visit you though and check on you. We hope you are feeling much better. Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  14. Abby

    We hope you get all the rest you need so you will feel tip top fabulous again!
    We are purring for you.


  15. siku marie

    I think your sisters are just worried about your Brian. I know being over-attended can be a bit annoying but remember it is all because they love you! Sending White Dog healing energy and positive thoughts that you are in tip top shape again soon.

  16. Jackie

    Mr. Brian, I sure hope you feel all better very soon! Your sissie Dolly was just wanting to give you a smoochy-face, I’m sure!

    Luvs and get well wishes,


  17. Mark's Mews

    We recognize that look. Its that innocent “Can I have yer toys if you die?” sibling question. MOL! Just tell her ya are gonna be fine…

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