Wordless Wednesday

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

Sister Dolly

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42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Marg

    That really is a great scratcher Dolly. Looks like it folds you up very nicely for a good bath. You also have a big job keeping all those furs straight. Hope all have a great day. Stay cool

  2. Old Kitty

    Sister Dolly!! You are just all gorgeous floof!! Yay!!!

    Hello too to sweet Brian, Gracie, Precious, Sascha and Zoe! take care

  3. siku marie

    Do they make those big enough for the White Dog Army’s use? YoYoMa and Quinn are shedding like crazy and that would be perfect for rolling and roaching to get to the itchy spots! Sister Dolly has as much floof as we do!

  4. CCL Wendy

    That Dolly is a real doll! She’s terribly engrossed in her grooming PURRocess and seems completely oblivious to the camera. That makes for a great candid shot!

  5. caren gittleman

    Miss Dolly you picked a wonderful place to clean yourself! lol. Pls tell your Daddy I forgot to credit him for the badge on my blog today….please tell him if he wants me to add that on, I will!

  6. mariodacat

    W E L L – (singing) Hello Dollyyyy! I love a lady who keeps herself so clean. You is so clean, you glisten and smell ohh soo heavenily!

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