Lil Em: Adopted

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!This is a purrfect reason to do a happy dance, care to join us???  I was going to post today about a variety of things you could do to help Lil Em find her purrfect forever home, but this is a much better post, and I know you will agree.

Lil Em was adopted by a wonderful lady who recently lost her 13 year old kitty.  The lady is now ready for another kitty and Lil Em stole her heart.  Lil Em will be the only kitty so there won’t be any worries about how she gets along with others.  Also, Lil Em’s new Mom is a work-at-home Mom and will be able to help Lil Em get adjusted quickly.  Although Lil Em’s Mom is not a blogger, it is our hope that we might get some updates from time to time.

I want to thank each and every one of you for all the posting, tweeting and facebooking you’ve done to help out Lil Em.  Hard work and purrsistence pays off!  I especially want to thank Clooney and his Mom for the special Commentathon along with Marg for providing a wonderful and safe foster home.  The money raised by Clooney has been converted to a PetSmart gift card and will go with Lil Em to her new home.  We are beyond happy for Lil Em, you go girl!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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76 thoughts on “Lil Em: Adopted

  1. Catt

    Brian thats fabulous news!
    We are very happy for Lil Em and wish her love and cuddles in her new home.

  2. Mr Puddy

    Hooray !!!! I do happy moon walks right now : )
    Wonderful ! Wonderful ! Wonderful News !!! This is make my day…Fabulous !
    Thanks Brain, You done a wonderful job to help Lil Em
    and I’m so happy for other cat as well….Yippee !!!

  3. The Island Cats

    Yay! Yay! Yay! This is such great news!! Brian, kuddos to you too for always getting the word out on Lil Em. It sounds like her new home will be wonderful!!

  4. The Monkeys

    AWESOME news!!!! We are SO happy to hear this! What a wonderful thing. Thank you, Brian, Marg and Clooney for doing such a fabulous job getting the beautiful Lil Em adopted! We know she will now be able to live in a great home because of your hard work. You guys are the best!!

  5. Marg

    Yup, we were excited about the news too. It really sounds like a great home for her. She does need tons of love and will make a great companion. We also hope we can get some updates on her. Thanks to you Brian for all the hard work you do on these kitties that are so desperate for a good home. Take care and have good day. Stay cool.

  6. Hannah and Lucy

    We are jumping up and down with excitement for Lil Em – we hope she will settle down quickly in her new home and be spoiled furever.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. meowers from missouri

    oh, YAY!!! we does the happy dance: *twirl* *twirl* *twirl* *twirl*

    we wishes her a looooonnnnnngggggg happy life in her new home, an’ we thanks you kindly fur helpin’ to get there!


  8. Old Kitty

    YAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Charlie are beyond happy, beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyayyayayayayayay!! Oh sweet and adorable Lil Em!!! She’s home!! How brilliant!! Yay to you handsome Brian and lovely sisters Precious, Dolly, Zoe, Sascha and Gracie!! And BIG BIG YAY to Marge!!!!!! Awwww!!
    Brilliant, brilliant news! take care

  9. CCL Wendy

    What fantastic news! I’m thrilled for both Little ‘Em and her new mom. It sounds like an ideal match.

    I was ready to donate, but it looks like things are already taken care of. I think I’ll go and help Marg out a bit, since she’s always fostering.

    Fantastic work once again! There have been quite a few happy ‘beginnings’ lately.

  10. Selina

    WONDERPURR NEWS! MomKatt & I just saw that – and thanks to you, also, Brian, for helping her get her furrever home!!!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  11. Admiral Hestorb

    i am so so so HAPPY HAPPY for precious Little Em! Thank goodness she and this kind woman are a family now.

  12. Cathy Keisha

    We are doing the happy dance but we are so happy, TW’s eyes are leaking. She really wanted Lil Em but didn’t want to bring her all the way up here only to find that I wanted to stay an only cat. Congrats to Lil Em on her new furever home and many, many thanks to her new Mom, Marg, Cloon and you for making it all possible. WOOOHOOOO!

  13. jansfunnyfarm

    A happy dance for Lil Em is about the only thing that would get us moving about today. But we’re dancing with joy. What great news. So happy for all involved, especially Lil Em.

  14. Layla Morgan Wilde

    Wow, did we need some good news today. This is the power of community. Brian, I’d love your thoughts or action plan for the healing needed for Ling Ling but also Lisa who lost all hers belongings and her pets in a house fire (our post today).

  15. diddleymaz

    I shall get grand pup Snowy to perform her best happy dance, she definitely has the best moves. 🙂

  16. 'Kaika

    Great news, Brian! Everyone who worked to find Lil Em and allthe other kitties forever homes are true heroes and sheroes!

  17. Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

    We are so very happy to learn Lil Em has found a home at last. We has our paws crossed she will be very happy there.

    We are all dancing at the news and breaking out the nip cigars and catpagne.
    (Scylla is doing the boogie woogie)

  18. Oskar

    The happy dance is contagious, we’re doing it here too! Hooray for Lil Em & her new mom person!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. Kika

    Brian,realmente você é um verdadeiro amigo te adoro,você consegue arranjar lares para os amiguinhos que por uma razão ou outra ficaram sozinhos,ainda bemque a Lil conseguio arranjar uma nova dona ,ela bem merece
    Ronronda amiga Kika

  20. Clooney

    We were so hoping this was going to be the post…and it is! Just awesome. So happy for Lil Em! Well, there will be lots of dancing around here today! Yay! Brian and Marg you two are so special for all that you do…truly. Many blessings to you both. Such big thanks to Lil Em’s New Mom for having the big heart to give her the home she deserves. We wish them a very special relationship, bond and future together. Mission accomplished!

  21. Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel

    Great news for Lil Em and kudos to all that made it happen. Bailey’s doing his
    happy jig!

  22. Sparkle

    Paws up!!! My human’s birthday is today and she says seeing this is one of the best birthday gifts she could possibly have!

  23. Abby

    This is such fabulous news!
    We are so happy for Lil Em and also for her new Mom.
    We can always hope that she may want Lil Em to join the CB!
    That would be so wonderful.
    But we are happy for all.

  24. Caren Gittleman

    that is the MOST CATABULOUS NEWS EVER!!!!

    Where does Lil Em’s new Mommy live? Is she in S.C.?

    That is great that Lil Em will be the only pet. They can focus on giving love to each other!

  25. siku marie

    The White Dog Army has a conga line formed and are having a duck jerky toast in honor of this VERY happy moment! Hooray for Lil Em! We know this will be the perfect forever home…and well worth waiting for! Momma loves happy endings…and beginnings.

  26. ann dziemianowicz

    Aww, Brian! Made my day! Know you worked tirelessly to help Lil’ Em! And what a beautiful outcome! Kudos to you! And 2 paws up to Marg and Clooney and his Mom!

  27. Dennis the Vizsla

    hello brian its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to meet yoo thank yoo for stopping by after we lost trouble the kitty i hope we can meet agin under happyer sirkumstanses!!! ok bye

  28. Devoted to Willow

    Brian it is always amazing how you are able to put together the necessary resources to find the perfect forever home for cats in need. You are a true Kitty Hero. Purrs.

  29. Laura and Taffy

    Happy Dance, Happy Dance lalalala! So happy for Lil’ Emerald and her new mom. Thanks to Brian and Marg for all your work keeping her on the front burner.

  30. Tom the Church Cat

    Renaming Lil Em the Divine Miss Em tickled me to my toes! I’m so happy for her and for her new mom. I love, love happy endings and I’m glad everything worked out for such a deserving kitty.
    Let’s remember to think good thoughts for BG. We’ll find a happy future for you too, hon!

    Tom & Julie

  31. Kwee Cats

    Brian, that is the best news you could have ever given us on this! We are doing our extra special, backflip, roll on the floor, jump up and down, happy dance! We are sooooo glad for precious Lil Em! Our only sorry is that her new Mom does not blog. We will miss seeing how she’s doing. But, hey, we’ll happily trade that just to know she’s finally got her happy an FOREVER home! We know Sapphire is happy dancing at the bridge.

  32. mariodacat

    WOW – M didn’t help me read blogs for a day cuz she said she had “stuff” to do again. This was the best surprise on a Caturday to learn Lil Em will have a forever home now. Thanks to you and Marge for trying to hard to find a home for Lil Em. She is a sweetie and this sounds like a good match.

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