T.G.I.F. – Touching Girls


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!WOW!  What a week this has been and we’re sure glad that Friday has rolled around.  Speaking of rolling around, today T.G.I.F. means Touching Girls In Floof!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Sisters Sascha and Dolly were rolling around and actually got quite cozy with their butts touching.  These two have lots of fluff and neither one really seemed to be bothered by the other.  They actually took a snooze together for a while.  Sister Sascha sure does love her purr pad and Sister Dolly just loves to lay close to whoever will let her.

So what’s your plans for the weekend?  It’s still been way too hot here, so I can tell you we plan on doing absolutely nothing, and maybe a whole lot of nothing!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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12 years ago

absolutely nothing sounds lovely…. I plan to spend the weekend on the beach. It will be our first weekend in over a month with no house guests, and I plan on enjoying some down time….

12 years ago

That’s funny that they are unaware they are touching.
Yes, we will do as much of nothing as we can this weekend, due to the heat. Looks like it will be a little less hot net week.

Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Have a great Friday and super weekend, pals.

pawhugs, Max

12 years ago

Oh that is so great that you two are becoming better friends. It is so great when two sisters touch. Love that picture but then everyone knows our Mom loves Sascha. We are sure planning as much of nothing that we can this week end. It is going to be too hot to move. Take care.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Two beautiful floofy sisters for Friday! How lovely!Sister Sascha – you are just amazing as ever!!! Sister Dolly – you are just gorgeous as ever! Hello there lovely Brian, Gracie, Precious and Zoe! Take care

12 years ago

With all this heat, I bet the girls wish they could take off their fur coats for a bit!! 🙂

Keep cool kitties!
xo Catherine

Random Felines
12 years ago

awww – lovely!!!! we aren’t doin’ much here either….too darned hot.

SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

Cute picture!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday and love to y’all.

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

Two gorgeous girls having a nap together – we hope you both have sweet dreams.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fuzzy Tales
12 years ago

It’s certainly been a fabulous week for Lil Em! 🙂

Since it’s way too hot here, we’ll be lying low…maybe under the hostas. LOL.

Happy weekend to you all.

The Chair Speaks
12 years ago

Yes, we handle hot weather this way too!

12 years ago

Hot here, too! My plan is to find the coolest place in the house and not move until Monday when it is supposed to cool down.

Your pal, Pip

12 years ago

Awww….we like the sound of it! Absolutely nothing! It’s brutally hot over here too!
Love the photo! I don’t think, I would let the doggies to get that close to me but gorgeous sisters totally different story!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

12 years ago

Hey you two are looking so cute and comfy together! Man I wish I had someone I liked that much.

Katnip Lounge
12 years ago

We think they are smart gals to watch each-other’s backs!

Amber DaWeenie
12 years ago

Hope your gals has a nice kool weekend!

Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

Glad the floofy girls get along. Sunday, Linda from A Call 4 Paws will be coming over cos we have 3 or 4 big shopping bags of donations for her. Lots of bedding and even some wet cat food and dishes for the Sanctuary. *whispers* And she may be bringing me a silbling.

12 years ago

We love that your sisters are so comfortable with each other in this picture. 🙂

It’s super hot here, too, so we’ll try to stay inside as much as we can this weekend.

Have a great one, friends!

Julia Williams
12 years ago

Awww…such lovely floof! Hope you all stay cool, it is quite a challenge in this heat.

Cat's Cats
12 years ago

I think they are well on their way to a full-on snuggle!!!

12 years ago

Butt to Butt. 🙂 Maybe you could get your nails trimmed this weekend!

12 years ago

Aww, they looks so cozy!

Nubbin wiggles,

Debbie & Holly
12 years ago

Don’t you girls look beautiful!! We hope you are keeping cool…it’s really hot here too. We are staying in because of the heat advisory in place!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

CCL Wendy
12 years ago

What a touching tail! It’s nice to see sisters who are so close to each other. And it makes for so much beauty all at once — I’m PURRactically blinded!

Have a great weekend!

The Island Cats
12 years ago

What a couple of beauties! This weekend it’s still supposed to be hot, so we’re gonna try to stay cool…close to the cold air blowing thingey!!

12 years ago

Those ladies need some RUMBLEtouchin’!

12 years ago

Been missing you guys too. Got a lot going on. Can’t wait to get the floors down. Will share pics.
Sister Sascha and Dolly look very content..I see they have a happy life.
How is Preicous doing? I hope well. I hope other kitties have taking a liking to her.
Have a nice weekend.

12 years ago

We have the “hots” here too.
We think we will follow your lead and rest and relax too.

Devoted to Willow
12 years ago

With the positions they are sitting in Sister’s Dolly and Sascha could be a model for kitty yin/yang and how it all works together to make a happy family. Purring for some relief from this weather. This weekend is going to be all about the naps as the HOTS are getting bothersome so saving energy is the key.

Fraidy Cats!
12 years ago

Sascha and Dolly are just too cute! We hope all of you have a cool weekend, Brian. Take care-

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

siku marie
12 years ago

It is nice that your sisters like to rest together. Sometimes Puff and Nuka sleep touching but not me, the only one I cuddle with when I sleep is momma!

We are kind of bored and stir-crazy here so we are hoping for at least a run in the park. We had a monsoon this afternoon which hopefully will cool things off and dad will take us in the morning. Hope you all enjoy the bliss of nothingness…have a great weekend!

Kwee Cats
12 years ago

Awwww, we so happy they together like that! We gonna show this picture to Miss Duchess and saaaaaayy, hint-hint… Well, probably, we’ll just leave it where she can find it. Then we just gonna lounge, happy dance, and lounge some more – aaaaalllllllll weekend long!

Brian, all you guys, but especially you, have a super good weekend!

12 years ago

Sascha’s very tolerant, but she doesn’t look too thrilled about it, MOL!

12 years ago

I plan to shun my food and frustrate the pet sitter until my human gets back on Saturday.

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

Thats nice that they touch like that. We are gonna sit around this weekend hoping the power doesn’t go off fer an hour or 2 like it has the past 2 days!

12 years ago

Sigh! What a couple of beauties.

12 years ago

You girls are so pretty! We’re still in a heat wave here today, index going up to 117 now they say. Ugh. So it’s pretty much snoozing for the Sibes in the a/c. Their “business” runs outside are limited and very quick! Hopefully, if the forecasters are right – tomorrow should be 10 degrees cooler. That will be a most welcome break. Stay cool, sweet kitties!

12 years ago

How sweet that they are touching like that. 🙂