Urgent Purrs & Prayer Request for Ayla and Spats


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Purrs for AylaBeautiful Ayla from Mark’s Mews had post-spay complications and needs many purrs and prayers. Ayla is home so keep them coming for this sweet girl.

Purrs for Spats

Gorgeous Spats from The Taylor Cat.sssss has fluid around her heart and is going to see a specialist tomorrow.

Please stop by and drop off some purrs and prayers to these two lovely ladies.


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12 thoughts on “Urgent Purrs & Prayer Request for Ayla and Spats

  1. Whisppy

    Thank you for this post. Poor Ayla. Am wondering how a routine spay can go so horribly wrong. I’m glad she’s home now and the awful ordeal is over. And I hope we hear from Spats vet soon that it’s just an infection that’s easily fixed.

  2. Old Kitty

    Me and Charlie are sending a million and one purrs and hugs to sweet Ayla and gorgeous Spats! Poor sweethearts!! 🙁 Take care

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