Can You Please Spare a $ or $$ to Help Sweet Chica with Her Vet Bills?


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Please Help Chica with her vet billsSweet and beautiful Chica just celebrated her 20th Birthday back in June.  Chica has been sick and has been spending lots of time at the vet.  We all know how that can mount up.  If you can kindly spare a $ or $$ to help her with her vet bills, her Mom and Chica would be most grateful.  Please tell your friends too.  Many thanks for anything you can do.




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10 years ago

The Human sended a few green papers a-cause she has been there with the Giant Vet Bills, though thankfully not for me!

Batu Khan
10 years ago

What an amazing achievement – 20 years old! Thats how old vicki wants me to live. I am a sprightly 13 at the moment….

10 years ago

Oh there is that gorgeous Sister Sascha. We just think her fur color is so pretty and she is pretty anyway. Hope all of you can stay cool today. Thanks for that nice write up about Chica. Take care.

The Monkeys
10 years ago

We think Chica is an amazing and beautiful tortie! We are purring for her and hope she gets better soon!

10 years ago

I had M give a few green papers too. She has a soft spot in her heart for seniors.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
10 years ago

Dear sweet Chica! I’m at work at the moment so can’t do much but will do so when I get home!! Yay!! Take care

10 years ago

What a pretty kitty. We know how much vet bills cost and they add up really fast. We will try and help. Love, Debbie

caren gittleman
10 years ago

I did, I donated directly through her bloggie because I saw hers first