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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!I’m up here in the top of the cat tree where it’s nice and safe.  Yep, you see I had a bit of a bad day.  I ate a bug.  Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I guess it wasn’t one of my brighter moments.  Right after I ate that bug I got this horrible, horrible taste in my mouth.  It was about as yucky as it could be too.  I started foaming at my mouth and running around the house like a mad mancat trying to get away from that yucky taste.  Of course I was leaving foaming drool everywhere.

Even though I didn’t like that yucky taste one bit, I still managed to run from Dad and Mom who were trying to capture me.  Well, they out smarted me and Mom scooped me up and Dad used a syringe to flush my mouth with nice fresh water.  Although I didn’t like that one bit either, I must admit, it sure did help that yucky taste go away and got me back to normal in no time.  I really need to tell y’all, be careful what you eat, just because it looks like a good idea doesn’t mean it is!   I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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11 years ago

Oh, dear, Brian! I wonder what kind of a bug it was. I am sure you didn’t like the syringing but it was a good thing your humans could do it to rinse out your mouth. I will listen to your sage advice and be careful what bugs I eat!

Feel better!


Poor Brian! That sounds way worst than having pills shoved down our throats!

Mr Puddy
11 years ago

Me too ! I wonder what kind of bug ? I ate lots of bugs , I never had foam in my mouth, My bugs are a kind of crunchy and yummy..even I have to lick my lip again and again.

I hope you feel better right now, Purrs for you just in case you need
Hugs to you

Cat's Cats
11 years ago

Yikes Brian, what a terrible ordeal!!! We are glad your mum and dad were able to catch you and help you feel better. Archie wants to know if it was a centipede because he thinks those taste awful…he still kills them but doesn’t eat them.

BoBo Salem
11 years ago

that is one yucky experience you had!!
we sure will take note not to eat bugs after this…

The Island Cats
11 years ago

Ewwwww! That sounds awful, Brian! What kinda bug was it?? Definitely a yucky one!!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
11 years ago

Awwww gorgeous Brian!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are feeling better now!! We hope that you won’t eat whatever that was ever! Awwwww yay for mum and dad’s quick actions!!! You rest now and take things easy!

We are also waving to gorgeous Zoe, Precious, Dolly, Gracie and Sascha! Take care

11 years ago

You must have just ate a spoiled bug. Glad you are ok, and next time just sniff them out better. Mom does that with milk to make sure it is fresh.

11 years ago

Hmmmm….. I am thinking no bugs would taste good though Banjo does seem to have a hearty appetite for moths. Maybe they taste like chicken… 😉

Hope you feel better soon Brian!
xo Catherine

11 years ago

Poor brian…. yuck! I am sure you weren’t thrilled with your parents, but they saved the day…. again…..

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
11 years ago

Oh Brian..I know that was terrible and it had to have scared your parents too. Do you remember what kind of bug it was?

Hannah and Lucy
11 years ago

We are sorry to hear about that nasty tasting bug – it ought to have carried a warning
notice. Thank goodness your mom and dad were there to help make you feel better.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Laila and Minchie
11 years ago

Brian, how horrible! But thankfully your mom and dad were there to help out! Could it have been a stink bug you crunched on? We hear those are pretty nasty!

Milo and Alfie
11 years ago

Oh how awful. I betta tell my brudda Alfie, ‘cos he’s ALWAYS eating bugs! I hope you’re OK now!

Love Milo xx

Amber DaWeenie
11 years ago

This sounds just awful. No more bug eating, now….ok!

Fuzzy Tales
11 years ago

Aacckk! What kind of bug? We’re glad you’re okay now, Brian, sounds like a really yucky experience. Derry, too, eats a lot of bugs, certainly hope never a foam-at-the-mouth kind!

11 years ago

Oh, no, Brian, we are glad you are ok and your parents helped you lose that yucky taste!!…We kill bugs and leave them for our Mommy to dispose of=she seems to appreciate that!…Happy week ahead, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

Angel and Kirby and Mac

We like to play with bugs but not eat them! We hope you are feeling better now!

11 years ago

Oh man! What a horrible icky nasty bug that must have been. YUCK!

Random Felines
11 years ago

ewwwww. So far we only eat flies if we catch them – gonna have to watch out for other bugs!

ann dziemianowicz
11 years ago

Oh, no Brian! Bug appetizers are awful! So sorry it was not a pleasant nosh. 🙁 Glad your parents were quick to help you get rid of that bad taste!

Penelope and Kozmo
11 years ago

Ewwww! Me keeps telling Kozmo something like that will happen when he eats bugs! Good thing your Mom and Dad were there to help out.

Debbie & Holly
11 years ago

Oh no!! Brian, wonder what kind of yucky bug that was? Definitely a bad bug!! We are so sorry. That sounds like the time Holly got a little frog in her mouth and she did the same thing…it was a bad frog!! She hasn’t tried that since. We just hope you relax today and rest up and stay away from those bad bugs!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

11 years ago

That sounds really yucky Brian. We are so glad Mom and Dad were successful in catching you and fixing your mouth. Silly boy, eating that bug. I bet Mom and Dad were having a nervous breakdown with you running around foaming at the mouth. Glad all is right now. Sorry I am so late. Lots of Auction work to be done. Take care.

Layla Morgan Wilde
11 years ago

Oh, dear. That must have been a bad bug to require a mouth rinsing. Smart quick-thinking pawrents you have and stay away from that kind of bug.

Cathy Keisha
11 years ago

That sounds like one horrible experience, plus that bug was terrible too. Maybe the bug had just eaten poison or something because people try to poison bugs rather than just eat them. I’m glad you’re OK and still look as handsome as ever.

11 years ago

Oh dear. I wish I knew what kind of bug it was so I don’t eat one, too. Glad your people were able to get the nasty taste out of your mouth for you.

Katnip Lounge
11 years ago

Oh Brian, that was AWFUL! We wonder if you ate a stinkbug, they are supposed to be pretty yukky. Felix munched on a grasshopper (only once!) and it made him foam.

11 years ago

We are glad you are okay. I guess you will have to be very choosy with your bug eating from now on.
Ruby (chihuahua) ate a bug last summer and her head and eyes became swollen and broke out in hives. It was a trip to emergency care for her that night.

Jennifer Oberth
11 years ago

I could have told you not to eat bugs – I’d think any of them taste yucky! Nice save with your humans, though. Glad they caught you or you’d still be trying to get the ick out of your mouth!

11 years ago

Yucky! That sounds like one yucky bug! I hope you remember what it looks like so you won’t make the same mistake twice…

11 years ago

What in the world did you eat? That sounds horrible. Glad your dad is a quick thinker. And can run fast.

meowers from missouri
11 years ago

oh, dear, we hopes you are all better now!! good thing yer ‘rents were there for triage! the most trubble we’ve efur had frum crunchin’ bugs was gettin’ choked onna legs–hope we nefur run into a rotten bug like that. maybe it was past its expiration date?

11 years ago

What kind of bug did you eat, I wonder? No bug I ever ate was icky like that, and I want to make sure I avoid whatever gave you the yucks.

11 years ago

I’ve eaten lots of bugs -flies are my favorite; but I’ve never come across one that yucky. That must have been awful for you . Glad your Mom and Dad are quick thinkers and runners so they could catch you and wash that bug out of your mouth.
I guess I should be more careful in the future. Pellie’s old and can’t run fast – so I’d be running around foaming for a long time if it was me.
Glad your doing better now.


Cat Mandu
11 years ago

They always look so tempting.
I think bugs are over-rated.

11 years ago

OH dear Brian!
That does not sound like a good experience at all.
No more bugs for you young man!

Max the Quilt Cat
11 years ago

Glad your mom and dad were there to help get that taste out of your mouth… Yes, no more bugs…. Gald you’re okay too, pal.

pawhugs, Max

pat tillett
11 years ago

Are you sure it wasn’t home canned food you ate?
funny, how our posts tied together like that…

Luna and Luzie
11 years ago

Poor Brian, that sounds not good.
We are glad the taste is much better now.

11 years ago

Oh, goodness, Brian. I’m sorry that stupid bug was so yucky tasting. Some bugs are like that and you can’t tell which ones are gonna taste bad til you, you know, actually taste them. But, bugs are meant to be eaten so it’s a risk you gotta take.

Wiggles & Wags,

CCL Wendy
11 years ago

Poor Brian! That bug could have been dangerous to your health as well as tasting so awful. I’m glad that your folks were able to catch up with you, and do what was necessary to help you get back to normal. Hopefully, you have learned a valuable lesson here.

11 years ago

That can happen with toads too. Sometimes I just can’t resist licking them even though I know it will make me foam and vomit.

Nubbin wiggles,

Devoted to Willow
11 years ago

Brian what is up with bugs lately first they became aggressive and now they mess up their taste. Are they becoming smart, evolving I will keep watch out for them Brian they should not be doing this. I am glad that you feeling better now.

Derby and Ducky
11 years ago

Getting your mouth washed out isn’t fun, but at least it got the icky taste out of your mouth. Careful what you chow down on.

11 years ago

Poor friend! Take care Brian!
A kiss and be safe!

11 years ago

Poor you! That sounds awful. I know it wasn’t fun, but I’m glad your mom and dad thought so fast and were able to catch and help you feel better.

caren gittleman
11 years ago

Wow brian that is pretty scary!

What kind of a bug was it?

I am so glad you are ok!

Cody was on the hunt after a fly the other evening (or at least I think it was a fly but I am not sure) I was going to let him eat it and my husband said no. After reading this I will be more careful in the future.

I am so glad you are ok!

11 years ago

Oh, so sorry to hear about that yucky bug. Blehh! Staying away from bug eating sounds like a really good idea! Such a cute pic of you!

Fraidy Cats!
11 years ago

YoW! Sometimes bugs can be hard to resist, huh, Brian? It’s not fair that they can look so tantalizing but then be yucky :). I’m glad you’re ok. I ate a grasshopper once and I didn’t think it tasted so good…so I yakked it back up 😉 I haven’t eaten one since!


Amy Light
11 years ago

Uh-oh…Phoenix has to agree that as fun as buggies look and are to push around and play with, they really aren’t that good to eat…except for moths — dad has to hold me over his head so I can bat them down to my level…I hope you can flush the taste out with some Temptations soon …

11 years ago

Geesh – I disappear for a week (blame it on my ooman) and you fall apart on me pal. What’s this about eating bugs! I don’t even do dat. (Of course up here we don’t have very interesting ones to eat cuz they freeze up over the winter). I hope you didn’t eat one that will make you forever sick. M says they have lots of bad bugs in the south that can make you very sick. Please be okay tomorrow.

11 years ago

Oh Brian, bugs are yucky yucky yucky indeed…they’re fun to play with and chase around but not for eating 🙂 Ask your Daddy for some Temptation Treats to take away the aftertaste 😉

11 years ago

Yuck, bugs are no fun. I hope you feel better.

11 years ago

Wowserz! Best be careful of those buggies!!

Woofs & hugs <3,

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Kwee Cats
11 years ago

EEeeewwwww, that’s terrible. We sure are glad you are okay. We do purrs for you just in case though. It can’t ever hurt. Wonder what kind of awful bug that was? We never had one do like that. You better be careful, you gots some bad bugs there.

11 years ago

Oh buddy, that sounds like an awful experience! So glad your Mom & Dad were able to help you get that yucky taste out. I guess us kitties need to be more careful about bugs that’s for sure!

11 years ago

Brian! que você comeu que lhe provocou isso ,não percebi se é bicho ou comida me esplica?
Não fique doente se não é que me da uma coizinha ma no meu coraçãozinho que anda tão sofrido,não quero mais sofrer por nenhum amiguinho….por favor tenha muito mas mesmo muit cuidado
Ronronzinhos da amiguinha
(te bom sentido de amizade)

Cat Lady Diary
11 years ago

Wow, I bet you’ll NEVER eat another bug!