Mancat Monday and Cobbie Update

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!We actually had a pretty nice weekend and we even got more rain, that sure helps with our drought situation here in the South.  When it wasn’t raining we were able to have window whiffies most of the time which was really an added bonus.

Hey, I thought I’d give you an update about the sweet little Cobbie.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Thanks to lots of help from my friend Mom Cheri from The Cats of Wildcat Woods we were able to get sweet little Cobbie out of the cage space at the Vet and into Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.  Not only that, the best news is that she has a foster home with another FIV+ kitten her own age.  Odds are really good that they may even end up being adopted together.  I know we all will still help her and follow her progress, but things are finally looking up for this sweet little girl.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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Mr Puddy
9 years ago

That’so good news ! And of course I purrs for her and other kitties to be adopted together ! Wow, Just think about it, it’s awesome !
Have a great day Brain, and thanks for updated

9 years ago

That is wonderful to hear about Cobbie. She certainly looks adorable.

9 years ago

Hi there Brian, glad you got some window whiffins. We were very excited about Cobbie at least getting a foster home for now and out of that cage at the vets. And what fun to have a friend that has the same problem. We are going to try to help find them both a forever home. Take care.

The Island Cats
9 years ago

Oh what good news about Cobbie! We hope she does find that furever home!!

9 years ago

What terrific news ~ oh that brings ‘happy’ to Monday for sure!! Love it!
xo Catherine

Hannah and Lucy
9 years ago

What wonderful news about sweet little Cobbie having a foster home with a similar kitten. It would be wonderful if they could stay together.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

caren gittleman
9 years ago

YAY!! Now THAT made me smile this rainy Monday here in Michigan (thanks for sending us some rain too!)

Soooo glad that Cobbie has a chance of being adopted and she has a friend!!!


Random Felines
9 years ago

We got some serious window whiffin in this weekend too!!

YEAH for Cobbie – Brian, you and Cheri did a great thing for this baby. 🙂

Cats of wildcat woods
9 years ago

Heard from the foster mom of Cobbie and she is still pretty shy and the other kitten is not so sure of Cobbie but the foster mom thinks they will be playing with each other in no time. Pics to come of them together!

9 years ago

Brian – that is such a handsome picture of you. Cobbie – so good to hear you are going into a foster home with another little kitten. We so hope that you are able to find a good home because you are such a cutie and deserve a chance in life.

9 years ago

Best of luck to her, she is adorable.
You are a very good cat!

Amber DaWeenie
9 years ago

That is such wonderfur news for Cobbie. Let’s all hope this is the start of a new happy life for her!

Bossy Betty
9 years ago

Great news and a handsome mancat too!

The Monkeys
9 years ago

Brian, you and your dad are awesome! Mom Cheri too! We hope the foster home ends up being Cobbie’s forever home!

Fuzzy Tales
9 years ago

Kudos to Cheri and to you and to the rescue and the foster family….This is GREAT news, Brian! Yay for Cobbie!

Cat's Cats
9 years ago

What wonderful news about Cobbie!!!! She is so adorable, how wonderful that she will have a friend now 🙂

Katnip Lounge
9 years ago

That is such nice news on a Monday, Brian…we think all kitties need playmates! HURRAH for Cobbie!

Angel and Kirby and Mac

THat is wonderful news! Congratulations, Cobbie

Cat Lady Diary
9 years ago

we are very happy she is in a Foster home with another kitten!

9 years ago

Yeah for Cobbie!!!

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
9 years ago

I am so glad for Cobbie, Brian. Makes my day to know Cobbie is safe for now and has a playmate too. I have all my paws crossed for an adoption.

9 years ago

Cobbie is such a cutie!! I am so happy that things are looking better for her. She must love being with another kitty! It would be wonderful if she’s adopted.

9 years ago

great news! You guys are all heros!

Ginger Jasper
9 years ago

Glad you got some rain and window wiffies. The news on that sweet kitten is just brilliant and I so hope the adoption goes ahead. Hugs GJ x

Layla Morgan Wilde
9 years ago

Yay, this made our day. What a great way to begin the week!

9 years ago

Brian that’s wonderful news. We will continue to keep our fingers, toes and paws crossed for Cobbie to find a forever home and for her new friend too!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
9 years ago

Yay!! Awww me and Charlie are so so so happy that gorgeous Cobbie is safe and has a new friend!! Yayyayayayaya!y! !Thank you lovely Brian and gorgeous Cheri and Brother Wolf Animal for giving sweet little Cobbie a great start in life! Yay!

Glad the rains have arrived! Have a great day too beautiful Precious, Gracie, Sascha, Zoe and Dolly! take care

9 years ago

Good news for a rainy morning. Hoping she and the other kitty get to be adopted together.
xoxo Kassey

Max the Quilt Cat
9 years ago

Wooohooooo…. wonderful news.

pawhugs, Max

Oui Oui
9 years ago

Good work, Brian! You are such a nice, caring kitty!

A few Good Cats
9 years ago

That’s great news about Cobbie!

9 years ago

Yay! This is such great news – thanks for letting us know, Brian!

9 years ago

Oh that is a great news!! Cobbie is so adorable and I hope she and other kitty at the foster home will be adopted together.

Mr Puddy
9 years ago

I just stop by to tell you my Mom got some trouble, we are not able to make a comment as usual , and we may not post anything until furthur notice.

9 years ago

Oh hooray! Thanks for the great update!

Nubbin wiggles,

Eric and Flynn
9 years ago

That is wonderful news for little Cobbie.

9 years ago

Yay for Cobbie We are so happy to hear of this great news!!!!

9 years ago

Wonderful mews for Cobbie!! we haz lots of rains here too… if we could sneak out between the rainy drops we could roll around in lots of mushyrooms! just haf to be Xtra carefurs not to lick urselfs afters.

Debbie & Holly
9 years ago

Brian, we are glad you got some rain! We’ve had plenty of it this last week! That is certainly great news for Cobbie!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

9 years ago

She´s so cute! I´m pray for her.
Brian, have a great week, dear friend!

9 years ago

Yay for the wee cobette~ you guys are so tireless in your efforts for helping! You deserve all the hobmother has to give!

Ms. Stella O’houligan

Fraidy Cats!
9 years ago

What a great update for Cobbie! WooHoo! We could tell by the smile you have in your picture, Brian, that you had good news 🙂

We had a bit of rain, cooler temps, and some pretty nice window whiffies this weekend too 🙂 Have a great week!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

BoBo Salem
9 years ago

happy Monday Brian 🙂

Katz (And Other) Tales

Good for Cobbie. Au is FIV positive and he is a terrific cat. We hope someone gives Cobbie a chance. He’s worth it!

Glogirly & Katie
9 years ago

What a sweetie, little Cobbie is. And how wonderful if she and the other kitties can be adopted together!
xo Katie

9 years ago

Hurray for little Cobbie! That’s wonderful news.

Your pal, Pip

Spitty the Kitty
9 years ago

We just read about Cobbie at Wildcat Woods! Hurray! That is a happy happy ending–what a wonderful Lady!

Purrs all around!

Kozmo at the Cat From Hell

Hi guys,
I wanted to thank all of you for coming to my birthday pawty!
I hope you two had a great time, I know I did!
And I liked your fish joke!

Genghis Khat
9 years ago

That is some really great news about Cobbie.
Purrs and prayers that she finds her forever home soon.


9 years ago

Yeay for Cobbie! Well done, Brian.

Prancer Pie
9 years ago

We are so happy to hear about Cobbie! Purrs do work miracles!

Cathy Keisha
9 years ago

Cobbie has a furrend AND maybe a home! What wonderful news. I’m gonna do a happy dance.

Laila and Minchie
9 years ago

OMC! That is such wonderful news! It brought tears of joy to our mom’s eyes.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz

Oh, so good to hear about Cobbie’s getting sprung from the vet’s cage and into foster. We applaud your efforts and Cheri and Bro Wolf, too!

9 years ago

That is great news about the baby girl. 🙂