T.G.I.F. Thumps Good

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Fall is here, and Dad and Mom won’t be bringing home any of the fresh stuff from the Farmer’s Markets.  So this weekend we’re going to pay tribute to one of our favorite fruits from around these parts, the apple, or in our case, the Nip Apple.  Here is Sister Precious with our T.G.I.F today which means Thumps Good, It’s Fruit!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!As you can tell, Sister Precious is giving that Nip Apple a good thumping too.  Hey, I have no doubt that the Nip Banana won’t be next for a thumping!!!

So do you have any special plans for this weekend?  Whatever you do, have fun, be careful, and nap often!!!  And remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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41 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. Thumps Good

  1. Old Kitty

    Awwwww it’s so lovely to see sister Precious!! She’s beautiful!! Yay for nip apples!!! Me and Charlie are waving a big hello to gorgeous sister Precious!

    We also wish adorable Brian, Sascha, Zoe, Gracie and Dolly a most wonderful autumn weekend too! Take care

  2. Oui Oui

    Kitties doing the bunny kick are so cute! We can see how Sister Precious got her name. And her little black pads on her white feet are adorable. Such a sweet little sister!

  3. Marg

    Oh Precious you are doing one good job taking care of that nip apple. It sure looks like great fun. Good to see you again Precious. You are just so darn pretty. We are planning on enjoying the cool weather this week end. We might have to send Mom out to mow grass or something. Take care and enjoy.

  4. Admiral Hestorb

    Sister Precious..I am looking at you up on your bed, sweet girl. Maybe later you can go whap your sisfurs and show ’em whose Sister Precious around here! You sure are wearing out that nip apple! Love seeing all of you sisfurs! AND brofur, Brian. MOL.

  5. Pip

    A nip apple? That’s a great idea. We will be going apple picking in a few weeks and will have to keep this in mind.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hannah and Lucy

    Sister Precious you are getting lots of great exercise giving your nip apple a good pummelling. It’s great seeing more of you and hope to see you posing with your sisfurs and brofur.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Katie, Sparky, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

    Oh yes, the good fresh apples are finally starting to arrive in our stores here in Iowa. Our trees didn’t get any apples this year due to freezing temps when the flower buds were on the trees. Mama & Papa might go to a big antique show tomorrow. They want to take us doggies, but Sparky hasn’t had all of his shots yet, so Mama thinks he should stay home, boo hoo. Oh and you should see Sparky with our cat Scuby! They snuggle and sleep together, hehehe!
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Katie, Sparky, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  8. Julia Williams

    Way to go Sister Precious — you thump that nip apple good and let it know who is the Cat Boss of the house!! We had our last Farmer’s Market on Wednesday…kinda depresses me but what can you do. Autumn and then winter come whether I like it or not.

  9. Mark's Mews

    Way to werk on that Nip Apple, Precious!

    Our plans fer the weekend are ta get our first window whiffies inna long time. It is finally gonna be lower than 70 outside and DRY fer a few days!

  10. Abby

    Sister Precious
    You enjoy that nip apple — you know apples are good for you.
    Happy Weekends!!!

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