Tummy Thursday


Adopt cats, we deserve it!!!Adopt cats, we deserve it!!!

My Dad’s Blog Post at the Mauldin Patch is here.

Today for Tummy Thursday, Sister Gracie shows you that she not only knows how to do that tummy thing, but she also can throw in a little back toe stretch for good measure!  Sister Gracie has such a great purrsonality and what you see in her pictures is what she is really like.  She is just a fun girl, no doubt about it.  But I must tell you, Sister Gracie is not a big fan of the brush or comb, unlike yours truly.  Last night when she was fluffing up Dad while he was sitting on the couch her loose fur was flying everywhere.  Dad got the comb and combed Sister Gracie for almost five minutes straight.  He got so much loose fur out of her I thought he was building a kitten!!!  By golly, she liked it, she totally liked it.  But, will she come back for round two?

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Mr Puddy
12 years ago

Sister Gracie love to be brushed. Meeeeee too : )
Cause we love the service from our human, It’s so nice , Brain
Think about it Human have to pay the paper to get someone to treat them at the salon, we get it for free by love : )..I even Purrs

12 years ago

Sister Gracie, you sure have one gorgeous Tummy. Look at all the white and brown.
We sure hope all of you have one great day. Take care.


Our boys love to be brushed, but the girls….not so much. Love the tummy shot.

Milo and Alfie
12 years ago

We like the idea of “build yoor own kitten” ~ MOL!

The Island Cats
12 years ago

What a cute tummy Sister Gracie has!!

Cindy Dodd
12 years ago

She has that come hither look, but I bet if you do she’ll grab you! The tosies do look cute all spread out.

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

Sister Gracie has a very pretty tummy – Lucy is like you Gracie as she’s not a big fan of being brushed either!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

12 years ago

That is a pretty pawsoe tummy. M is sending smooches to it.

Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Sister Gracie has a beautiful tummy…. Bugsy and Knuckles weren’t too sure about the brush at first, but they are starting to like it too. Must be an acquired taste for some.

pawhugs, Max (on the way to see Dad’s post)

12 years ago

Love those back toesies!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Sister Gracie!! You are just adorable!! Look at your toesies and cute tummy!! Me and Charlie just know you’ll return for round 2 of yummy grooming cos you are such a good girl!! Yay!!

Hugs too to gorgeous Brian, Zoe, Sascha, Dolly and Precious! We are off to read your dad’s post now! take care

SAS........Sammy, Andy and Shelly

You are sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, Princess Gracie!!!!!!!! Our mama wants to tickle that tummy!!!!!!!!!!


Cat's Cats
12 years ago

Have you tried the zoom groom on Gracie? Jimmy and Archie don’t really like to be brushed but they both will stand still for the zoom groom 🙂

Random Felines
12 years ago

sigh…..Sister Gracie is just lovely. Mom needs to get on it about brushing us more often. Course someone (*cough*MO*cough*) needs their nails cut again as well….

Laila and Minchie
12 years ago

We are holding back our mom because she’s trying to get through the monitor to snorgle Gracie’s tummy and tickle those sweet toesies!

The OK Cats
12 years ago

Miss Gracie, I do not allow a comb or brush to touch me, ever. I don’t care how much of my hair is flying around or that I constantly bomit up hairballs – no brushies!

Your friend, Fuzzy

12 years ago

Five minutes of brushing? One of my kittehs might last 5 seconds……

12 years ago

What a beauteous tummy! Mommy is itching to snorggle it as Me has a skinny little tummy. And flying fur! Our house is loaded with that stuff!

Angel and Kirby and Mac

A girl has a right to change her mind about combing!

12 years ago

That tummy needs a snorgle! The Woman is going in for–WATCH OUT!!!

12 years ago

We gotta say ‘What a great, beautiful Tummy!!’
Happy Thursday to you,
~ The Bunch

12 years ago

Look at your back toesies! You look mighty happy showing off your pretty tummy, Sister Gracie!

Fuzzy Tales
12 years ago

Sister Gracie, our mom just can’t stand your belly cuteness–she’s squeeing like crazy and desperate to give you belly smooches! Your furs are such pretty colours!

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
12 years ago

Those toesies My mom LOVES toesies. If I stretch mine..it’s all over Gracie. She has to give them kissies.

I love combing. Some kitties will take combing over brushing. I like both but combing is so peaceful. xoxox

Ginger Jasper
12 years ago

Beautiful markings and colours. I am terrible about being brushed and will let them do the top but hate my tummy brushing and wont allow it.. HUgs GJ xx

Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel
Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel
12 years ago

Pretty, pretty Gracie! Loved your walk down memory lane (Mauldin Patch) It’s easy to see why you have such a big heart. I had a beautiful horse when I was a little girl that really made me fall in love with animals, plus my mom took in every stray cat and we cared for them. Bailey and Angel are my kids and I couldn’t love them more. Thanks for the memories.

Debbie & Holly
12 years ago

You have such a beautiful tummy Gracie!! The kitties here don’t like to be brushed at all and will run away and hide! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

A few Good Cats
12 years ago

One thing a cat should do is keep the human staff guessing. That may be what Sister Gracie was doing when she allowed herself to be brushed!

12 years ago

I would love to lay on my back with my tummy up in the air, but I don’t always find it easy to do. Although, I am able to lay belly up with a toy in my paws. 😉

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

12 years ago

When it comes to brushing or combing, with some kitties it is all about timing!

Cat Lady Diary
12 years ago

That is a wonderful tummy shot!!! Kisses to you girl!

pat tillett
12 years ago

From that view, she looks like a patchwork quilt!

Maggie Mae
12 years ago


You is a very pretty kitteh fur sure!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

12 years ago

I bet she will be back for round 2 🙂

Emma and Buster
12 years ago

I (emma ) likes to be brushed too. I have sessions with my papa. Mama doesn’t know how I liked to be brushed but I let her brush me sometimes.

Buster hates it, but humors papa when he does.

We were laughing when you said you thought he was building another cat, that much hair eh?

Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

Sister Gracie looks like she could benefit from Weight Watchers. I’m just meowin’. Bet she lost 5 lbs after the combing.

Oui Oui
12 years ago

That tummy is just crying out for some scritching!

12 years ago

Sister Grace
You have such a beautiful tummy and we loved the toe stretches.

12 years ago

Gorgeous tummy and toesies! I love to be combed. I especially love to be furminated!

siku marie
12 years ago

Sister Gracie should host a kitty exercise program! She has all the good stretches and moves. To me there is nothing better than a good brushing especially when my furs are flying during shedding season…glad your sister gave it an unbiased try.

Your Daily cute
12 years ago

Jazz paws!

12 years ago

I can’t get enough of that tummy!!!

12 years ago

That really is quite the beautiful tummy – I really mean it, such beautiful markings :))

12 years ago

Lady Gracie!
Your photo make me so happy!!!!
You´re a beautiful and cute girl.
Kisses on your tummy!

12 years ago

“MOM! get out of my way… Move… I said MOVE! I need a better look at my girl! Mom, Isn’t she beautiful? Mom, Brian is right… She has a great purrsonality… ah… I am a man in love! Mom? Aren’t I the luckiest cat in the world to have such a great lady in my life. I waited furrever for one…” Alex

Ugh – I guess I no longer rate… sigh….Hilary

caren gittleman
12 years ago

just came back from leaving a comment on your post, I loved it!

Tillie & Georgia
12 years ago

What a lovely tummy 😮
That, and combing too!!! Nice,heehee
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Sharon Mayhew
12 years ago

Gracie has a lovely tummy that looks like it needs a rub. 😀 Our new kitten likes being brushed but doesn’t seem to shed. 🙂

Rose and the Royals
12 years ago

It is the season for Furminators!
QM had at Brutus (only his back, mind you) for a good 5 minutes also, and the mound of fur was nearly as large as His sisfur Emo-Mari! We all have turns to take, because tumblefurs are beginning to appear!

We wish you all a happy Holiday weekend!

Rose and the Royals

Fraidy Cats!
12 years ago

In general, we enjoy getting the brush…but there are those days when we don’t 🙂 We really can see Sister Gracie’s purrsonality through her pictures!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

12 years ago

Cute.. wanna to hold it..

12 years ago

Sister Gracie certainly appears to be a professional in these areas. 🙂
xo Catherine

12 years ago

Oh my, that’s a very alluring tum, with those fetching little white patches. Hubba-hubba

12 years ago

That’s a totally gorgeous tummy, just waiting to be snorggled.


Thnaks for coming by to my party. Please stay as long as you like !!!

Chez Cat
12 years ago

:::reaches through the screen to give Gracie some tummy rubs of her own::::You’re so soft, Gracie!

Gotchi - The Cat
12 years ago

Hi Brian,

That was a lovely post your dad wrote. It brought back some memories to my mum, too.

Purrs from Gotchi

12 years ago

Mom would love to smoochie that red tummy.

Kwee Cats
12 years ago

Sister Gracie looks like she knows how to enjoy herself! Our Mumsy tried to leave a comment at your Dad’s post, but it would not take it. We’ll leave it here and you can show it to your Dad. Thanks, Brian! You made me think of all the farm cats we had when I was a girl. They were “working” cats in that they were mousers, especially in the barn. But they always got chicken, ham, and beef that we had left over too. I always loved the kitties at the Feed and Gain store too. Our local one here… Read more »