Happy Gotcha Day Sister Dolly

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Sisters Sascha, Gracie, Zoe, Precious and I want to say a very special Happy Gotcha Day to our lovely Sister Dolly.  Not too long ago Sister Dolly told you all about how she came to live with us, so we are not going to make her tell that story again.  We all do want to say that we are very lucky that she came into our lives.  Sister Dolly was at home right away and she brings so much joy to our family.

In honor of this special day we are all going to try to show Sister Dolly how special we think she is.  I am going to give her the prime brushing spot all day, and I don’t give up that spot easily.  Sister Sascha will let her use her special spot by the heater vent if it gets cold tonight.  Sister Gracie is going to let her sit in “the recliner” without complaining about it.  Sister Zoe is letting her play with ALL THE TOYS in the toy bed.  And Sister Precious has asked that Sister Dolly get her evening snacks.

We love you Sister Dolly, we are glad you are a member of our family, and we are glad you are you!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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60 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Sister Dolly

  1. Marg

    A very Happy Gotcha day Dolly. You sure look happy and we are so glad that you found such a wonderful home. Just look how nice your brother and all your sisters are being to you. Lots of extra treats for you for sure. Take care.

  2. Momo

    Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful one! You are a lucky kitty to have such considerate and generous siblings and they are lucky to have you.

  3. mariodacat

    Happy Gottcha Day sweetie. Wow, you have all your fur sibs trained well. They are treating you like royalty today. You deserve it too – so enjoy every minute of it.

  4. caren gittleman

    you girls are WONDERFUL SISTERS to do such special things for Sister Dolly on her most special day! That’s what “family” is all about!


  5. Old Kitty

    HAPPY HAPPY GOTCHA DAY beautiful sister Dolly!! Me and Charlie hope you have a most special and wonderful day today! Yay!! Take care

  6. Penelope

    Happy Gottcha Day Dolly! me could not miss this day! Me also wanted to thank yous Brian for putting up that my daddy was sick on the Cat Blogosphere. Me Daddy readed all the posts and it sure made him feel better!
    Thanks yous!

  7. Iris

    Happy Gotcha Day, sister Dolly! I think your brother and sisters are going to make sure that you have a wonderful day. We are sure happy that all of you are so loved.

  8. Julia Williams

    Happy Gotcha Day Sister Dolly! What a lucky girl, to have such a wonderful, warm home with nice hoomins and other kittehs who are willing to share their special spots, toys and treats!!

  9. Oui Oui

    Happy Gotcha Day! Everyone is chipping in to help make it a really special day. We are so impressed with everyone’s gifts. What a nice family you were adopted into!

  10. Abby

    A furry happy GOTCHA to you Miss Dolly.
    We are so glad that you have found such a wonderful loving happy home.

  11. Admiral Hestorb

    Happy Gotcha Day Sister Dolly. You absolutely hit the jackpot..all of you did, coming to your dad’s and mom’s home where you are treasured and loved. And we out here are all happy you’re there and that you come to see us. xoxoxoxo

  12. Fraidy Cats

    Happy Gotcha Day to Sister Dolly! We hope she has a really special day. Brian, it’s very sweet what you and your sisters are doing for her!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. mayziegal

    Awwww…Happy Gotcha Day to Beautiful Sister Dolly! It sounds like you all had a Most Special day planned for her and I bet she luved it all so much. I know you feel awfully lucky that she came to live with you but she’s awfully lucky, too!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. siku marie

    Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful Dolly! We wish you many many many more special celebrations marking the day you joined your marvelous family. May they be filled with happy memories, treats, shared moments, health, and always…love.

  15. Clooney

    Happy Gotcha Day Lovely Dolly! You are such a pretty kitty and it sounds like you are such a sweetheart too. We are so happy you found the great home you did. Hope you enjoyed your special day with all the special perks from your brother and your sisters!

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