Mancat Monday: An Ouchy and An Award

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!It seems as though we’ve got an ouchy going on here, not only that, it’s a double ouchy too.  My Dad has Carpal Tunnel in BOTH of his upper paws and he is wearing funny looking braces on both of them.  He said that really makes it difficult for him to type while I am dictating.  So we hope you understand if our comments are short this week or if we don’t get to comment at all, we’re trying, and we’re certainly reading your blogs.  Hopefully the ouchy will go away soon and Dad’s upper paws will be back to normal.

I would also like to thank Chancy the Gardener for the wonderful Noteworthy Archive Blog Award.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Thanks bunches!  Archives are so often overlooked and if you take the time to explore the archives on the blogs you visit you will find some mighty interesting things.

I am going to let Dad rest his paws, but remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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59 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: An Ouchy and An Award

  1. Milo and Alfie

    We are sending yoor dad GINORMOUS get well purrs ~ and tell him not to worry about commenting ‘cos we understand. He shud save his paws for posting instead, so we know wot’s going on. xx

  2. Admiral Hestorb

    Concats on your awardie Brian. Your Dad sure does a lot of typing for you and the girls…so lay on his lap and purr for him. xoxox

  3. Old Kitty

    Lovely Brian!! Me and Charlie are sending your dad lots of healing purrs and hugs!!We hope his upper paws get better asap!!

    Hugs too to adorable Precious, Sascha, Gracie, Zoe and Dolly! Take care

  4. Max the Quilt Cat

    Hope your dad’s paws feel better soon. HH knows how painful that can be. Tell him to take care of himself. We all understand if he can’t comment for a little while. Purrrrrrs to him.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Laura C aka Kitcaboodles

    Oh dear Brian, give your dad lots of healing purrs and tell him we hope it gets better soon. My friend had carpal tunnel and had to have an op so I know how painful it can be.
    And make sure you get him to rest up and not worry about commenting, it sounds like his ‘upper paws’ need some rest =^..^=

  6. mariodacat

    Don’t worry about not leaving comments dear friends. The most important thing is to heal your dad’s paws. They has to heal, otherwise he’ll be having dat surgery stuff, then he’ll really be out of commission with two paws owie! Healing purrs for dad: purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr

  7. Diddleymaz

    OOh Our Daddy had carpal tunnel in both his paws too! He went to see one of his human vets and had special injections, that sorted him out. 🙂
    purrs from Blanco and Commodore Fluffy Paws III

  8. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Oh, nos!! We are so sorry to hear about your dad’s paws sweet Brian. We will have him in our thoughts and prayers. The award is well deserved!! We love you guys. Have a great week and we hope your dad’s paws get better very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Marg

    Oh Nooos, that sounds very ouchy. Brian and sisters, you tell your Dad for us, that he is not allowed to leave comments on our blog until his wrists are all healed up. Also tell him if he continues to type, they will NOT get better so just stop typing. Take some time out. We will be glad to post anything he needs to have posted.
    Anyway, Dad do try to stop doing so much typing. Take care.

  10. Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

    We understand completely Mommy has the dreaded Carpal Tunnel she is lucky she only has it in the left paw so she can type one pawed. But she forgets so we has to keep her away from the computer as much as possible. We are interested in any treatment your Dad may have other then wearing the splint (the Mom keeps taking hers off to do stuff) as Mommy would like a permanent cure other then resting her wrist.

  11. Hannah and Lucy

    Mum says that it is an ouchie operation but it is well worth it for the relief – someone she knows had both hands done at the same time which was doubly ouchie but at least it was better than having one done and then the other later.
    We hope he gets some relief soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Simba

    Marg is so right with her comment. My Dad had carpal tunnel in his wrists but one was a lot worse than the other. He wore his braces to sleep in otherwise his hands went numb. He also found he got numbness while he was driving. Less computer work helped as well as sorting out the ergonomics of his computer at work. In the end he did have surgery on the left wrist and it worked very well, but he had a very well renowned surgeon who specializes in hands. He never tried the injections – Mom wishes he had.

  13. GreatGranny

    Sweet Brian, I’m sorry your Dad has the ouchies and please tell him not to worry about commenting. Maybe resting his paws will help and lots of kitty kisses with purrs. We’ll be purraying for Dad. Concats on the much deserved awardie, Brian.
    xoxo Kassey

  14. Oskar

    I hope the double paw ouchies leave your dad person alone! Stupid carpal tunnel!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Fluffy and Heather

    Oh dear. We have a friend with carpel tunnel syndrome and it isn’t pretty. She’s doing therapy to get over it, and had to quite her graphic job. It just shows the importance of a good mouse/mousepad! (And not the kind you eat!) Hope your dad feels better soon!

  16. Iris

    We sure hope your Dad feels better soon. Ouchies are never fun. Here’s hoping you’ll be back soon. Take good care of Dad.

  17. Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel

    Congratulations on a well deserved award and we’re sending prayers for Dad’s paws! Sounds like you’re an efficient secretary with the dictating and all, Brian!

  18. Katnip Lounge

    Humans are so fragile, unlike us Mighty Hunters…take good care of your Dad, Brian…and we’re sending warm strong purrs. Our Daddy had both hands done many years ago and hasn’t had any trouble since; Mommy will NEVER forget how silly he was, coming out of the anaesthetic!

  19. Abby

    Tell you Dad we are sorry to hear he has carpal tunnel.
    Mom worked at a place where this was a common problem. She has problems of weakend wrists and knows sometimes working on the computer makes her wrists ache. We will purr for your Dad and hope he feels better.

  20. Emma and Buster

    Lovely photo.

    Sorry to hear about your dad’s ouchy. Our mama and papa work too many hours infront of the computer they have neck and back and shoulder problems. They go to accupressure/massage and came home smelling funny and their neck is all so oily.

    Take care.

  21. Pierro

    Dear Brian, your dad needs to rest his hands. My mom has the same problem and she cannot be on the compooter for long. It is nice to just sit (like you are doing) and read google reader and see what is going on… sadly we do not get to comment much either

    big bonks to your dad

  22. Debbie & Holly

    We sure hope that your dad’s paws get better. Since I have to wear a brace on one paw, I can only imagine how hard it is to type with them on both of them. Get better! Love, Debbie & Holly

  23. Admiral Hestorb

    Brian, you and your sisfurs are very dear to me and mommy. Thank you for that comment. xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  24. Mishkat

    We happened to see this in our reader, and we just wanted to send you lots of purrs and good thoughts. One of our blogger friends had the carpal tunnel operation in both hands about a year ago, and she said it was miraculous. If you need more information (we think you probably know people who have done this, but just in case!) just let us know.

    Purrs from Katie (human) and Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  25. Kwee Cats

    We sure understand, Brian. Our Mumsy has had to wear those braces too they fit kid of over her paw-hands, and around her wrists almost to her elbow. She has to take pain pills the doctor gives her notes to get. Lots of times, we comment for a while, she rests and then we comment some more…or not 🙂 You guys take care, we be purring for your Dad’s hurts on account we know it does hurt bunches.

  26. siku marie

    The White Dog Army is sending healing energy and positive thoughts that dad’s wrists are less stressed and more limber very soon. CTS can be VERY painful! Don’t write back but know we are thinking of you all…we understand and can feel your connection.

  27. Eric and Flynn

    That is very painful. Mum had the op on one hand years ago and she still remembers the bad aches that would go right up to her shoulder, and the numbness when she couldn’t hold on to anything. She never had any problem after the op, but she does get some numbness in the other hand and knows to rest it when that happens. Make sure your dad rests his hands as much as possible and then a bit more!

  28. Clooney

    Oh my, we are sending your Dad lots of purrs and positive thoughts for the healing of his “paws” and for him to feel better ASAP. And congrats on your Noteworthy Archive Award, well-deserved for sure!

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