Mancat Monday: Warmth Returns

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!I must admit that all that banging noise from under the house a couple of weeks ago was well worth it.  The furnace humans were down in our crawlspace delivering a new furnace that we adopted when ours went over the Bridge.  Well, over the weekend the temperatures got down in the low 40s and the new furnace came on.  Warmth!  Oh was it nice too.  We were all toasty comfy and we were totally happy.  Sister Sascha parked herself by one of the vent thingys and was smiling big time.  I made myself comfy on the bench, and the rest of the sisters were all stretched out on the bed.  Our old furnace, R.I.P., just wasn’t doing well at all, but the new one we adopted is full of action and ready to play at a moments notice.  I think it is going to fit into it’s new home just fine.

I know we don’t need it all the time yet, but it sure is nice to know it is ready when we are.  Actually, the weather humans say we’re supposed to get temps back up in the 90s this week.  Weather sure can be weird, don’t ya think?

Okay, I’m off to check out the back yard and see what the squirrels are up to.  They seem to be awfully busy gathering up pecans from our tree.  I wonder what that means?

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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11 years ago

Sure hope it doesn’t mean a cold winter Brian. Glad Sister Sascha is sitting there smiling. What a great picture we have of her. We are thrilled to hear that the new furnace plays well with all of you. That is terrific. Hope all of you have a great week and remember to give Dad a what if he uses his paws too much.

11 years ago

Oh Brian, you crack me up… stay warm

The Island Cats
11 years ago

Brian, we are already using our furnace! It’s only gonna be 60 degrees here today…and it gets a lot colder at night!!

Ginger Jasper
11 years ago

Glad you are up and running and toasty warm for when that weather comes cold. I hope that nut gathering doesnt mean a real cold winter. We are set for some megga cold this week with lots more forcast. Lots of napping I think.. Hugs GJ xx

Hannah and Lucy
11 years ago

We sympathise Brian – we had temperatures in the 60’s yesterday and today we have mid 40’s and the wind is so strong mum says it was nearly blowing her over. As GJ says it is Arctic weather heading our way and we just wish it would head back north!
Glad to hear your furnace is working well – we may have to come over to warm our paws!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

11 years ago

We’ve had our furnace on all ready too, it sure is nice to know it’s there and working. I bet you’re glad to have a new one. It’s no fun when it gets all cold and icky inside as well as outside!

Cat's Cats
11 years ago

YAY for new furnaces Brian!!! We are glad that all of you are toasty warm now 🙂

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
11 years ago

Mommy said we too are gonna have to adopt a new furnace..maybe in the Spring. We’re getting by on luck and baling wire she said. xoxoxox

11 years ago

Glad your new furnace you adopted is doing well 🙂 Enjoy the warmth! We are supposed to have warm temperature this week as well. Maybe around 80F, which is nice.
Squirrels are gathering pecans maybe because cold winter is coming soon. Or maybe they have a party planed 🙂

11 years ago

Glad your keeping cosy,it’s getting nippy here too.

11 years ago

Glad your furnace is ready just in time, you’ll be all nice and snug! Sookie and Mr Darcy are currently growing their winter coat – I don’t know why… they spend most of their time snuggled under the radiators!!

11 years ago

Glad your furnace is going to keep you warm and cozy in the cold weather. It’s been in the nineties here so the heater is still off.

Katie, Sparky, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

Hey Brian, So glad you got your new furnace before wicked winter hits. We had to replace ours last October. We do have our fireplace if the furnace would go out, but using the furnace is much easier in mild weather. We use the fireplace when it’s very cold since it heats the house so hot. We even turned on our furnace a few days ago now that it’s getting much colder here in Iowa. Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks, Katie, Sparky, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek PS We saw another wild catsie in our yard the other day.… Read more »

Random Felines
11 years ago

Mom turned on the warm machine a couple of weeks ago but says she is refusing now until it really gets cold. What constitutes REALLY? Glad the new one works. Oh – and we got to see Precious looking out her window in the Precious-cam. Mom always checks to see if she is in camera view when we come visit!!

CCL Wendy
11 years ago

We certainly know whereof you speak, Brian! We got a new furnace last year, after the old one conked out in March, and we had no heat for a few weeks. We were using space heaters.

Warmth is just wonderful! There’s nothing worse than going to a cold litter box.

Emma and Buster
11 years ago

very good news. we can just imagine sascha smug mug as she parked by the vent.

Laura and Taffy
Laura and Taffy
11 years ago

We love the furnace! it was cold enough a few days ago to start using it all the time. Sigh! Winter is coming, and in Michigan it get collllldd. Brrrr!

Fuzzy Tales
11 years ago

Hurray for a new furnace and warmth! We’ve had to have our heat on (we have a timer) because it’s definitely Ontario fall cool now. 90s F are but a distant memory. LOL.

Enjoy the toasty heat!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
11 years ago

Awwww wonderful Brian!! Yay for your new furnace!!! You look most relaxed and warm!!

Oh the weather is truly doing crazy things – hope yours settles down soon – maybe your squirrel friends would know more about this! 🙂

Hugs too to sweet Sascha, Gracie, Zoe, Dolly and Precious! Take care

Mr Puddy
11 years ago

MOL..Brain, you remind me how many things human adopted to the house : )
Stay warm my friend !

11 years ago

There’s nothing so blissful as a working heater when you need it! It’s mostly warm here, but it does get cold at night, and ours comes on.

11 years ago

You got the furnace just in the nick of time!

Oui Oui
11 years ago

We kitties lie on the vent thingies too. Then the beans wonder why its so hot/ cold in the rooms!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

We think a new furnace sounds toasty warm and wonderful!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

siku marie
11 years ago

Glad the newest member of your house is finally showing its abilities. Sounds like new Furnace is going to be loved and appreciated.

caren gittleman
11 years ago

we had to turn our furnace on for the first time this weekend too…brrrrr!!!

I do have to tell you, I didn’t know that furnaces had their own “bridge” too…I am sorry but that is funny!

Derby and Ducky
11 years ago

Our furnace guy showed up for a tuneup, we can be all toasty and warm for the winter.

11 years ago

Furnace…wow! We don’t turn ours on till the middle on November.

Enjoy your toasty surroundings!

We love you Brian…

11 years ago

Sounds like youre place will be nice and cozy this winter. 🙂

Katz (And Other) Tales
11 years ago

How pawsome to have everything set up well in advance for winter. love that smile on your whiskers!

Amber DaWeenie
11 years ago

Now you will be all cuddly warm for the winter! At least Mr. Furnace is happy in his new home!


11 years ago

OH! Me loves the metal thing that blows hot air in the little warm room! Ours started coming on about 10 days ago – when wes gots frost.
Me wishes wes had 90 degrees during the day. Me misses\it.

A few Good Cats
11 years ago

Sounds like you won’t need heat for awhile, but still it’ll be welcome in a few short weeks. And those squirrels may be nutty (nyuk nyuk nyuk) but they seem to have a sense for what they’ll need down the road.

Chancy, Mumsy and Crew
11 years ago

It’s still summer weather around here so we have not used our furnace in a long time. We are happy for you all that you have a new furnace and will keep warm when cold comes your way. It sounds like you all are really enjoying the warmth. Hugs and nose kisses

BoBo Salem
11 years ago

we sure it s a comfy space
and a happy place to snooze together in winter

11 years ago

I always wondered where old furnaces go…. LOL!

Sounds like you kitties will be snuggy and warm when the cold winds blow!

xo Catherine

11 years ago

Love that photo of you!

Sharon K Mayhew
11 years ago

Brian, I’m glad you got a new furnace. I’m also glad that you don’t need it right now. 😀 We just turned ours on….

Have a wonderful week!

Spitty the Kitty
11 years ago

Ugh! I don’t even want to THINK about a furnace. It was 86 freaking degrees here. It’s Tocktober, frevvins sake!

11 years ago

My feline siblings just LOVE when the heat goes on for the first time. They love to stretch out on the radiators and nap.

Your pal, Pip

Fraidy Cats
11 years ago

Brian, we have summertime temps here again too! What’s going on?!? We’re glad you and your family are all set for winter with the furnace…if winter ever decides to show up 😉 You do look comfy!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

11 years ago

Sure you’ll appreciate it more in the coming winter months. I am shedding like crazy – sign of summer descending on us soon.

11 years ago

Your new furnace has adjusted well to it’s new home! It seem to have made all of you warm up to it fairly easily and quickly! 🙂

11 years ago

Mmmm squirrels…

Angel and Kirby and Mac

We are glad the new Furnace is ready to play. It was 90 here yesterday and 56 today! Over 30 degrees difference. Only in Texas is 56 chilly!

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Glad you got your furnace in time for the cold. We had unexpected Cold weather here so I is snuggling on the electric blanket the beans didn’t turn the Heat Pump on cause Mommy says it needs to be cleaned first so she doesn’t get burnt mold on her while she sleeps. Wanna come snuggle with me. ~Scylla

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz

Just in time for Fall! We got a new heater a couple of years ago, but it’s a heat pump so the registers never are butt-warmin’ warm, hahameow. That’s why Teri has pet safe heat pads on almost every chair, just for us! She said her butt is warm enough but she’s thought about stealing one of ours for her feet some days!