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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!I hope you all had a terrific week and are enjoying your weekend.  I sure am, especially since allergy season is mostly gone, at least where we live.  You may remember that I have asthma, and it seems like allergy season just adds to my asthma problems.  Although this year was really bad for allergies in the South, fortunately it wasn’t as bad for me as I had expected.  All in all I only had an allergy attack once every six or seven weeks, so that wasn’t all that bad.

About two years ago I started coughing and wheezing, frequently.  Dad first thought that I was trying to cough up a fur ball.  But after a few times we went to see my Vet, Dr. Steve.  He listened to my breathing and could tell right away what it was, yep, asthma.  By the way, Dr. Steve says I’m the model patient and that I should come in and teach other kitties the fine art of behavior in the Vet’s office!  Well, I was given some steroid pills and after a few days I started feeling much better and my breathing improved.  But boy did that medicine make me want to chow down, and down I did chow.  I put on a lot of extra weight and I just haven’t been able to shake it.  Fortunately, my handsome boyfriend Alex doesn’t seem to mind at all.  Love ya Alex!

Dr. Steve wasn’t too crazy about me staying of those steroid pills due to the many side effects, so he suggested I try an asthma inhaler.  I didn’t know they had such a thing.  It’s called AeroKat.

The AeroKat ChamberSee the little mask on one end?  That goes over my face and the inhaler medicine goes on the other end.  If I have an attack, Dad just squirts out two puffs of the inhaler medicine into the chamber and puts the mask over my face and almost like magic my breathing difficulty goes aways.  Do I like it?  Nope.   That mask over my face scares me, but Dad has a trick, and it works every single time.  He gets down on his knees behind me THEN puts the mask over my face.   I can’t go forward because he’s got me, and if I try to back up there is nowhere to go.  I’ve learned that I do like the end result though, lots.

Here’s a couple of links that we used to find out more about this feline asthma thing in case you or some kitty you know ever has slimilar problems.

Feline Asthma

Feline Asthma with Fritz the Brave

I am doing so much better and each check up I have Dr. Steve says my lungs sound great.  I’m not a fan of those breathing problems, they can be pretty darn scary, but I sure am glad there are some smart humans out there to figure things like this out!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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44 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Gracie

  1. Simba

    Thanks for the informative post about cat asthma. We didn’t know that cats could have asthma, and that there was such a good treatment for it. Gracie, we are very glad for you that you haven’t had too many problems this past allergy season. Mom hears it has been one of hte worst allergy seasons ever around our home, because of the record rains leading to a lot of weeds.
    Have a wonderful Saturday, all you kitties there.

  2. Kwee Cats

    That is just the coolest thing, an inhaler for kitties! You guys always have the neatest stuff to share. We put a special thank you in our post today to Mr. Brian thanking him for our Inspiration award. We sure do thank all of you for the purrs for our Mumsy. And CatDaddy sure did appreciate the Hooray! He’s still kinda proud of having figured it out. Especially since he deleted it three times trying to figure it out…hee-hee. We were trying to help him. Miss Gracie, thank you for this wonderful post. We sure like getting to know all of you and we will be purring your asthma behaves.

  3. Mr Puddy

    When I first live with my mom, She used to think I have asthma. But Actually is my snoring !…tee..heh ( it happens when you are a first cat in human life ; )
    Thanks for the info, Brain

  4. Marg

    That is some good information on Asthma. I bet you don’t like that bag over your head Gracie but what a good girl you are to kind of let Dad do that. We are glad to hear you didn’t have many attacks this summer. We sure hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Fuzzy Tales

    You’re a very good girl, Gracie, to endure the mask. It’s good you do! And we think you’re very lucky to have understanding humans who did their research and who are willing to take care of you properly.

    We hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Team Tabby

    Hello Gracie, that is a sweet picture of you. We are sorry to hear about your asthma diagnosis, but it sounds like the inhaler might be the most useful thing to help you breathe.

    Our furcousin, Tiger – a sisfur to Tillie and Georgia – has just been diagnosed with possible asthma. She has been coughing for a long time and da vets couldn’t figure it out. Anyway Tiger has a new vet, and da vet is doing tests and awaiting results. However, asthma is suspected. We will let them know about you, Gracie, you have lots of good advice here. Have a great weekend!

  7. Admiral Hestorb

    Gracie, I am so sorry you have that asthma. Thank goodness you have a treatment for it and that your Dad knows how to wrangle you so that you can get the medicine from the inhaler. You are such a good girl. xoxoxoxox

  8. The Painter Pack

    Purrs to Gracie! I am glad you have had a better year with your asthma. I don’t know much about it, except that my human brother has it. His inhaler isn’t nearly as neat as yours! Nice to meet you!

    Salem, The Black Cat!!!

  9. Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    We had a dog that used to have these kinds of attacks – what great improvement in medicine and technology. I am so glad that this helps you Gracie – I know it can be scary, but it seems that you know your human is doing this to help you and because he loves you.

  10. Max the Quilt Cat

    Great post. I had asthma too. Big bad coughing like a seal. I was on the steroid pills. I’m not sure they had that inhaler thingy when I had it. Very nice, informative post.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. Hannah and Lucy

    Hannah has asthma too! The vets thought she had furball trouble to start with but mum told them in the end that it couldn’t be furball and they did x-rays and decided she has asthma too. She is on half a steroid tablet every other day and mum increases it if the weather makes it worse and then reduces it. Mum just grinds it up and slips it into something tasty and down it goes – (please don’t tell her!!). We find a big change in the weather from hot to cold or if it is very windy it flares up but otherwise it doesn’t stop her roof walking and fence flying!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Old Kitty

    Beautiful Gracie!!! You are one brave and wonderful kitty!! You are doing ever so well handling all these meds for your asthma! Me and Charlie didn’t even know kitties could have asthma but we are so so so glad that there are all these things to help you!! We’re glad dad knows how to help you with your inhaler – it’s not a nice thing to administer but the end results are worth it!! Yay!! And of course handsome Alex loves you for who you are – he’s a fantastic boyfriend!!

    We are also waving a big hello to gorgeous Brian, Precious, Zoe, Dolly and Sascha! Take care

  13. Ann Best

    I guess I never realized that cats can have asthma. My oldest granddaughter did, but she seems to have somewhat outgrown it (she’s 23 now).

    Allergens have been bad here in northern Virginia, but seem to be settling down a bit, though my daughter Jen complains of pain in her sinuses, and I had a wild sneezing attack this morning. I’m going to be happy for cooler weather, not too cool, not snow yet. I just want autumn for a while, a colorful autumn. I’ll bet you do too, Gracie!

  14. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Sweet Gracie we are so sorry you have asthma. We are happy that your dad found the feline asthma thing though and it is helping you feel better. Keep feeling better and better. You all have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. mariodacat

    Brian, you has one smart Dad. He’s pretty sneaky and it worked. I’m so glad you are almost done with the hay fever season. Ours should come to an end too probably at the end of the month M says.

  16. Tamago

    Hi Gracie. I’m sorry you’ve got asthma but glad the inhaler is helping. Your dad is very good at letting you use it 🙂 And thank you for the link to feline asthma information. I hope you having a happy Saturday!

  17. Whisppy

    I’ve never heard of a feline inhaler. It looks very interesting. Good that it helps you with your breathing too as the vet is right about the steroid…Do you get a treat after Daddy puts the inhaler on you?

  18. Katnip Lounge

    Gracie, that is very interesting and we are so glad you are well and your Dad can help you when you have an attack. We are going to look at your links right now; Rupert does this weird coughing thing sometimes and Mommy wants to see if it’s asthma.

  19. Sparkle

    I was diagnosed with a small case of asthma a while back, but I really think that the cause for my coughing spells is that the air conditioning/ heating vents have never been cleaned! My human started figuring that out when she realized ALL us kitties would cough on occasion… and my litter box is right next to one of the vents.

  20. Catherine

    You are such a brave kitty having to have the mask on! And what a good daddy to love you so much to help you with the mask!!
    xo Catherine

  21. QM Rose and the Royals

    Wow Gracie, here Brutus thought he was the only one who became a Chubette with the steroid pills! Well, there’s just more of the 2 of you to love!

    We have to ask our VET about the inhaler again, especially since QM is afraid of steroids even waaaay back when she had horses and one was to be given them for a lame fetlock. Dr. Steinberg did mention the possibility, though…and since it’s safer, We think we shall try it.
    Thanks to you and your Da for the information!

    Be well and have a good Autumn! Like Hannah, sometimes if the windows are open and the wind kicks up, or next week we’re having what QM calls an “Indian Summer” she’s thinking it may “make a little trouble”…but I’m a Big Texas ManCat and I take care of myself! Well, with QM’s help, because it’s dang hard to pill oneself without thumbs…

    Hope everyone has a restful weekend!

    Rose and the Oktoberfest Royals

  22. Kitcaboodles

    Gracie I remember you mentioning that you had asthma but I never really imagined what it must be like when an attack happens and you have to use an inhaler – it must have been really difficult for your parents at first knowing that you’re struggling to breathe but seeing you upset when they try to help you. I sometimes wish there was a human to kitty translator we could use to explain things to you guys better and make you understand that what we do is going to help you, not hurt you (I would use it to tell Mr Darcy that the comb is his friend and defender against the troublesome matts, not the enemy!!) =^..^=

  23. Amber DaWeenie

    Mee sissy, Sarah, wheezes and snores a lot when she sleeps. Maybe she has asthma too. Mom will have to ask the dogter next time she goes.

  24. Oui Oui

    The Girl has asthma too! We call it her “Seal Cough”. We have to be careful, once it starts it can be 6 weeks before it clears up. And no one gets any sleep cause of the coughing (or at least the beans don’t. We’re cats, nothing interferes with OUR sleep!). She knows all about those meds that make you really hungry too and she doesn’t like her inhaler either. We hope your attacks aren’t too bad when they happen, and that they end quickly.

  25. The Zoo

    Hi Gracie. We hate that yoo hafe asthma. Poor fing. We’re glad allergy season is almost passed. We hope you dont need the inhaler much more.

  26. Laura and Taffy

    Hi Gracie! We’re glad you didn’t have too much trouble with asthma this year. And it’s good that you let your dad put the mask on. That med is much better for you than the steroid pills. That woman has a chamber like that too; it doesn’t have a mask though, just a tube at the end for her mouth.

    Taffy and that woman

  27. Slash & Bronzy

    Oh Gracie, how awful to not be able to breathe! But we are so glad that there is an effective treatment for you.

    PS. Slash is purring a big thank you for the birthday greeting. You really made his happy day much happier!

  28. stacy hurt

    WOW Gracie! We had no idea! Thank COD your dad found out what it was with the help of your vet and we think the Aerocat is pretty cool (though we can totally understand why you wouldn’t like it, we don’t think we would either).

    Happy days!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  29. Esme

    Gracie, I am so glad to hear your asthma is under control. I know you are in good hands with your dad, he helped us out alot when we were first diagnosed.

  30. Sagira

    Sure hope you don’t have to use that mask thing but it is nice to know there is something there to help you out if you need it. 🙂

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