Sister Saturday with Zoe

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Hello gang, it’s me Zoe, and if you are wondering what I’m doing on Sister Dolly’s Comfort Scratcher, well, I’ll tell you.  Sister Dolly chased me, so I’m showing her who is boss and I’m laying on her favorite spot, just because I can.  We’ll see how she likes it when I get my furs all over it.  But hey, that’s just me and that’s what I do.  I might be small, but I know how to get even with them. Them, yes, them!

Brian chases me sometimes too, and what do I do?  I park my butt on his throne, boy, that drives him crazy.  Brian is so funny, he thinks he is the boss since is is the only male, well, I think I’m the boss and that really bugs him.  We’re always trying to beat the other to the fun stuff, like brushing.  Brian and I both love, love, love to be brushed and our favorite brushing spot is on a little ledge by the bathroom sinks.  As soon as Dad or Mom head in that direction Brian runs as fast as he can to get to the brushing spot.  Talk about frustrating Brother Brian, half of the time I’m already sitting there waiting in the primo brush spot.  Oh he just hates that, not only do I beat him there, he has to wait for his turn.  Actually Brian is a pretty good sport about the whole thing, but we do have this alpha cat contest going on, but that keeps things interesting.

I hope all of you have a very nice Saturday and get plenty of rest, it’s Easy Like Sunday tomorrow and you’ve got to be prepared!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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38 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Zoe

  1. Marg

    Hi there Sister Zoe. I sure sounds like you have things under control even if they do chase you around sometimes. Good girl. That is terrific. We hope you have a great week end too. It is supposed to be purrfect weather. Take care. PS, is Dad taking care of his paws??

  2. Simba

    That is really nice that you and Brian both love to be brushed. It is good toget those extra furs out of there so they don’t go to your tummy.

  3. Hannah and Lucy

    Zoe – we salute you for making sure it’s ladies first for brushing. We are expecting a brush today but we don’t care for it to go on for too long before we get the wanderlust!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Oui Oui

    Brothers and sisters know just how to drive each other crazy, even if they do love each other. Sounds like you have it all figured out, Zoe! Hope you all get some extra special brushings this weekend.

  5. CCL Wendy

    I like the fact that you are assertive yet passive, Zoe! You manage to dominate in such a subtle way — actually it’s rather insidious. I think you’re a real genius.

  6. Pip

    Nice work, Zoe! Just cause you are small, doesn’t mean you can’t be the boss. Good things come in small packages, that’s what I always say!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Admiral Hestorb

    Sister Zoey, you are a fine figger of a Lady Cat! And I love your catitude too. Your brother does see himself as the leader, this is true. I had no idea he had competition for that hobor. xoxox.

  8. Amy

    Zoe is beautiful! Good to know she’s got some gumption and won’t let the bigger felines get to you!
    My cats love to steal each other’s sleeping spots. So often, a spot they never even looked at, let alone sat on, becomes the best spot in the house if one of the other cats decide to sit there!

    Zoe sounds like a fun cat and she’s got beautifl hair for brushing!

    Enjoy your weekend Zoe, Brian, Dolly and everyone else!

  9. Old Kitty

    Gorgeous Sister Zoe!! You may be little but you have the heart of a mighty warrior lionness! Yay!!

    Hugs too to sweet Brian, Sascha, Dolly, Gracie and Precious! Take care

  10. mariodacat

    Zoe – you sure do look cute sitting in that scratcher thing. He he – I like it how you are always in competition with Brian. That’s good cuz it keeps him from getting a BIG HEAD. he he

  11. Whisppy

    Zoe Zoe Zoe….yes, you certainly need to show them you’re boss even though you are the smallest. I find it really funny just imagining Brian going crazy at your ongoing battle on who’s boss. 🙂

  12. Tom the Church Cat

    I think it was Humphrey Bogart who said, “I like a dame who knows how to even the score.” (or something like that) Zoey, you’re smart, you’re sassy and you’re giving the whole household a run for their money! hehehe


  13. Kitcaboodles

    Sounds like you’re showing them who’s boss Zoe, you certainly look in charge sitting on that Scratcher (which by the way is something Sookie and Darcy would LOVE… wish they made them over here but I have yet to find anything like it!).

    Have an awesome Easy Sunday 🙂

  14. Abby

    I am glad to hear that you took things into your own paws! YOu have things well under control and we all wish you and your sister and Brian a very happy weekend.

  15. Penelope

    Hi Zoe,
    Me is a little cat, I only weigh 6 pounds, but me is the boss of the house!!! Even my hairy slobbery sisters know me is the boss! And if me is mad, even big Bob (50 pounds) hides under the coffee table when me is rampaging!
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Laura and Taffy

    Hey sweet Zoey, yes, we small gals can pack a big punch of purrsonality. I’m a 6 pounder, too, and will always be alpha. Hope you all have a good weekend.

    Taffy and that woman

  17. Karen Jo

    Good job on getting even with the kitties who chase you. I am very glad that both you and Brian like to be brushed. I wish Herman and Emma liked it.

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