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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Alright, Sister Gracie is at it again, she saw the last couple of Easy Like Sunday pics and said “Brian, ya wanna see how it’s really done?  Get a load of this!”.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!That’s an Easy you just can’t argue with, so let’s all join her.  Happy Easy everyone!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr!  Zip! Later!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!
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42 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday

  1. Kika

    Ainda bem que ela voltou e está cada vez mais bonita!
    Vos adoro
    Bom domingo
    Turriquinhas da amiguinha

  2. Feeling Beachie - Hilary

    Gracie – there is a fight going on over here today. Alex & I are fighting as to who wants to kiss that belly of yours more… I know he will win, but you are just so cute… I want him to share his girl with me!

  3. Old Kitty

    Beautiful Gracie! That truly is the way to do Easy Sunday! Yay!

    Hugs too to adorable Brian, Sascha, Precious, Zoe and Dolly! Take care

  4. Diddleymaz

    As I write this Blanco is asleep on my lap, we’re he has been for the last 2 hours! I’m I my usual recliner, he comes running when he hears the motor! I can’t get up I’ll wake the cat is a great excuse for not moving 🙂

  5. Penelope

    Mommy LOVES Gracie’s tummy shots! Me NEVER shows my tummy. Now me is off to do my Easy Sunday. Watch all yous want Mommy, no TUMMYS!!!

  6. Admiral Hestorb

    mommy wants to kiss that Sister Gracie belly REAL bad! And thanks =for letting us know about Sister Precious’s cam. I wondered.

  7. ann dziemianowicz

    You’ve got the easy part down Gracie! How comfy you look!

    Some good news: Oh, I wanted to tell you Brian that every Sunday I post a Cat of the Week post on my CFYC FB page. And two weeks ago a beautiful Persian kitty named Bella who needed an operation was adopted by a woman who has special needs kitties. She paid for a large chunk of the surgery (the rest was through donations.) And it was an out of state adoption. So happy that a simple post was able to find a sweet kitty a forever home. The power of social media! Purrs to you Brian, you inspire me!

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