Mancat Monday: Abandoned Senior Mancat Needs Urgent Help Finding A Home (Greenville, SC)


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Please, please, please, if you know anyone in or around Greenville, SC please share this with them, or anyone else that might be able to help.

Y’all know how many times I’ve mentioned our friend Jenna.  She is the one who saved my Sister Dolly, my Sister Precious, Little Bit, Selina (aka Faith) and so many more.  Jenna needs our assistance in helping a senior mancat in her neighborhood.  Jenna has so many critters she cares for, she just can’t help this guy.

Jenna tells me this senior gentleman is about 9 years old, and his name too is Cobie.  He is all black and huge, road hard and put up wet if you know what I mean.  His ears are chewed, but he was tested and was okay.  He is neutered and needs shots updates, but had them a couple of years ago when Jenna took him to the Vet.

Jenna says that she lives in a very low class neighborhood with a lot of foreclosures in the $90,000 range.  His owners were very cruel to him and have told Jenna to her face they no longer want him.  He is the street cryer.  He walks with everyone that goes by and cries out for attention and pets.  He looks in people’s doors and is dying to go inside. He does not live near Jenna, per se, but used to live several streets away.  Jenna has rehomed him 8 times and every time the people will feed him then move away.  Jenna has made styrofoam boxes lined with bedding for people’s porches only to have them thrown away.  She made one just last week and he continues to sit in it at the last house that was foreclosed upon, where he still sits for food every day.  Jenna puts food and water out twice a day but Jenna is also moving and it is killing her about what to do with this poor old kitty.

He just needs to have a place to be warm.  Everyone loves him but is not even committed to putting a little food out for him, even though Jenna has offered to purchase the food for them.   The fear is as he gets older he is becoming slower and loves the warmth summer provides. but the winters can be very cold here.  Jenna has knocked on 15 doors to date,  and talked to this many people only to have them say, sorry not interested.

Jenna says he just breaks her heart and she prays for him each and every night as she goes to bed, praying that someone will open their home to him or feed him or whatever.  He is very affectionate, albeit he is a little dominant around other cats, but that could change given the right environment and attention.  He could be outside, if he had a warm place to go to be fed on a regular basis and if he were sick could be taken to the vet or euthansized so he would not have to suffer.

If you can help, or know someone who can, please email me at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com.  This senior gentlemancat really needs our help.

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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31 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: Abandoned Senior Mancat Needs Urgent Help Finding A Home (Greenville, SC)

  1. Milo and Alfie

    It breaks my heart that this original owners could have abandoned him. Milo and Alfie are such an important part of my life I would starve myself first, before denying them food, if circumstancs were such we couldn’t all eat.
    I so hope this old guy gets a loving caring home. Surely somebody has some Christmas spirit left?
    Sending him love and purrs.

  2. Marg

    WE sure hope that someone will take that guy. I am tempted but I am afraid the cats that I have outside would chase him off. I will certainly pass the word around. That poor cat. Makes me sick.
    Hope all of you have a terrific day.

  3. Pip

    Poor Cobie! My paws are crossed that he finds a home soon. He has been abandoned 8 times!!! Well they say cats have 9 lives so I am betting the next time will be the right time.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Old Kitty

    Oh poor Jenna! And poor Cobie. Me and Charlie would take him in a minute if we could. We are horrified that Jenna is having to knock on people’s houses and beg them to be kind – and they’re not!! No-one should have to do that especially in a rich country! Good grief. 🙁

    We purr and pray for gorgeous Cobie and Jenna. What a truly appalling situation. Appalling! 🙁

    Take care

  5. Clarissa & Co.

    What a sad life Cobie has lead. It is breaking our hearts. We are purring that Cobie will find his forever home with a loving family. We don’t understand how anyone could abandon their animals like that. Shame on them!!!

  6. Cat's Cats

    It makes me sad and angry that people can be so indifferent to the plight of an innocent animal. I am praying for Cobie and that someone will open their heart and home to him!!!

  7. Hannah and Lucy

    We are purring hard for Cobie to find some kind people to take care of him before the winter and give him a furever home. If it was a long way away we wouldn’t mind helping with transportation costs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Iris

    When I read things such as this, it breaks my heart. It makes me have strong dislike for people who just don’t care about animals.

    I really hope this old guy can have a home. Who knows what he has been through.
    We will say lots of purrs and prayers for him.

  9. Cheysuli

    Oh this just breaks our heart. We’re a little far to take him in though and our winters are wet and icky for an old man who needs a warm place.

  10. Ginger Jasper

    This breaks my heart and how I wish I could help. I pray someone takes him in or helps with feeding and warmth and yes the all important love. he cries at people to talk to him oh poor darling. Please god he gets the help he so deserves. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Sparkle

    I don’t get how anyone can say no to at least offering this guy some food and shelter. I will post this on my FB page and see if anyone can help.

  12. Abby

    It breaks our hearts to hear stories like this.
    We know that there are thousands upon thousands like sweet Cobie. The ones no one seems to want because they aren’t cute tiny and little anymore. We can only offer our purrs that he can find the comfort of at least a temporary respite. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers Cobie. We know that there is a loving human out there who would take you in and care for you.

  13. Tamago

    This is so sad and I’m furious with the original owner. How can they abondon their kitty like that? Jenna is such a wonderful person to take good care of Cobie. I pray that someone can help him.

  14. GT

    this breaks our hearts too! we wish we were closer so we could help. really we wish we had enough room to help 1000 kitties but we can only help 1 at a time.

  15. siku marie

    During the Worldwide Moment we asked especially that Cobie find a way out of his situation into a safe loving forever home. He deserves to be cared for and cherished.

  16. Clooney

    That is so heartbreaking, can’t believe it really. Jenna is one special person that’s for sure. We will pray that someone will come forth to care for Cobie and that he will be safe, warm, fed and loved.

  17. Oui Oui

    That poor cat! He sounds like such a sweetie, and to be discarded and unwanted! We truly hope someone comes through for him. We will be praying.

  18. Rumbles

    Would she be willing to take him in if we had some donations for her to take care of him till he finds a place? I’d very happily donate.

  19. Sagira

    I don’t understand how people can just abdomen innocent animals like this. 🙁 I sure hope he finds a great furever home for the holidays.

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