Tabby Tuesday: Awkward Family Pet Photos Contest Winner


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Hey, even the back of this book is mighty nice!  As you may recall, last Tuesday I did a review of the new book by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack called Awkward Family Pet Photos. The publishers, Three Rivers Press, at Random House, were kind enough to make one available to give away to one lucky winner.

Dad wrote down all of the names of those of you who entered the contest and put them in a bowl.  But Sister Zoe ate them, well, not all of them, but some of them.  So, Dad wrote them down again and we used to pick the winner.  That was much easier, even though Sister Zoe seem a bit disappointed.  And now for the big news, the winners are……..

 Hannah and Lucy

Hannah, or Lucy, please email your mailing address to me at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get it to the publisher so your book can be on its way to you. Thanks for playing everyone!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!
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Mr Puddy
12 years ago

Hooray for Hannnah and Lucy !!!!
and MOL…Sister Zoe, don’t feel bad, I did that too and mom don’t know who I ate…tee..heh..heh some friends of us look ” yum ” you know ; )

12 years ago

Congratulations to the lucky winners for that book! They are going to have a fun read to be sure!!
xo Catherine

Susan Fields
12 years ago

Congrats to Hannah and Lucy – what a great prize!

12 years ago

Congrats to Hannah & Lucy! happy reading!

12 years ago

Oh Whoo Hooo Hannah and Lucy won the book. That is so terrific. We are excited about them. Zoe, you silly girl, you ate those pieces of paper. Bet they didn’t taste very good.
So glad Hannah and Lucy won. Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

Sweet Purrfections
12 years ago

Congratulations to Hannah and Lucy. That looks like a really good book. We’re sorry we missed the contest, but we’re keeping Mom Paula pretty busy.

Truffle and Brulee

Admiral Hestorb
Admiral Hestorb
12 years ago

Oh Hannah and Lucy you will love it, I know. xoxoxo

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We are so excited to win this lovely book and we have told mum she can read it to us while feeding us treats!!
Mum has emailed our address.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Amber DaWeenie
12 years ago

Congratulations to Hannah and Lucy!!


SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra

Happy Tuesday, friends.


Angel and Kirby and Mac

Congratulations to Hannah and Lucy

Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

Concats to the winners. Concats to Zoe for hunting her dinner. HAH!

Fuzzy Tales
12 years ago

Congratulations to Hannah and Lucy, we’re sure they’ll love the book!

The Monkeys
12 years ago

Yay! Congratulations to Hannah and Lucy!

12 years ago

Concatulations to Hannah and Lucy and me hopes sister Zoey did not get an upset tummy!!!

Ginger Jasper
12 years ago

Yay for Hannah and Lucy. I am pleased for them and thank you for doing such a brilliant givaway.. Hugs GJ xx

12 years ago

Hooray for Hannah and Lucy, This will be a fun book.

12 years ago

Congratulations to Hannah & Lucy.


Layla Morgan Wilde
12 years ago

Concats to Hannah & Lucy!! If you didn’t win, you have another chance. We’re doing a giveaway this Sunday.

12 years ago

Concatulations to the winners!

12 years ago

Haha Sister Zoe! You’re so adorable!
Congratulations Hannah and Lucy! Can’t wait to hear your review on the book.

Four Crazy Cats
12 years ago

Congrats to Hannah and Lucy!! We are going to go and look for this book…

Cats of wildcat woods
12 years ago

We are giving this book away this week so if you want another chance to win it stop on by! It is a fun book, right Brian?

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Awwwwwww yayayyayyay for lovely Hannah and Lucy!! Awwww brilliant!! What a fun and whacky giveaway handsome Brian!! Yay!!! take care

12 years ago

Concatulations to Hannah and Lucy!

Kwee Cats
12 years ago

Yay Hannah and Lucy! For sure they bee lovely winners!

12 years ago

Concats to Hannah and Lucy!!!


Tillie & Georgia
12 years ago

Oh boy!!! Hannah and Lucy will be so happy :)
We think they will enjoy the book too !!!!!
Way to go Brian, purrs!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

The Island Cats
12 years ago

Congrats to Hannah and Lucy! That’s a great book…and funny too!

Brandon - the dog with a blog

Furry congrats to Hannah & Lucy!
What a wonderful book to win,

Brandon’s Raiser

12 years ago

Concats!! Hanna & Lucy! Sister paper may seem fun to eats but it may be too much fiber for your tummy. stick to tuna & ckicken noms!

siku marie
12 years ago

Congrgatulations Hannnah and Lucy; enjoy the photos! We like Sister Zoe’s method of chosing a winner…is it first in, Zoe? or last?

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

Ha ha meow! That looks like one terrific book! Concats to the winners!

12 years ago

Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the reminder to vote for Kitten Action Team — I’ve been voting! :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

12 years ago

Hannah and Lucy! We are glad you won! Congradulations!

Chloe and Cecil
12 years ago

Congratulations, Hannah and Lucy!

12 years ago

Congrats to Hannah and Lucy. Was so nice of you guys to do this. :)