Three Toy Thursday

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Shhhhhhhhhh, Sister Zoe is snoozing, so Sisters Gracie, Dolly and I decided to mess with all the toys.  As you might remember, Sister Zoe is keeper of the toys, and she’s serious about it too.  She makes sure they are all in the right place in the toy bed.  Let me tell you too, she knows if just one toy is out of place.  Boy will she be surprised when she wakes up!  I’m actually on lookout while Sisters Gracie and Dolly scatter them about.  We have them all through the house, even down the hallway towards the bedroom where she is sound asleep.  I know she is going to blame me for this, but this was actually Gracie’s idea.  Really!  But it was I darn good one.  What do you think will happen when she wakes up?  Me?  I’m going back up in the top of the cat tree and practice my innocent look.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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38 thoughts on “Three Toy Thursday

  1. Buddy Bear

    You wize Brian. Allwayse let da gurls takes da rap. Dat inocent look be the mos importent one you can has wen deys mischiefs been done in da houses.

  2. Marg

    Good job Brian watching out for Sister Zoe. We can’t to see what she does when she gets up. She will have one big job gathering all those toys together. I bet that was fun spreading all those toys out. Wishing all of you a very happy and fun day. Take care.

  3. Old Kitty

    Awww lovely Brian and gorgeous sisters Dolly and Gracie!! Me and Charlie think that if you give sister Zoe extra cuddles and treats, she’d forgive you! Yay! Hugs too to sweet Precious and Sascha! Take care

  4. Abby

    YOU are such a smart boy!!!
    We can’t wait to hear what happened when Gracie woke up!

  5. Ann Best

    I’m with Old Kitty. Give treats so she’ll forgive you!

    Nice to see your face, Brian, on my last posts. It was a wild ride getting my novella up on Amazon. Hopefully the next one will go smoother. Thanks for your cheers!

  6. Mark's Mews

    Keeping toys in order is good, but TBT does that for us. Every dinnertime, TBT tosses the toys around and we play with them. And at night, Ayla carries them around and deposits them on the bedroom floor. But TBT picks them up evry morning an collects them in the shoobox.

    We dont mean we dont get ta play with them during the day; he keeps a few in his pockets an tosses them during daytime. An thats cool cuz they are warm.

  7. Oui Oui

    We know you are a sly one, Brian. We’ve never had a Keeper of the Toys, but we did have a Potty Box Policeman. If kitties didn’t cover everything just right, he got in there and did it himself. And he was vigilant too, keeping a watchful eye on things.

  8. siku marie

    Your house looks like ours now that YoYoMa has discovered the toybox with a vengence! I wish Zoe luck in getting everyone to help cleanup; I bet no one will be found then…just like here.

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