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If it were not for the best luck in the world most of us could have ended up as ferals.  Yes, it’s a cold hard fact.  We have all been so fortunate to find the purrfect forever homes.  We simply owe it to those less fortunate to help them out.  The ferals and not feral by their choosing.

My friend Deb Barnes of the wonderful blog The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey has done a wonderful job on plight of the ferals.  Here’s what Deb had to say…

“I did an excellent series with Christine Michaels of Riverfront Cats (she brought the Loews cat controversy to light) and think it is something you might find useful as a tool to help educate people about the misconceptions about these cats.

The reason it is such a great tool, is that we use video in a rare and compelling way to really show people a day in a life of a feral cat. Part one of the series is more informative, and part two of the series is interactive, in that I get to visit Christine’s colony of cats.

It is a lot of information, so I don’t expect you to get to this right now. But, when you have a minute, I would really like to watch/read. I am also very excited to report that Jackson Galaxy of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet has endorsed our efforts!!

We really want this to be the “Year of the Cats!”

Please check out this wonderful and highly informative series here:

Mainstreaming of a Feral Cat – Part One

Mainstreaming of a Feral Cat – Part Two

I am trying really hard to do my part as well, and I know times are tough, but if you can spare a $ or $$ to help me help the ferals I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Our ChipIn page is HERE, so please feel free to share and grab the ChipIn for your blog.


We are a small feral cat colony rescue group located in South Carolina. We trap neuter and release kitties to help curb the enormous overpopulation problem in our area.

Recently a local prison contacted us. The four cats some of the inmates were feeding five years ago has now grown to approximately 100 cats! The warden is working with us to try and help this situation. Thus far we have trapped-neutered and released 16 kitties. Some are friendly, thanks to the kindness of the inmates, and in need of homes.

We are also in need of homes or even barns for some of the tame ones. Currently most of the ferals are living in the storm drains at the prison.

It costs $60.00 dollars per kitty at our local low cost spay neuter clinic. When we went into this we had thought we would be able to do a media blitz on our local TV station, but the warden told us if we did, the trapping would cease. Any monies would be so appreciated so we can continue our work here.

Here is a picture of a kitty taken from the prison who is extremely friendly and would love any kind of home so that she does not have to go back to living at the prison. This is Star.

Please help us. No amount is too small, it all adds up, and it all helps!

Also of note: Feb. 10-12, PetSmart Charities® is hosting its first National Adoption Weekend of 2012.  All pet adoptions will benefit more than 2,000 animal welfare organizations participating in National Adoption Weekend; each organization will receive $35 in adoption-reward grants from PetSmart Charities for every pet they adopt in stores during this three-day event.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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12 years ago

That is one terrific video of that gal Christine and her feral cats. This is so great to get the word out about the feral kitties. I am also really glad to hear about the feral cat colony at the prison. I sure didn’t know about that. I will advertise about that too. Thanks for all this great info. Brian and all your sisters have a great day. Dad too.

Christine Michaels
12 years ago
Reply to  Marg

Thank you Marg.

Deb Barnes and I decided to do this because this plight of homeless pets is reversible. THERE IS A CURE and we don’t need billions of dollars like other causes. But it does lack critical awareness and education and that’s why we are on a mission to EDUCATE the masses. Thank you for spreading the word. Together we can make a difference!

Susan Fields
12 years ago

Thanks for all the good information, Brian! I love to hear about groups like the one that’s neutering kitties to control the overpopulation problem. We have a group here in St. Louis that does something similar with our overpopulation of stray dogs.

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

Thank you for including us in your post today Brian. We sure are glad we are able to help people understand more about feral cats and why TNR is so important. I will be sharing your story today about the prison on facebook and hope you get some support. This sure is a case of a situation where if the public were made aware of how quickly cats can reproduce and how effective TNR is, that it could have been managed years ago. I will be sure to donate to your efforts.

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

Thanks for all this information Brian – we of course do have some stray and feral cats in the UK but only in a very small scale nothing like you have in America.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

12 years ago

We were happy and proud to donate a little to your fund for TNR programs in your area. You do so much to help so many anipals, not only in your own community, but throughout the blogosphere also. You ROCK pal.

CCL Wendy
12 years ago

We applaud Deb Barnes efforts and have chipped in a little something to help. You are also so kind to spread the word about what wonderful pets ferals can be. Bravo!

12 years ago

Thanks to share this information!!!!

fern reed
12 years ago

Such wonderful information!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!

Farzana from PetSmart Charities

We’re super-excited about National Adoption Weekend! Thanks for helping get the word out.

Christine Michaels
12 years ago

Hi Brian! So glad you found the information helpful. We believe EDUCATION and TNR are key solutions to reversing this problem. What I love most about this effort are the people. In all my years of volunteer work, it’s animal rescue people who I found are the most generous. They don’t just give time and money. But they sacrifice valuable hard earned vacation time and monies that they could have used for themselves. They are not looking for the spotlight or awards but are truly in this effort to save lives. I salute all of you who oversee feral colonies,… Read more »

Random Felines
12 years ago

We couldn’t agree more. That is why mom got on board and helped TNR the cats in our neighborhood. If just one or two people would step up in THEIR neighborhood, imagine the change we could make. 🙂 YEAH for Christine, Deb & Greenville Ferals!! Thanks for being there for these kitties in need!!

12 years ago

We quite enjoyed reading Deb’s article on feral cats. I think it is an important issue, although here at the edges of civilization while there are ferals they are less visible than in many places.

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra


mary jane
mary jane
12 years ago

Oh, my goodness, those feral cats look just like two black girls, you are so kind Brian to highlight the need of those feral cats, all it takes is a little money to help them out and some people looking to take care of furever kitty cats…I am letting many I know of your sight to go and look and help you out, if I did not just give my last few dollars to my hubby’s baby brother a vietnam vet with ptsd and needed some new shoes I would give some, but there is always next pay period and… Read more »

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Oh it’s sort of sweet the prisoners had these kitties and looked after them and probably the kitties helped with the inmates’ rehabilitation but goodness me – from 4 cats to over a 100 in few years because the original four weren’t neutered.. dear oh dear!

Thank goodness for rescue organisations who are looking after the kitties and engaging in an active trap and neuter programme! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Take care

Eric and Flynn
12 years ago

100 cats from the original 4 shows without any doubt how the cat population can so easily get out of control and neutering is essential. We are very grateful that there are people who help the ferals.

siku marie
12 years ago

How could we not help such a fantastic program? The videos are very well done and will hopefully be seen widely to educate and raise awareness. And you are right, feralness is not a choice anyone would make.

caren gittleman
12 years ago

Thank you for this important post Brian. We also thank Deb, Christine and the many others who are working to help ferals in their respective states.

We just donated and are happy to do so.

Love, Caren and Cody

The Purr Diaries
12 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, I’m hoping to Chip In in the next week or so… My heart hurts for these poor ferals 🙁

12 years ago

Feral kitties need all the help you can get – I am so glad you are helping, Brian!

Katz (And Other) Tales
12 years ago

Very true! In a better world, there would be no ferals, and no kids dumped in orphanages because their parents want to start new relationships ‘without baggage’.

The Island Cats
12 years ago

What a great post, Brian! And we’re happy that peoples are trying to help those feral kitties.

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

Great post! If somebody had not brought me and my brofurs and sisfurs to the nice vet place, we would not have gotted homes. And you know what? Despite all my complaining, I am glad to be FORMERLY feral! XOXO

12 years ago

great information and a great video. Thanks for posting it!
Kisses Nellie

Oui Oui
12 years ago

Its heartbreaking the number of ferals who need a home! Thanks for posting this important information!

12 years ago

I have the utmost respect for people who do TNR on a large scale as it takes a lot of patience and time.

The Chair Speaks
12 years ago

We believe in TNR too!

Chez Cat
12 years ago

That’s a wonderful thing you are doing for those kitties! It also shows that the inmates have a softer side!

Bossy Betty
12 years ago

Thanks for reminding us of the plight of the ferals and the fact that there are things we can do to help!

Kat and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde

My next door neighbor is doing TNR for the ferals that she feeds. I wish I could give Star a Forever Home!! She looks just like StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty and Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher!! I have a soft spot for black cats. I just can’t afford a fifth cat right now. We purr and pray for all cats needing Forever Homes every day here.

12 years ago

Thanks for sharing all the information, Brian. Is the Greenville Feral project for the prison your project? Hope you get lots of support!

12 years ago

This is a beautiful message here today. It’s good to be reminded of all the unlucky kitties out in the world. We all need to help!
xo Catherine

12 years ago

What an interesting post.

Milo and Alfie
12 years ago

We are so pleased that the ferals get the help they so deserve. If only it was like that everywhere. A wonderful post. xx

12 years ago

What a great post Brian. Our hearts break for all the feral kitties out there. The people that are helping them are truly amazing and very special.