Twofur Thursday

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Okay, here’s proof!  Most of you know that for the longest time Sister Zoe and Sister Sascha (Bethie) just couldn’t seem to get along.  Well, here are the two of them enjoying the warm air coming from the heater thingy.  It’s not unusual these days to find them together on the big bed too.  Who woulda thunk it?  Oh, Sister Zoe does still chase Sister Sascha, but Sister Sascha doesn’t run as much from her and she has also been known to chase her right back!  You go girls!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Yep… they’re getting along. What a nice thing.

pawhugs, Max

12 years ago

You two girls are just jealous of each other since you are both gorgeous. Glad you are getting to be a little better friends. Now, everyone needs to be nice to Precious but guess that is pretty hard since Precious doesn’t know how to get along with other cats. We have one here like that. Hope all of you have a terrific day and are enjoying this great weather.

Clarissa & Co.
12 years ago

Mom says the “dynamics” (whatever that is) at our house always gets to her. Some of us get along with every fur in the house. One of us (Lily) doesn’t like any fur to get in her personal space. Then furs like Fiona and Panda get along with some of us and not so much with others of us.

But it is nice to learn that Sister Zoe and Sister Sascha are getting along now! Hopefully they will continue to do so!!!!

p.s. Mom says both of the girls are bee-yoo-tee-ful, but she loves Sascha coloring.

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We are so happy to see you sitting near each other – maybe you can share a bath one day!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fuzzy Tales
12 years ago

We’re glad you’re getting along much better now! Enjoy that warm air. 🙂

CCL Wendy
12 years ago

They must have made a peace treaty or something. Sometimes it just takes time — even years — to build a good relationship. This bodes well for a PAWSitive future!

12 years ago

I love seeing cats get along! It keeps my human hoping I’ll like other cats and I love crushing her hopes daily…

Random Felines
12 years ago

Yep – those floor vents are all about bring cats together….. MOL

12 years ago

Sweet princess!

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom

And it’s a good thing the vent is long enough for both to enjoy it without being on top of each other!

12 years ago

It’s more fun if you get along with each other! Stay warm and try cuddling sometime.

12 years ago

Hmmm, Its happening at yours and my houses! Me is not finding Kozmo quite as irritating as me used to.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Awwww lovely lovely to see gorgeous sisters Sascha and adorable Zoe!! Yay!!! Awww this is a beautiful moment! Yay for your adorable sisters handsome Brian! Soon me and Charlie just know they will be bestest friends! Yay!

Hugs too to amazing Gracie, Precious and Dolly! Take care

Mr Puddy
12 years ago

Extra heat for grrls : )

Furry Boy from Summer time ; )

12 years ago

All it took was a little time and now they are (nearly)best friends.

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
12 years ago

Hello you beautiful girls. xxoxox How is Sister Precious?

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

We are glad to hear that Zoe and Sascha are getting along better these days. Sometimes it just takes a while.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Sounds like the chase has evolved into play, though I doubt they’d admit it..
Sometimes I wonder if the chasing in my house isnt play on occasion. Except when it ends in hiss or slap fests that is.

12 years ago

Cool! Maybe someday Precious will decide to join in on family time!

12 years ago

Sharing a warm cozy place – now that’s love!
xo Catherine

The Golden Eagle
12 years ago

Aw, I’m glad they’re getting along!

The Island Cats
12 years ago

Sometimes the cooler weather makes you realize you need somebuddy to cuddle with!

Eric and Flynn
12 years ago

Glad to hear they are getting on better now.

Angel and Kirby and Mac

It is so good to see the sisters together. A good game of chase never hurts anyone!

12 years ago

I know I’ve said this before pal, but you sure do have gorgeous sisfurs.

Mumsy and Furkids
12 years ago

Good going sweet, beautiful girls. We are so happy that you are getting along. Love the picture. Hugs and nose kisses

Laura and Taffy
Laura and Taffy
12 years ago

We are glad these sisfurs are getting along better. We hope that Precious will decide cuddling is worth it, too.

We can’t stop by often as your blog takes so long to load on our slow connection, and even then, many of the pics are red-xed. And your site is banned at the library (as porn). Reading your note about the bandits, maybe explains why. I’ve tried to get it approved again, but who knows. Anyhow, we think of you often, and will come by once in a while. Glad you are having the warms!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble)

Well, maybe there is hope for me and Sassy. Um, no maybe not.

12 years ago

It’s good when bootiful lady cats get along. It’s even better when they both snuggle with ME!

siku marie
12 years ago

Sisters, they spat and hiss but in the long run, there is no better friend! Glad to see they are discovering that.

12 years ago

It takes time, but the result is sure worth the wait.

caren gittleman
12 years ago

we must always “let time take it’s time”

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

I would have thunk it cause when I first came to live here Scylla HATED me and now she LOVES me. ~Arty Mouse