Whisker Hump and Wordless Wednesday

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Whisker Hump Wednesday with Me, Brian

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Wordless Wednesday with Sister Precious

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49 thoughts on “Whisker Hump and Wordless Wednesday

  1. Marg

    Brian, those whiskers are the best. Precious it is so good to see you. Looks like you have some nice toys there. You are such a pretty lady. We hope all of you stay nice a dry today. It is going to be raining cats and dogs so watch out for those dogs. Take care.

  2. Old Kitty

    Awwww beautiful Brian and pretty Precious!! Yay for your adorable whisker humps!!

    Big hello too to sweet Sascha, Zoe, Dolly and Gracie! Take care

  3. mayziegal

    That’s a very good reminder to stop and smell (or eat) the flowers, Brian!

    And Precious, it makes my heart so happy to see YOU so happy and surrounded by all those toys!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Cathy Keisha

    Did you steal the last (plastic) poinsettia of the season? You just don’t wanna let Christmas go, do you? And those are fine, fine whisker humps! I’m thrilled to see that Precious enjoyed her Christmas too.

  5. Perry and Shadow

    Brian, we hope you will follow up with a post that you have a fake poinsettia (we know your dad would never let you near a real one!) just in case some people don’t know they are poisonous to us kitties! Mom and dad don’t let any live plants in our house, just to be certain. We look forward to your blog everyday and think all your sisters are very pretty.

  6. Puddles

    Whew…at least dat is a fake poinsettia. Then again, is them dangerous to kittehs? I dunno.
    Precious is just beautifuls and sweet. So glads ya’ll got hers.


  7. meowmeowmans

    LOVE those whisker humps, Brian! That flower pales in comparison. 🙂

    And Precious, you are looking so adorable. If you need any help playing with all those toys, just let us know, okay?

  8. meowmeowmans

    Brian, we LOVE your whisker humps! And that flower just pales in comparison. 🙂

    Precious, you are looking adorable. Let us know if you need help playing with all those toys, okay?

  9. CCL Wendy

    Yes indeed, Brian — your whisker humps are most PURRominent, and they sport a nice set of long white whiskers, too!

    It’s good to see Sister Precious out and about! She really seems into her toys. It’s a good thing she has lots of them.

  10. Lux

    Brian, you look really good with red! Even more really good than you typically look, which is always really super fantastically good looking!

  11. siku marie

    It is wonderful that Precious is finally getting comfortable enough to be photographed and to capture all of the mousies! Hopefully we will see her window whiffin’ with your other sisters soon.

  12. Abby

    Hi Brian it was so good to see Precious and how are you doing Precious?


  13. caspersmom

    Hi Brian, Hi Precious. It’s so good to see you. Brian, was just wondering how that flower smelled? Does it have a nice fragrance? I’m so glad your Grandma took Kit in. What a special cat she turned out to be. Also I’m really sorry to see that BG hasn’t found a home yet. I was sure that Bg would have found one by now. Such a precious looking kitty. I want to thank you all so much for your purrs, prayers and support when I wasn’t doing good. I’m doing better now and I’m sure it was because of everyones prayers. Mom is doing better too. Thank you again

  14. Hyacinths

    Brian, you have the most fabulous set of whiskers ever! Great job on Whisker Wednesday 🙂 As for Sister Precious, um, are you sure you have enough toys? 😉

  15. GreatGranny

    Sweet Brian, do you miss Christmas? It looks like sweet Precious has a lot of nice toys.
    xoxo Kassey

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