Whisker Hump and Wordless Wednesday

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 Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Whisker Hump Wednesday with Sister Gracie

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Wordless Wednesday with Sister Sascha

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44 thoughts on “Whisker Hump and Wordless Wednesday

  1. Kika

    Brian e Grace estava com tantas mas tantas saudades vossas e não conseguia entrar no vosso blog
    Quero uma fotinha vossa,só um bocadinho de vocês no meu sortei não se esqueção ,priminha Grace eu gosto muito de ti ,mas o brian é para mim como se fosse meu irmão pois foi o primeiro estrangeiro a seguir me e está sempre presentee isso eu nunca vou esquecer ,vocês tem um lugar no meu coração muito especial
    Gostaria que se quizerem posessem o selo do Diamante ,pois para mim e para mami vocês são um diamante dos raros que entraram na nossa vida
    Vos adoro miaumiau

  2. Marg

    Grace, those are some mighty special whiskers. Glad we got to see them. And Sascha, you know we always love to see you. You sure to like that cat tree. We sure hope you have a wonderful Wed. Enjoy this great weather. Take care.

  3. Old Kitty

    Wonderful Sister Gracie!! You have magnificent whisker humps! Yay!

    Gorgeous Sister Sascha! Me and Charlie are still swooning and fainting at the sight of your utter beauty!

    Yay! Take care

  4. Penelope

    Dear Gracie, me hardly noticed your whiskers as yous has a stunning smile and Sasha, Kozmo is still swooning over your beauteousness

  5. Whisppy

    We remember when Mommy bought this plant called the *misai kucing* which literally translates to *cat whiskers*, we laughed because the plant’s whiskers pointed skyward and NO cat has whiskers like that….until we saw Sister Gracie’s.

    Go on, Sister Sascha. Get to the top of the tree. Brian isn’t around!

  6. Iris

    Sister Sascha you are so beautiful!! I bet lots of people tell you that. Sister Gracie we love those whiskers and those cute paws of yours too. You both are gorgeous girls!

  7. melody

    Sister Gracie and Sister Sascha you two are just Beautiful! Sister Sascha looks like you have the Cat Tree all to your self! Have fun sweet girl!

  8. Debby

    Brian – look at that amazing expression on your face – I totally love it! All you need now is the hat from your blog header.

    \For other folks (all of you kitties and doggies are certainly people!) reading this, check out my blog. I manage a homeless cat colony and a few foster cats. Get your ‘beans to check it out!
    Hey, wonderful creatures stay well!

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