Happy Valentine’s Day & Pillars of Strength – A Special Day for K

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Look at the beautiful card by sweetie Scylla (she can be found at Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog) sent me! I love you too beautiful girl!!!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

We also received a beautiful Heart Day greeting from our friends Maggy, Zoey and Ann at Zoolatry. Thanks special friends!!!

Thanks friends

Today is a special day for other reasons too.  We are purrticipating in a special day of strength and support called Pillars of Strength – A Special Day for K.

Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K
KB is a blogger who has a very nice blog all about her life in the Rocky Mountains.  KB posts videos and pictures of bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, elk, etc., etc., and some of the most amazing mountain views you will see anywhere.

Her doggie is K, who is very special to KB and is facing some tremendous health challenges.   K is battling the horrible C and has her next round of chemotherapy on Friday, February 17.  Any of you who love your critters and have faced the same situation know what a difficult time this is for KB.  A group has conspired to be KB’s Pillars of Strength as they go through this difficult time.  We offer our strength as members of the Cat Blogging community and send many purrs and hugs to K and to KB.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!



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Ginger Jasper
9 years ago

Purfect valentines post. I join you in wishing love to all… Hugs GJ xx

9 years ago

Wishing for you kitties a day full of love!
xo Catherine

9 years ago

What wonderful valentines… We hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love (and that lots of cats find forever homes too!)

Genghis Khat
Genghis Khat
9 years ago

May you all have a day and year filled with love and happiness.
Ear & chin scritches too,


Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Happy Valentines Day Brian. Would you like to spend the day in the Hummingbird Cottage with me? ~Scylla

Bengal Business
9 years ago

Happy V-day friendzz!

Purrrs Lars and odin

9 years ago

I’m purring for all I’m worth. Lovely post Brian.

Cat's Cats
9 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!!

Diane @ Bibliophilebythesea
Diane @ Bibliophilebythesea
9 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day Brian, and thanks for all you do and the support you give to others in need.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
9 years ago

Awww Happy happy happy Valentine’s Day to you gorgeous Brian, Sascha, Precious, Dolly, Gracie and Zoe!! We hope you all have special romantic dates planned! Or lots of treats of secret admirers! Yay!

Me and Charlie sent special hugs and purrs to K and mum! take care

Random Felines
9 years ago

Happy V Day….

Hannah and Lucy
9 years ago

We are sending our best wishes to you all for a Happy Valentine’s Day and hoping you spend time with the ones you love.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Amber DaWeenie
9 years ago

Our prayers to K and KB!

Cats of wildcat woods
9 years ago

Wishing you a wonderful Heart Day!

9 years ago

We loves K and her blog too…such a beautiful part of da country wheres they live.

Happy Valentine’s Day to ya’ll!


Cathy Keisha
9 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all! Hope you get some heart shaped treats.

9 years ago

Thank you for dedicating part of your post to KB and K. We are purring and praying for them, big time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your sisters, Brian. We love you guys!

9 years ago

Happy Hearts Day and our thoughts are with K always.

Max the Quilt Cat
9 years ago

Beautiful Valentines and a beautiful post.

Happy Valentine’s Day

pawhugs, Max

9 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Brian, and to your family!

Angel and Kirby and Mac

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Eric and Flynn
9 years ago

That is a lovely card from Scylla.

9 years ago

……..(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
……..*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´ ♥
…☆ º ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥
………!!!нαρρу Valentines ∂αу!!!……
Nellie and Kozmo

The Island Cats
9 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!! We also are purring for K…and joining in as Pillars of Strength. We hope she will be well.

siku marie
9 years ago

We are honored to stand by your side in solidarity with K during her battle with the c monster. United, the Power of the Paw has the strength to send a strong message to the beast…we will NOT stop until you are no longer!

Happy Valentine’s Day cherished friends.