Mancat Monday: Purrs Needed, An Award, a Brick and the Friskies® PLUS™ PLAYHOUSE

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

We are all sending our best purrs and prayers to Poppy Vic (the main man in the Zoolatry Human’s life) and Dad to Maggy and Zoey has been fighting cancer for a long time now.

Little has worked to stop the spread of this malicious disease …next week he will go into hospital for a procedure called TACE where drugs are injected directly into all the tumors in the hopes of “killing” them off to prevent further growth and spread. Please stop by with some purrs and prayers Here.

I would also like to thank my very special friends from the Celestial Kitties along with the beautiful and talented Katie Isabella for sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with us.

Thanks so much, I really, really appreciate you!

Not everyone has a brick.  What to see mine?

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!I am very proud to have purrticipated in the Winnie’s Wish Walkway Brick Fundraiser Round Two,  You can read all about it if you click on the link.  Such wonderful work they do.

Now for some fun stuff!!!

® Goes Live with Custom-Built Sensory Experience for Rescue Cats

Imagine a colorful, one-of-a-kind residence complete with a built-in pond, custom aquarium and touch screen floor. It’s an indoor playground – with a twist: the residents are cats.

Starting today, Friskies® hosts 10 cats for two weeks in the Friskies® Plus™ Playhouse, the ultimate play space for cats, broadcast live daily on the Friskies Facebook page. The Playhouse offers the Friskies Facebook community unique interactive opportunities to tune in, interact with the cats, and help create the imaginative environment.

Friskies is always looking for new ways to enhance play experiences for cats,” says Alison Coburn, assistant brand manager for Friskies. “We’re asking our Friskies Facebook community to join us in this one-of-a-kind engagement opportunity to help create a space as amazing as the cats that will live there for the next two weeks. They can tune in daily to see how the cats respond to their choices in real-time, and find new inspiration for play with their own cats. And we hope they’ll be inspired to help ensure these cats and many more find forever homes.”

The 10 cats living in the two-room Friskies Plus Playhouse are part of the MeoowzResQ network of foster cats available for adoption. MeoowzResQ is a non-profit cat rescue and adoption organization serving the Orange County region of Southern California. MeoowzResQ is part of the network of animal rescue and adoption organizations. MeoowzResQ helps find permanent homes for hundreds of cats each year.

The participating cats were selected based on a variety of factors, including personality and age. The Playhouse features are based on maximizing opportunities for cat play.

Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and cat behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett worked with Friskies to help recommend design themes and elements for the Playhouse cats.

Cats are high sensory animals,” says Johnson-Bennett. “Friskies has created a play space inspired by cats’ imaginations and natural curiosity and discovery. It’s designed to enhance their daily sensory experiences by incorporating texture, light, movements, heights and many details.”

The feline housemates will enjoy a large built-in aquarium, touch floor to play Friskies® Games for Catsand many unique climbing spaces. Each day “extras,” or new engagement features, will be added to the Playhouse based on input from the Friskies Facebook community. Extras up for vote may include a large climbing tree, tunnel system and bubble machine. Final decisions will depend on Facebook community votes.

Friskies is working with television production company Zodiak USA to produce the Playhouse program. Anyone who visits the Friskies Facebook page may watch the cats in the Playhouse live from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST/noon to 3 p.m. PST, every day, February 6 through February 19. If consumers miss the live window or just want to see more, they may visit the Friskies YouTube channel to watch daily highlights and recap videos.

The Friskies Facebook community gets to play too: in addition to helping choose new extras to add to the Playhouse and watching the cats; consumers may interact with the cats. The Friskies Plus Play Live feature offers three mechanical toys for users to select to operate four fully movable and zoomable cameras. Friskies Plus Play Live gives fans the ability to “play” with real cats in real time. It’s a modified version of iPet Companion, created by AliceVISION™, which says its free app boosts adoptions, donations and sponsorships in pet rescue and adoption shelters worldwide. The Friskies Plus Play Live feature will be active on Friskies Facebook page during the Playhouse daily broadcast from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST/noon to 3 p.m. PST daily February 6 through February 19.

To watch the Friskies Playhouse cats live, or interact with them using the Friskies Plus Play Live feature, please visit To view highlights and video clips from the Playhouse, please visit

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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Ginger Jasper
12 years ago

I also send purrs to Poppy Vic as he goes through yet more treatment. I love that first picture and hey what fun the playhouse. Congrats on your award.. Hugs GJ xx

12 years ago

We have been over to send purrs to Vic. We sure hope that procedure works for him. A big conga rats on the award .Well done.
We sure hope you get more monies for the feral cats.
That playhouse looks like fun. We will have to check it out.
We had already read about your Brick and that is so great that you have a brick at Chrystals. What a great idea that is for sure.
Have a great week.

12 years ago

We are purring and praying for Poppy Vic…we hope the procedure will work.
Congratulations on your award!! We hope you have a wonderful week!

12 years ago

Sending warm thoughts for Poppy Vic!
xo Catherine

12 years ago

Alex and I are purring for poppy vic too

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We have been purring for Poppy Vic and for Ann who is so worried.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

12 years ago

My paws are crossed for Poppy Vic. Wishing him and his family lots of strength during his procedure.

Your pal, Pip

Random Felines
12 years ago

We sent our purrs to ZH – can’t imagine…..

Love the award and the brick!!

And mom is on her way to check out that playhouse!

12 years ago

Very interesting bouts your project. Wonders why da warden said they’d quit if it went to da media?
There are SOOOOOO many feral kittehs everywheres. It kinda angers me cuz you has to wonder if they was somebuddies pet and they just let ’em go….sorry didn;t means to gets on my soapbox.
We’ll see what we can do.


12 years ago

I´m sending my best vibrations and purrayers to Poppy Vic!

Cindy Dodd
12 years ago

Poor Poppy Vic, we’ll head over. Concats on your award.

12 years ago

Concatulations on the award! Your brick is beauteous!
And we is all purraying very hard for Poppy Vic
Keep up all the good work for the feral Brian, they needs us to help them.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Your brick is amazing!! Yay!!! Me and Charlie love it!!

Huge congratulations with your fab award!!!

We’ve been over to wish Poppy Vic well too.

take care

Angel and Kirby and Mac

Congratulations on the award and the brick!

12 years ago

We’re all praying that the new procedure will kill off those awful cancer cells once and for all. We’re thinking of you too, Poppy Vic!
We are going to check out the Friskies playhouse youtube. Thanks for letting us know!

Mumsy and Furkids
12 years ago

We are sending up prayers for Poppy Vic. You are lookin’ mighty handsome on this Monday sweet Brian. Nice brick! Congrats on the much deserved award. Hugs and nose kisses

12 years ago

Concatulations on your award. We have been purring hard for Poppy Vic.

12 years ago

We are purring and praying for Poppy Vic, too. We sure hope yhis treatment is effective.

Congrats on your award, and we like your brick story very much. 🙂

Okay, off to see that Playhouse now!


12 years ago

Concats on the brick! We thought you meant you had a brick to THROW at someone! MOL MOL

And we’ve left a message re: Poppy Vic … that sounds very nasty. I hope it helps him …

Soft purrs,

Xixo and Pepi
12 years ago

We are praying for Poppy Vic.
Have a nice week, little Brian
Lots of Purrs from
Pepi, Xixo, Juja and Jujuba

12 years ago

My human just got back from the Playhouse – it’s local to us, so she got to visit with the kitties in person!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Congratulations on your award! you deserve it!
Great Brick too!!

12 years ago

We’re purring for Poppa Vic too.

Concats on that award Brian and thanks for telling us about the playhouse.


Laila and Minchie
12 years ago

Concats on that cool award and brick! Very deserving dude! We are so hoping and purring that procedure knocks that vishus cancer out of Poppy Vic’s body! We hate that “C” word very much.

12 years ago

My prayers will certainly be with Poppa Vic. Being a cancer survivor myself and having lost my dear Mom and a precious cat to the disease I know how hard the fight is.

Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it and many more.

Iris and the furry group

Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

Concats on the award and brick. You have such an expressive man cat face. You make my day. xoxo

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
12 years ago

Conga Rats on your awardie and one from me too, as you said. 🙂 I have posted about Poppy Vic, God love his heart. xoxox

Katz (And Other) Tales
12 years ago

We’ve sent purrs to Poppa Vic. Poor thing, we hope he recovers. Brain, you’re looking good!

The Island Cats
12 years ago

We are purring very hard for Poppy Vic. We want him to get well. Congrats on your award, Brian. That playhouse sounds like so much fun!! We’re gonna go check it out!!

siku marie
12 years ago

We have read that the treat Poppy Vic is to receive is proving to have VERY positive results. Sending our strongest White Dog Army energies that this proves to be the case for him. Lots of positive thoughts and strength to the entire family.

Congratulations on the much deserved award…and your brick is very special; now everytime you walk down the path, you will be reminded of how you helped on this wonderful project.

Eric and Flynn
12 years ago

Concats on your award. Your brick is very special in helping Chrystal.
The playhouse is lots of fun.
We have been sending purrs for Poppy Vic and hope the treatment helps him.

Glogirly & Katie
12 years ago

We have been purring for Poppy Vic too. : (
That playhouse is SO COOL!!! I totally want my own iPad now. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. That’s ok. There’s lots of kitties that need help more than I need an iPad.
Thank you for a wonderful post today.
xo Katie

12 years ago

Poppa Vic is getting a lot of purrs from our house. Even Sage is joining in!

And, you deserved that award! Congratulations.

caren gittleman
12 years ago

we are sending purrs to Poppy too and hugs…..

Concatulations on yet ANOTHER award!!

Isn’t that Friskies play house just too cool?

Love your brick, now THAT is BEYOND cool!

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

I sent my Human to the ChipIn to leave a few green papers, Brian! What a good cause!

I wonder if those Friskies people would send me one of those houses….?

Chloe and Cecil
12 years ago

Concatulations on the award and the Brick! We go over now and offer purrs to Vic.

Sweet Purrfections
12 years ago

We’re purring for Poppy Vic, too.

Truffle and Brulee

12 years ago

Sure hope that Poppy Vic will be okay.

Congrats on your new award. 🙂