Purrs for Sister Zoe

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Please send some purrs to Sister Zoe.  Mom is on her way to the emergency vet with her.  When Dad and Mom got home Sister Zoe could hardly open her left eye.  Will try to update later if I can.  Thanks.

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16 thoughts on “Purrs for Sister Zoe

  1. Katie Isabella

    OH please please do let us know. Admiral had that happen one time when she was scratching and she slightly injured her eye. Please let it be that simple for Sister Zoe. I will be waiting.

  2. siku marie

    Sending Sister Zoe White Dog Army positive thoughts and healing energy. Hoping the eye problem is something not complicated and easy to make right! Also sending calming vibes to all of you since we are certain all are VERY worried about Sister Zoe.

  3. Old Kitty

    Oh no!! Sister Zoe!! You poor sweetie! Me and Charlie are purring and praying very hard for you!! Please please be ok!! Take care

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