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It’s me Zoe, how ya been?  I’ve been doing pretty darn good, and as you can see I’m no longer licking out all of my fur and my floof is pretty much all back to normal.  We’re still not exactly sure what I was allergic too but the current menu seems to have done the trick.  I used to just sit around and lick, lick, lick.  But now if I do the lick, lick, lick thing it’s for honest to goodness grooming.  I also take one half of an over-the-counter pill every day that our VetHuman recommended.  So it could be the pill or it could be the menu, we’re just not sure.

Hey, did you know the others have been messing with my toys while I’m snoozing?  Yes, really.  I don’t know exactly which one of them is doing it but I’ll figure it out.  I have them just right when I go to take a snooze and when I come back out into the living room they are scattered about in lots of different places.  One of these days I’m going to nap on the back of the couch in the living room and see if I can catch one of them messing with MY toys.  Hey, I hear something now so I’m going to sneak out and see what’s up.  See you next time.

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Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Zoe: Glad to hear you’ve licked that licking problem… Couldn’t resist saying that… Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max

12 years ago

That is terrific Sister Zoe that you aren’t licking your self any more. Your furs do look really nice. Hope everyone has a really good week end. Stay warm.

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We are pleased you have stopped your licking and your furs are back to their former glory Sister Zoe. Hope you have a great weekend and if you’re lucky with some window whiffin’
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

12 years ago

Zoe – you are looking extra floofy and bootiful today. SMOOCH Sorry, I just had to do that cuz you look so bootiful.

Eric and Flynn
12 years ago

We are glad you have stopped your excessive licking Zoe. I used to do that too and always had a bald tummy, but I don’t often do it now. Flynn
We hope you catch the culprit who is messing with your toys.

Laila and Minchie
12 years ago

You are looking mighty fine, Sister Zoe!

12 years ago

Zoe, I am so happy that they have figured out your allergy and your grooming is now for cleaning.

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

Hmmm Zoe – if you figure out who is messing with your toys, please let us know. We have the same problem here and maybe you can help us solve the mystery!

You sure are looking very pretty! Have a nice weekend!

12 years ago

Good news about your lick, Zoe!!!!
Have a great Saturday!

Katnip Lounge
12 years ago

Zoe, we’re happy you are satisfied (finally) with your spit shine! It’s good that you are feeling better. You have such a pretty ruff, you remind us of our Kona!

12 years ago

We are glad you are doing better. That is very good news.

12 years ago

Great news Zoe! It’s a big sport weekend here in Wales so were snoozing with one eye on the TV.

12 years ago

We are so glad that all your beautiful furrs have grown back and you aren’t lickey lick licking. That makes efurryone happy! Enjoy your weekend.

12 years ago

We are so happy you’re doing so well, Zoe. That’s some nerve of the other cats to play with YOUR toys!

Nerissa's Life
12 years ago

Messing with your toys? How rude! Sure it’s not a peep? Peeps do that sometimes. If you need any help finding the culprit, I understand there are some cats around how carry badges… from the FBI. One of them could help, I’m sure.

Angel and Kirby and Mac

WE are glad you have stopped licking your pretty furs off!

12 years ago

I’m happy to see you are doing so much better, Zoe!

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

Congrats on sloving the extra licking! An we hope ya figure out who is messin with yer toys while ya nap! It sounds deliberate…

12 years ago

I think you need to set up a camera to help you nail the culprit!

12 years ago

We are glad you are not doing the itchy lick lick thing anymore. It’s no fun to itch. Ruby has to have a wipe down with a warm wet washcloth everytime she comes in from being outside and always has to wear a shirt or sweater to keep the itching down.

Zoe we hope you catch the one who is messing with your toys while you are asleep. Maybe you and the guilty one can work out an agreement to share?

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Oh your furs are lovely, especially that huge mane/ruff around your neck! I hope you find the mysterious toy scatterer!


So happy Zoe’s itching has subsided. Now she can focus on the toy thief.

The Island Cats
12 years ago

We’re so glad your furs have grown back nicely, Zoe!

12 years ago

oh it is verreh good to sees you is doing so much betterer! and i knows what you means about teh toys while you is sleeping… mine sis-ter does teh same nonsense and then when i gets up nuffing is where i lefted it.

12 years ago

That’s the very reason we decided to try diet first with our foster, Sophia – so we’d know what exactly had caused the same issue for her. Being a foster, we really want to know what to specify for her eventual adopter. For you, as long as things are working out, hey – great! So happy for you now, Zoe, all that extra grooming must have been exhausting! :)

12 years ago

Zoe, we are SO happy that your furs are all grown back, sweet girl! We think the others better be REAL careful, now that you know they’ve been messing with your toys…

Have a great weekend, pals!

The Chair Speaks
12 years ago

This is great news Zoe! Purrs from all of us and have a great weekend!

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

Zoe darling, I think your toys need a new hidey place that the others do not know about.

12 years ago

Hi efurryone! Hope all is well with you. I am back on board and it’s good to be able to see furriends again. Good to hear that you have got over the lick-lick problem.

12 years ago

All that licking is no good, is it Zoe? I’m glad you’ve figured it out!!

Oui Oui
12 years ago

Don’t you just hate when someone messes with your stuff when you’re not looking! We can’t imagine those other kitties want to play with toys. What’s up with them anyway? (hee, hee, hee)