Do You Remember the Meow Mix Commercial? It’s Coming Back!

Meow Mix is bringing back one of the most famous jingles in history…

“Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow…”

It is returning after a 16 year cat nap for the launch of Meow Mix Tender Centers™ cat food. To celebrate, Meow Mix commissioned a survey that reveals the tender centers of cat lovers nationwide:

– One third feel they communicate better with their cat than their significant other
– 97 percent feel they can easily decipher at least one mood or state of mind from their cats
– 82 percent feel they could identify their own cat’s “meow” among many others making
   the same noise

Here are the details of the press release:

New Survey by the Makers of Meow Mix Tender Centers™ Cat Food Reveals Americans Are Very Secure in the Strong Bond They Have with Their Felines 

SAN FRANCISCO — March 13, 2012 — Are cats man’s new best friend? Perhaps! New data uncovers pet parents share a powerful bond with their furry friends in a relationship only they understand. In a new study conducted by Kelton Research, pet parents were asked to reveal their love of and tender center toward their cat. The results were purrfect – 31 percent of respondents would rather speak with their cat after a long day than their best friend, children, or parents. And it’s most likely because one third (33 percent) believe they communicate better with their cat than their significant other. 

“Cats are members of the family and we rely on them for companionship,” said Sue Resnicoff, Director of Cat Food Marketing for Del Monte Foods. “There is a bond formed between pet parents and their cats that extends well beyond meows to an intuitive relationship that provides a deeper understanding.”   

Forget romantic partners: according to the survey results, 39 percent admit their cat is more likely to pick up on their pet parents’ current mood than a romantic partner. There’s no doubt these pet lovers can even pick out their feline friends in a crowd, the same way they would a human best friend. More than four in five surveyed (82 percent) express confidence that they could identify their own cat’s “meow” among many others making the same noise. 

Some cat parents have attempted to pinpoint what their cats’ celebrity voice would sound like. According to the survey, 18 percent admittedly think if their cat could talk to them, they would sound like popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Thirteen percent say Fran Drescher best describes their cats’ inner voice, 12 percent say Sean Connery, nine percent say Kathie Lee Gifford, and eight percent say Jay Leno.

When it comes to communication between cats and their pet parents, 20 percent of parents believe their cat is trying to communicate with them through gestures or sounds. Not all cat-munication is non-verbal, either. On average, cat owners believe their felines understand about 13 different words.

It is clear that cat owners are very secure in the strong bond they have with their felines. According to the survey, almost all (97 percent) of them can name at least one emotion or state of mind that they can easily decipher from the way their cats act. Topping the list of these little clues are those that signify hunger (86 percent), happiness (82 percent) and fear (78 percent).

To satisfy cat’s hunger and happiness, Meow Mix Tender Centers™ cat food is available nationwide in Tuna & White Fish Flavors and Salmon & White Meat Chicken Flavors. For more information on Meow Mix Tender Centers™, consumers can visit

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14 thoughts on “Do You Remember the Meow Mix Commercial? It’s Coming Back!

  1. Emma and Buster

    can’t wait to see the commercial.

    my emma is a very picky eater. she shuns anything with soft centers, but i’ll try to get her to try again.

    with buster, there is no problem. he eats everything that is cat food. he’s not into human food (except canned tuna) thank heavens.

  2. Nerissa's Life

    I asked the peep about this commercial jingle. I’m too young to remember such things, you see. Peep #1 told me all about it and I’m looking forward to hearing it on tv. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Abby

    Has it been that long?
    Wow time flies.
    Thanks for sharing Brian.

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