Sister Saturday with Gracie

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Oh hello everyone, I think I was about ready to take a snooze!  But now that you’re visiting I think I can stay awake for a little bit.  Do you remember our T.G.I.F. picture from yesterday?  Yes, the one with three of us tabbies having some window whiffs.  Well, I really shouldn’t be window whiffin, but I just can’t help myself.  It has been so warm here in the South that the whiffie season is in full swing.  But guess what else is here too?  Allergy season and the pollen is pretty much everywhere.  That really doesn’t do good for my asthma and I’ve already had several asthma attacks and I haven’t had one of those for quite a few months.  Fortunately my Dad was there with my rescue inhaler and helped me get things under control.  I don’t really like that mask over my face but Dad doesn’t care, he just puts it on me and doesn’t give me a choice in the matter.  Oh that asthma is just no fun.

The other problem with using my rescue inhaler is it has steroids in it and then I want to eat more.  That sure does make it difficult to lose weight.  What in the world will my fiancé Alex think if I get all plumped up?  But those fresh whiffies are just too inviting I can’t help myself.

Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’m gonna catch me a snoozy and dream of my handsome Alex.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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38 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Gracie

  1. Marg

    MOL, Oh Gracie, Dad has your number. He will put that mask on you, that is for sure. He is just trying to help you. It is kind of like when Mom gives us pills. We will get the pill. Hope all of you have a great week end and Gracie, maybe this rain will take that darn pollen away for a little while. Take care.

  2. Simba

    We are so glad your Dad was able to help you out with your inhaler. Yes, window whiffies are great, but clearly not for YOU!

  3. Hannah and Lucy

    Gracie we are so sorry to hear you have that nasty asthma. Hannah was diagnosed with asthma a couple of years ago and she had been on steroids too because she was coughing. However when she needed some dental work 2 or 3 weeks ago (they took out all her back teeth because they were loose with a gum disease) she was put on antibiotics and I was told not to give the steroids as they would lessen the effects of them. Her cough stopped – when she had finished the antibiotics I spoke to the vet about this and she said to leave the steroids off unless she started coughing again.
    Touch wood she hasn’t started coughing again so the vet thinks it was possibly the start of a gum disease that started the cough and not asthma at all!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Feeling Beachie - Hilary & Alex

    Oh Gracie… Alex is very upset about how silly you are being… He understands how us girls are, wanting to stay thin and trim, but… . He wants you to know that no matter your size, he loves you more than anything. He thinks you are purrfect just the way you are… He loves you for you, just like you didn’t stop loving him when he had to have his tail amputated…. He is snoozing now too… And I can tell by the smile on his face, he is dreaming of you…

  5. Nerissa's Life

    You have asthma? Oh Brian… I never knew we kitties could get that. Sure must interfere with the window whiffing, huh? What a shame. But you know what? It’s really good that your dad knows just what to do when the pollen attacks you. He’s like a doctor! Only better, ’cause he’s your dad and he loves you to bits.

  6. Old Kitty

    Beautiful Gracie!! You are perfectly plump and pretty!! Alex loves you no matter what! Yay!

    Awwww me and Charlie are so sorry about your horrible asthma attacks! Awww poor Gracie!! We hope you get to enjoy some fresh window whiffies though – but please please be careful and take care! x

  7. mariodacat

    Oh Gracie – I’m so sorry you has that asthma thingy. It don’t sound like fun. But you have efficient staff and they apparently know how to treat you right away. My vet mentioned if mine doesn’t settle down or gets worse, I might have to have one of those things. (shudder)

  8. meowmeowmans

    That dang pollen sure does cause a lot of problems. We are glad your dad was there to help you, sweet Gracie. We hope you can at least get in a few window whiffies without too many issues…


  9. Ginger Jasper

    Oh no Asthma is just not fun at all. I am glad your dad is on hand to help with the inhaler. I know you dont like it but it does help you. It is hard though when you just want to catch the wiffs.. You enjoy your snooze and I am sure your size will not put anyone off because you are gorgeous… Hugs GJ xx

  10. Father Tom

    Sorry that with the window whiffies come the sniffies with allergies this time of year!

    Happy dreams and happy weekend, dear girl!


  11. Katie Isabella

    Oh Honey sweet Gracie girl..I am so sorries you has asthma. I remember that now. I have to say your chest furs are very inviting to Alex I am sure. They are gorgeous looking and soft.

  12. Whisppy

    Poor little Gracie. It’s rotten to have allergies. Especially when it affects something as fun as window whiffies. 🙁
    We’re sure Alex would love you, plump or not. You are HIS GIRL!

  13. prancer pie

    Mommy says you look quite snorgalicious there on the rug. We haf to agree wif her. Sorry to hear bout the durn asthma flaring up. You gotta great Dad to help you wif it. xoxo

  14. Abby

    We are glad your Dad was right there to help ease off those asthma attacks. WE are just glad you are better. Don’t you worry one whit about Alex he loves you every teeny tiny fur all over you he adores.

  15. Ms. Stella

    Miss Gracie, you gotza right idea. Snoozy it is! I am sure that Mr. Alex will be happy with you anyway you are!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  16. House full of cats

    O no we are sorry you have asthma! That must suck : ( It is good your dad was there!

  17. Catherine

    Poor Gracie! I’m sorry you can’t enjoy the fresh air. It sounds like keeping your sweet nose in the house is the best idea for you!
    xo Catherine

  18. Spitty the Kitty

    Gracie, You is juss purrfect! If you decides you needs a new boyfriend, well you know Spitty is always here for you–but somehow I don’t think Alex will ever let you goes!

    We hope your az-mah gets all settled down again verreh fast!

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