Whisker Hump & Wordless Wednesday (Voting Continues)


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Whisker Hump Wednesday with Sister Gracie

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Wordless Wednesday with Me, Brian

Voting continues in the 2012 Nimbus Memorial St. Patrick’s Day Photo Contest. Remember, you get to vote twice, once in the Kitty Category and once in the Doggie Division, so please vote for one Kitty and one Doggie!

Each group has their own separate page so you can go see the photos. Once there you will see a link for voting:

Go to the Kitty Category

Go to the Doggy Division

Remember, you can only vote once per family/blog. Winners will be announced on Saturday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. Y’all have fun!

Brian’s Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

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Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Great whisker humps!

Oh. My. Gosh! What a way to clean a tail!! That is the most awesome thing!!!

12 years ago

Now Brian, that is a brilliant way to clean your tail. We are going to have to try that trick. Sister Gracie, your whiskers are looking really good. Such pretty ones. Hope all of you have a great day. Stay cool.

Feeling Beachie - Hilary & Alex

Alex kissed Gracie’s picture…. He sends lots of love.


Brian is one creative clean machine! Great tail trick.

12 years ago

You have a cute way of cleaning your tail, Brian.

12 years ago

Brian thats how I clean my tail!-Blanco

Amber DaWeenie
12 years ago

We voted! Is that your tail that’s getting a bath?

12 years ago

Haha ~ love the tail washing photo ~ too cute!
xo Catherine

Cat's Cats
12 years ago

Oh Brian we think its so cute the way you’re holding your tail!!! Sister Grace has beautiful yellow eyes in that picture :-)

12 years ago

Gracie – those are gorgeous whisker humps sweetie. Brian, are you having your Saturday bath time on Wednesday. Don’t forget behind the ears. he he

Random Felines
12 years ago

mom wants to kiss Gracie right on the top of her head!!

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We’ve never tried washing our tails like that Brian – do you do tutorials?
Sister Gracie what great whiskers and whisker humps.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

12 years ago

OMD, I has seen it alls nows Brian! I don’t thinks I could even thinks bouts bein’ dat flexibles.

Hey sissy Gracie, you is lookin’ luverly!


Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

Two tabblies, no waiting! Gracie and Brian are both looking good today. The peeps love when cats sit like people like you are. I’ll let you get back to washing now.

CCL Wendy
12 years ago

Sister Gracie has such delicate, feminine whisker humps. Very pretty!

And you, Brian have quite the bathing technique. At least you didn’t quite manage to flash efurrything you’ve (still) got!

Milo and Alfie
12 years ago

Love the pics of you today. xx

PS: we’re sorry we haven’t been visiting much lately ~ mom is taking a sort of visiting blogs vacation due to having lots to do.

12 years ago

Brian, you sure know how to do it! Tail cleanliness is VERY important!

12 years ago

Very nice whisker humps!

12 years ago

Sorry Brian… I´m laughing about your photo… MOL!

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

Wow, Brian, we are amazed! We never thought ta HOLD our tails when we are washing them. We are definitely gonna hafta try that. If it doesnt make us fall over, that is.

12 years ago

Brian, that is an interesting way to wash your tail!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
12 years ago

Awwww hello there adorable sister Gracie and sweet Brian!! Yay! take care

12 years ago

Gracie, those are some gorgeous whisker humps! And Brian, Moosey cleans his tail like that sometimes, too! :)

12 years ago

Oh this picture of Gracie is very pretty – what lovely green eyes.

Your pal, Pip

Cats of wildcat woods
12 years ago

Very good cleaning technique Brian!!!

Eric and Flynn
12 years ago

MOL! That picture of you washing your tail cracked us up Brian.

12 years ago

Brian I like the way you wash your tail!!
Tee hee and what a great whisker hump picture.

caren gittleman
12 years ago

you both are too adorable!!!

Happy Wednesday!

12 years ago

Gracie looks very feminine & has delicate whiskers in this photo, very flattering. I see you take great care in grooming even the hardest parts ;) I read your article on Meow Mix… do you have a Sean Connery mew? you have his sexy looks.

The Island Cats
12 years ago

Gracie, you are so beautiful!! And Brian…you are a great tail washer!!

Tillie and Georgia
12 years ago

Gracie, what lovely whisker humps :)
Brian, nice to see you taking care of your tail ;)
Hahahaha!!! Somecat is having fun :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

Angel and Kirby and Mac

We love your tail washing style!

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

Brian, My Human is just dying to get her grabby hands all over you today! What a photo!

Chancy, Mumsy and Crew
12 years ago

Sister Gracie what beautiful whiskers you have. We see you are gettin’ all spruced up Brian…you goin’ somewhere special? Love the way you clean your tail. Hope all you sweeties are having a great week.

12 years ago

Gracie has the cutest humps! Me LOVES those whiskers!