Mancat Monday with Friends

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Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Hello everyone!  We sure had a fun yard watching weekend, but we were so worried about everyone that was in the path of the terrible tornados.  We send tons of purrs and prayers to everyone that was affected by all of those scary storms.

And yes pals, I know the bed is pink.  Real mancats love pink ya know!!!  Anyways, it tis the season when the yard critters get darn busy.  Remember I told you that the Easter Bunny stopped by our backyard the day after Easter?  Well guess what?  He is still here, I guess he decided that it was a great place to hang out for awhile.

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Not only that, my pal Sam the Squirrel was so excited that the Easter Bunny was going to stay for a while that he was leaping with joy!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!I hope you all have a terrific week with lots of love, fun and whiffs!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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42 thoughts on “Mancat Monday with Friends

  1. Whisppy

    We still can’t over the fact that there are wild rabbits running around your garden. How cool is that? All we have are squirrels and civet cats. And unfortunately, the civet cat(s) have decided to live on our ceiling and Mommy doesn’t know how to catch them (they can be very ferocious and are rather large).

  2. Catherine

    Gosh ~ you kitties had lots of fun critters to watch this weekend. No squirrels for us, but Banjo is enjoying watching the bunnies that are living in our yard!
    Happy week!
    xo Catherine

  3. Tamago

    Brian, the real mancat can handle pink! And a ribbon! You look pretty manly in pink bed 🙂 The Easter Bunny and Sam are so cute. I hope they make good friends!

  4. Marg

    Brian, you look good in pink and very manly. That bed looks comfy which is the most important. Who cares about the color.
    Wonder if the Easter bunny is going to settle in and have a family? Now that would be great fun. Have a great week.

  5. Pip

    I am with you on the whole pink thing. Nothing wrong with us guys enjoying a little pink once in awhile!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Iris

    Of course! If you are a real mancat pink doesn’t bother you. My two have lots of pink in their bedding.
    How nice that the Easter Bunny is staying at your house. the squirrel is pretty cute too!

  7. Kate

    sadly no wild animals here (except for my kitties :P) since we are in the city. Love your pose Brian! I want a hug <3

  8. Old Kitty

    Awww brilliant Brian! You are a true mancat with your pink bed! Yay! Big hello to your gorgeous friends, the bunny and the squirrel! Take care

  9. Puddles

    Brian, I nevers realized how big your paws was untils nows!
    Real men wears pink…or maybe i heard dat on teeveee commercial.


  10. CCL Wendy

    I love the fact that you are so secure in your mancathood, Brian, that pink is no problem for you. After all, with all those sisters I’m sure you must be used to it by now.

    Your visitors certainly are interesting. The Easter Bunny must really like it around your place if he’s decided to stay awhile. Are you feeding him PURRhaps?

  11. Team Tabby

    Brian, that pink bed looks quite comfy and you look great in it! Your yard is full of interesting, furry creatures! Fun to watch!

    Your kind thoughts recently, following our news about BonBon crossing over Rainbow Bridge are much appreciated.
    We got to know him late in his life when he came to live with us three years ago at the age of 13. He seemed happy here and quickly became a cherished and loved family member.

    Thank you from all of us,
    Mindy, Moe, Cookie, Mike and mombean Nina

  12. Tillie & Georgia

    Brian, you look good in that pink bed!! As long as it’s comfy…right??
    We love the action shot of Sam 🙂 We also like that bunny shot!!
    We have never seen any of them,darn! They look cute 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  13. Emma and Buster

    We agree real mancats love pink!!!!

    Oh boy you have so many exciting creatures in your yard. Our purrs to those in the tornado path.

    Over the weekend, here in the SF Bay Area, we had thunder and lighting. Scary. The winds were howling. We cuddled with the humans in their bed all night. We felt safe and got our much needed zzzzzzzzz.

  14. Abby

    WE wuz all worried on Saturday night when dem storms came through.
    One of our pals on Twitter was tweeting and had to leave and seek shelter because she lives in KS and one of dem twisters was coming at her.
    Luckily it didn’t … but whew that was close.

  15. KIPPY

    Olá Brian amigo querido…
    Gostei da primeira foto na caminha… LINDA!!!

    Desculpa não poder indicar TODOS os blogs de meus amiguinhos queridos, mas…
    Voce sabe que mora em meu coração.
    Obrigada por sempre me visitar. Gosto muito de ver meus amiguinhos por perto e saber que gostam de mim, assim como gosto de todos amigos verdadeiros.
    Tenha uma ótima semana amiguinho Brian e toda turminha de sua casa.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 das amigas…


  16. Fraidy Cats

    you know, Brian, as long as a bed is comfy, the color doesn’t matter. You look good in pink anyway 🙂 You have some fun friends, too!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  17. kika

    Já voltamos com muiiiiitas saudades e com 4 pedidos a fazer ,vão lá aos blogs ver
    Ronrons da sempre amiguinha

  18. Katie Isabella

    I agree with Fraidy Cats…who cares what color it’s comfy and you look manly and studly in it. xoxoxoxox

  19. Penelope

    What a gorgeous bed! me thinks Pink is a manley color! And yous has bunnys in your yard!?! That is cool. With hairy slobbery sisters they kind of avoid ours.

  20. Oui Oui

    Mrs. Bunny is probably around somewhere and maybe soon you’ll have lots of little Easter bunnies! See how high Sam jumps then!

  21. BlueShell

    Kink of you, praying!
    Tornadoes are terrible.

    You do have a pink bed, indeed..LOL.(.sorry)

    Yes…he decided to stay!!!
    Kisses from Portugal

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