Friskies Cat Treats Is Taking a Stand to End the Epidemic Known as Cat Boredom!

Hey all, here is your exclusive look at Friskies fight to end Cat Boredom that launches tomorrow, May 16th!

More than 40 percent of cat owners say their cats are bored some or most of the time, and 25 percent agree their cats are bored regularly1.  These alarming statistics led Friskies to fight the Cat Boredom epidemic with Friskies cat treats. Concerned cat owners may join the movement at

It’s time for an intervention,” says Jessica Grote, Friskies Marketing Associate. “Friskies is taking a stand to end Cat Boredom, also known as CB. The survey confirmed that nearly half of cat owners are looking for ways to add excitement to their cats’ lives. It’s time for Friskies cat treats to help our furry little friends and put an end to Cat Boredom once and for all. We hope cat owners nationwide will seek “treat”-ment and join the fight with us.”

To educate cat owners and recruit others to join in the fight to end Cat Boredom, Friskies released a variety of information about the CB problem and its solution – Friskies cat treats. The most moving piece is a video public service announcement depicting many bored cats that haven’t yet discovered the solution. The playful video features a well-known actor and comedian.

Additional tools for the fight will be available for consumers at, including videos, games and surprise giveaways exclusively for Friskies’ Facebook fans.

For more information and to help in the fight to end Cat Boredom, join Friskies at

1 Phone survey conducted on behalf of Friskies by Braun Research March 13-20, 2012, of 1,045 cat owners in the United States; margin of error +/-3.1%.


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Oui Oui
12 years ago

That is too funny! And Oui Oui’s favorite brand of treats. Any bored kitties could stop by here – its a circus!

12 years ago

HahahaLOL ~ oh this is cute! Love it!
xo Catherine

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

Ha ha ha–but honestly, people is sooooo dumb! Those kittehs is not “bored”–NO! They is thinking the deep thoughts. They is having Zen-like calm! It is the stoopy Humans that fink they has to be DOING somfing all the time. And just look where it gets them!

Mark's Mews
12 years ago

OUR treats are regular Eukanuba chicken kibble! We are happy with that.

12 years ago

Finally!! We hate being bored!!

12 years ago

Haha…excellent take. As if boredom is ever an issue!

12 years ago

That’s pretty funny!
Geez, cats aren’t awake long enough to become bored…

12 years ago

We are lazy senior cats so we live in a state of stillness, no matter how hard mama tries to get us to play. We might move for a treat though.

Peanut and Marshmallow