Sister Saturday with Zoe


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Oh that Brother Brian, I can’t believe he actually showed my whiffin picture yesterday and then had the nerve to say I was confused.  Brian, paybacks brother, paybacks!

We had an UTB (Under the Bed) day around these parts the other day, and while I like being under the bed as much as the next cat, it was a little crowded under there with all five of us kitties.  Precious, fortunately, was safe in her room.  We had some of those human visitors that are the “let’s make noise” kinds and none of us liked it a whole lot.  Dad called them plumbers, but we just called them too darn noisy.  Seem our house was new about eighteen years ago and things seem to go all at once.  I guess there were some problems with the human litter boxes, and while I appreciate the importance of a good working litter box, the noise and strangers weren’t overly appreciated.  Also, the garbage disposal thingy went kerputt and had to be replaced.  Fortunately that is all over now, but I wonder what will be next.

Now that the quiet has returned I’ll be busy counting my toys in the toy bed to make sure that the strangers didn’t run off with any of them.  They better hadn’t, trust me, I will know!  Speaking of which, I’d better get counting.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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Max the Quilt Cat
12 years ago

Zoe… The way you are sitting there makes the furs around your face just beautiful.

I’m with you on the noise… I would always go under the bed too. The Boys are different in that respect. They head right for the intruders and if then get on hands and knees, the boys climb right on their backs. Very brave or foolish… don’t know which.
Have a great weekend.

pawhugs, Max

12 years ago

That is so sad about Sammy. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that.
Glad those noisy plumbers are gone now. We would have been UTB for days if that should happen here. We do NOT like strangers.
Hope all of you have a great week end.

Feeling Beachie - Hilary & Alex

Alex now likes visitors, including plumbers… go figure… but, he wouldn’t have minded being under the bed with gracie!

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

You are such a beautiful cat, Zoe and we are very glad that plumbing ordeal is over with. Hopefully all of your toys have been safely accounted for!!

12 years ago

Happy Saturday Kitties!
xo Catherine

Hannah and Lucy
12 years ago

We probably wouldn’t be out yet – we like to be sure those noisy men in overalls aren’t coming back again!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Angel and Kirby
12 years ago

At least every one knows where the safe place is when noisy strangers come around!

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
12 years ago

For me, I would be riding on their shoulders if they let me. I LOVE strangers and if they are men, even more so. I don’t know a stranger! Now Admiral, she was a UTB girl, through and through. Even when her human brothers came she would retreat for a few minutes and then, come out.

Chloe and Cecil
12 years ago

We nose how you feel about noisy intruders! The two-legger peeps Mom calls grandkiddo’s will soon be out of school and spending EVERY Wednesday and Thursday at OUR house! Can you imagine the noise…we have to HIDE from them..and believe us..they try to find us!
Have a great weekend Zoe!

Spitty the Kitty
12 years ago

It’s always important to take inventory of our toys after Introodurs have been in the house!

12 years ago

It all sounds like a huge inconvenience for you!

Nubbin wiggles,

12 years ago

The humans had problems with their litter boxes? Uh-oh, I hope it wasn’t making them “eliminate inappropriately!” Glad it is fixed now.

Glogirly & Katie
12 years ago

I can’t stand those *let’s make noise* humans. I think they oughta stay home under their OWN beds.
; ) Katie

12 years ago

Hmmm, my Daddy is a plumber, so we don’ts gets strangers when things goes wrong that way. But he does makes lots of noise!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble)

Sister Zoe, tell your hoomuns to brace themselves. This is just the start. We live in a house that is about 30 years old and it seems like something needs fixing every month. Lots of strange hoomans!

The Island Cats
12 years ago

We hope those noisy worker guys leave and you can have some peace and quiet, Zoe! Our neighbors are having a new roof put on their house and the worker guys are making so much noise! We wish they would leave!!

12 years ago

Oh we are always upset over noisy visitors. We have a huge hole in the lining of the box spring. We take a lot of our toys in there and hide. We sure hope all your toys are where they are supposed to be.

Purrs from
Peanut & Marshmallow

Tillie & Georgia
12 years ago

Glad all the big noisy things are over now Zoe!!!!!
Now you can all relax 😉
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

Sweet Purrfections
12 years ago

We thought you were all under the bed because of the terrible storms lately.

Truffle and Brulee

Cathy Keisha
12 years ago

That’s where you’ll find me when strangers come to call—UTB.