UPDATED: Immediate Placement Needed for Pregnant Young Female Cat – Greer, SC



Safe and in foster care, currently forever home hunting.


This adorable black-and-white cat has been hanging around a business in Greer, SC. They let her inside sometimes, but unfortunately she got pregnant before anyone could get her spayed. This cat is also very friendly and would make a wonderful pet.


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8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Immediate Placement Needed for Pregnant Young Female Cat – Greer, SC

  1. Oui Oui

    Oh, I hope someone comes forward! I wish we could help, but we have 4 cats and we are only allowed 2 where we live. And then there’s Julie… We are purring hard.

  2. Sandy Whitley

    Has anyone called the NEW Greenville Humane Society on Keith & Furman Hall Road. That should be #1. They are no-kill. Contact me at 414-4634. Does anyone know how old she is? How far along is she? Sorry, I have to know all this for space purposes. Has anyone contacted KitsNKats from the PetSmart store in Taylors?

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